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The Great Illusion

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

Life is the greatest gift in the known universe. It is incredibly precious, vastly diverse in its scope, and without judgement or prejudice, it just happens. One need not possess any specific talent, live any particular lifestyle, or be any one person in order to enjoy it in its enormity. In fact, the profound beauty in life does not come through force or will, but instead through surrender to the natural flow.

However, today’s world has become increasingly complex. Social forces mold individuals into thinking, behaving, and believing in a way that benefits the consumer driven society; essentially telling the child, “you can be whatever you want to be” “as long as you do what you’re told.” They are told this is “real,” that this is the way life is supposed to be, yet all can all agree that something isn’tBank liesquite right in society today. Why are there so many wars? Why have technological capabilities and labor power skyrocketed and yet poverty and wealth inequality are still prevalent all over the world? The list can go on and on, but the point is that organic life has blessed the world with unlimited gifts of potential, yet somehow humanity has stumbled down a dead-end. It’s as if everything is backward in a grand illusion of what life appears to be, compared to what it actually is beneath the surface. It’s important that Americans see through society’s false projections, so that the nation is not tricked into continuing down the wrong path.

This is incredibly apparent when one dives into the natural world; a necessary component of interaction for the survival of the species. The food that is eaten, the water drunk, the air in the atmosphere and the soil in the earth are all increasingly being replaced with inorganic substitutes. Food sources are becoming genetically modified and stuffed with additives, growth hormones and other chemicals, and are slowly robbing the precious soil of its fertility to foster organic food in the process. All the while, the air is tainted on a daily basis with toxic pollutants that seep into the water supply already being pumped full of fluoride to begin with. This doesn’t take into account the often overlooked aspect of radiation in the atmosphere, as nuclear plants like Fukushima, Wi-Fi fields and cell phones expose one’s body to high amounts of radiation. It would be naïve to think that there is zero negative affect on the human body and environment, but how is one to know while being so disconnected from the natural world.

The human body is made up of trillions of cells that are constantly being replaced on a daily basis. The very air, food and water being processed by the body, becomes the body. Science has already begun to prove that these inorganic products affect the chemistry in the body and ultimately can alter one’s DNA. It’s fair to say that constant exposure to all this inorganic life could potentially distort one’s perception of reality, forming an illusion unaligned with the naturals laws of life.

illusionThis carries over directly into how one deals with health in this country. The environmental issues being overlooked are the reasons an ever-increasing number of people are getting sick. Why is mental health becoming an ever-increasing problem, while prescription drug use and incarceration has never been higher? Those currently in control of this country want to suppress individual surface symptoms and lock people up as if it were an isolated problem, but once a deeper look is taken it becomes clear that Americans are surrounded in a very toxic inorganic environment. It’s no wonder cancer rates are going up, along with heart disease, autism, and ADHD. Stress remains one of the primary culprits behind many of these diseases, but throwing pills at the problem only attempts to suppress the pain in the short-term.

The answer to the root problem can be gained by looking deep inside oneself and bringing balance back into day-to-day life through diet, lifestyle and positive social relationship changes. Meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise and other stress reducing activities mixed with raw, balanced, and organic diets have shown incredible abilities in calming the mind, identifying triggers of stress, and attacking the root causes head on. If the true desire is to become healthy, then the illusion of reactionary medicine to individual problems must be dropped and the people must realize how these illusions have been creating a toxic environment for all these problems to manifest. Americans must begin to alter the environment and take preventive measures in order to avoid disease, imbalance, and stress related disorders before they occur. This requires that citizens begin to learn how to think again in a healthy, more organic way.

A game plan has been developed for education over the years in which educators take their pitcher of educational water and fill the kids’ heads up with what they decide, based on some arbitrary and conforming State mandate, is all the information each will ever need. Not only does this system tell the child what to think, but each is tested on it, ranked on it, and given hours of homework to do, as if six hours a day for the better part of almost 14 years is not plenty of time to get a child prepared to enter the world without the need of excess homework. And more importantly, this takes away from much-needed play and imagination which is essential for gaining genuine and versatile knowledge, especially as a developing mind.

The problem is how the education is being presented. No one person is the same, therefore the system must teach kids how to think, not what to think, if they are to adapt successfully to an ever-changing world. Americans need to learn how to approach a problem, look at it from all angles, and make educated hypotheses through critical thinking; knowing that information is always subject to change if new evidence presents itself. The organic world and human population is incredibly diverse. One must learn to cultivate the unique value within themselves instead of attempting, unsuccessfully, to mold everyone into the same form. This comes back to encouraging creativity and imagination and realizing all the answers are not inside the box.

Nature is vastly diverse, yet it is still very much interconnected like an ecosystem. This doesn’t happen through control, memorization and form, so it’s important that this education illusion be dropped and instead allow education to be adaptable, open-minded and individually liberating so all may find their inherent value to the world. The illusion that was taught, “It” is not real because learning is a continual process throughout the entirety of one’s life. You can never learn “It” or rather, you never stop learning “It.”

When this country surrounds itself with an organic illusionenvironment, the error in its current path will become shockingly clear, and one can begin to drop the ridiculous assertion that maintaining the current course, repeating the same choices, and using the same broken systems will ever further our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, or allow for the freedom and liberty that every honest individual deserves. It seems pretty clear at this point that the “powers that shouldn’t be” don’t represent the people, don’t want to fix the problem, and have very strong financial interests in keeping the current game going. It’s no secret that this country has incredible technology, huge amounts of land and resources, and the knowledge and labor to construct or accomplish amazing feats, yet it remains in turmoil. This is a fact, and continuing to believe that voting is going to make it change is naïve after decades of the same unfulfilled promises.

It’s time Americans take the government back from the elites and build an economy that is valuable, fair, and represents all. The reality is that the ninety-nine percent vastly outnumber the one. The citizens of this country need to wake up, mobilize, and take collective action to change the status quo, a fundamental change in the way this country’s government functions, but this does not happen over night. Change does not happen unless one makes it happen and sitting back in a trance wishing it all away is ineffectual and unnatural. Given what this county is capable of, both industrially and politically, the people can create something extraordinarily beautiful if they start to realize the incredible power that rests in their collective hands. This entire system is built around confidence, and the investment of the masses. In a true republic the power is in the majority. It is time this country remember where it began and drop the illusion of power projected onto the current governing body and economic powers, when in fact, the only thing keeping it together is our own unjustified confidence and compliance in it all. The real power lies with the many. So the moment the people decide change is needed, if this is indeed still a republic or a democracy, naught can be done.

Historically a shift within the political structure of a society in favor of stronger civil and democratic rights, whether it be by way of violence or dialogue, has always been followed by a period of enlightenment and prosperity. Modern Americans are so ingrained into this monetarily driven and materialistic culture that they have remained stagnant in this regard. Due to an incredible fear of leaving the jobs and lifestyles they deem mandatory, the larger picture is completely missed. Most people lack the real passion and flexibility in their work that they so desire and deserve.

There is a better way and that is no secret. This country needs to get over the illusion that change is impossible and realize it’s right there for the taking. Work doesn’t have to be slavery, nor should it be. Why would anyone want to spend the prime of their lives working jobs they don’t like, have no voice in, and don’t often profit from when they excel? What is the point of work if it has no value to society or the individual? The elite interests have nothing without the people, so how long will the average citizen continue to remain obedient while they rake in astronomical amounts of money from the hard labor of others. There are trillions of dollars sitting in the derivatives markets that are all basically just numbers on a computer, yet these people make millions and many act like it has contributed so much value to society. This is merely an illusion that is only allowed to happen through the continued participation of others. The people have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It’s all covered up and distorted by a media and entertainment industry that over saturates society with fear and distraction. How can anyone at this point take this country’s mainstream media serious when it is public knowledge that they’re a business with stockholders. That means they are in the business of making money, and have primary interests other than presenting real, unbiased, unfiltered news and in-depth analysis. Few even attempt to hide the bias anymore. It has become common place to see reporters with fake voices, fake smiles, tossing softball questions to the puppet politicians they interview who are clearly actors themselves.

The illusion that the media represents the people and the country is out of the bag at this point and slowly their power is disappearing. They represent a very small group of interests. The real media now lies within the Internet, wherein it’s up to the people to self-explore, filter, and decide on what is true and how society operates. It’s equally important to not let the lure of a false entertainment industry blind and distract from changing the world. Entertainment is art and art is organic expression with no true form. Can one call the entertainment industry art when profit is the driving force behind it all? It’s not about who a person is as an artist anymore, but instead about how the industry can use that person and build a particular image around them; it’s all an illusion. When a musician signs a contract with a production company and that company writes the music, alters the voice, produces the beats, and Photoshop the picture, at what point is this still considered real? Clever people have vested interests in keeping the consumer distracted, triggering certain emotions in everyone, and playing off this to sell product. However, the whole entertainment and media apparatus is only as real as the people allow; it ceases to exist if the people stop paying into it.


We need to take a step back and start to examine what truly holds value and what else is just an illusion of a false self, cultivated from an environment with many inorganic projections. Most people barely even touch or feel the natural world anymore as concrete blocks the ground, buildings hide the sky, and cities trap everyone in another reality. At what point does the continual rat-race to the top of the social and financial hierarchy begin to collapse? This is not to say everything is bad, but deep down humanity knows that the concrete jungle is unnatural and is in need of a new direction. The whole system depends on confidence, this is why financial analysts always talk about it, and once the confidence shifts the system will change. This is just as true about money as it’s only as valuable as the people’s confidence in it. Money currently makes the world turn, but only because people believe it to be that way.

However, most everyone knows that there is more value to life than just accumulating countless material possessions to build our status in the eyes of others. What Americans value deep down, more than anything, is freedom, authenticity, fairness and ultimately… love. A world filled with organic love is a world that can flourish in any system. Remember life just happens, and the more one fears it and controls it, the more inorganic and bad it becomes. They want to keep people pitted against each other. They want to keep people in line so they will work for them, go to war for them, and obey them. This is all just an illusion; one ultimately has the power to say no. What are they going to do if everyone stops participating in the current system?

It is finally time that this nation as a collective get over this great illusion of fear, and let love take control and guide the people down their natural path. There is a better way and as John Lennon famously said, “All you need is love.”

5 Replies to “The Great Illusion

  1. YES.

    The majority has to wake up. This is not done within a bloody system of any kind. This is a soul job. An individual soul job. The illusionists are FEW and UNWISE. Let them feel the consequences of one of the qualities in humans they will not ever be capable of displaying themselves: TRUTHFULNESS. And let them pay for their crimes against humankind, against Nature, against Life.

    I for one do not feel the slightest compassion for fuckers who neglect Life is a miracle and want to reduce it to opportunity after oppotunity to make dough for themselves. Not the slightest. Whatsoever. At all.

    They can take their Mickey Mouse “reality” and stick it up theirs. They can take their oh so cool stories about 9/11 and stick it up theirs together with the passport they happened to collect from the debris so they could identify the “attacker” oh yeah. They can take their lack of MATURITY and ask their Pope for forgiveness in Hell.

    I want it stopped. I want these fuckers behind bars for life. For I am FOR LIFE. Simple as that.

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