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Anthrax To COVID: The Ongoing Anthrax Deception That Created The BioSecurity State & COVID-19

Joining me today is returning guest David Meiswinkle, President Executive Director of Lawyer’s Committee For 9/11 Inquiry, here to discuss the current status of their ongoing uphill battle to gain some semblance of government accountability and transparency in regard to 9/11 and the subsequent (and clearly interconnected) anthrax false flag. This battle for accountability – Read More…

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Vanessa Beeley Interview – Evidence Points To EMP In What MSM/DHS Call “New 9/11-Like Threat”

Joining me today is returning guest and investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley. The Last American Vagabond has been extensively covering the recent discussions by the MSM and DHS about the “new 9/11” that they could see coming, but ‘don’t know how to stop.’ Vanessa reached out after being told by some of her contacts about a very Read More…

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Pulmonary Specialist Speaks Out On The Health Risks Of Wearing Masks & The Lies Surrounding COVID-19

Joining me today is a Dr. Sterling Simpson MD, a double boarded pulmonary specialist here to discuss his dissenting views on numerous topics of paramount importance, each of which we have discussed at length here at The Last American Vagabond, and all surrounding the COVID-19 scandal. His professional opinions, despite being deemed “controversial,” are currently Read More…

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COVID Cover Up w/ Dr. Judy Mikovits: The BioSecurity State Illusion That Led To Your “New Normal”

Joining me today is someone you are all very familiar with, and that’s in large part due to the unjust suppression and censorship of her work and her efforts to expose the truth, and this speaks to the overwhelming desire for the unvarnished truth that is bubbling up in the masses as we speak. They Read More…

Robbie Martin
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Robbie Martin Interview – From Anthrax to COVID-19: The BioSecurity State’s Rise To Power

Joining me today is researcher, filmmaker & podcaster Robbie Martin, whose outstanding work on the Anthrax false flag and many other topics speaks for itself. We discuss the Anthrax event that followed 9/11 and it’s relevance to what is currently taking place today with COVID-19. We also discuss the “Wuhan whistleblower” and the relevant parts Read More…

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Robert Inlakesh Interview – Israel Illegally Attacks Gaza, Syria & Lebanon With Deadly Impunity

Today I am joined again by independent investigative journalist Robert Inlakesh to discuss the utterly incomprehensible silence from the entirety of MSM in regard to the ongoing attacks by Israel’s government on numerous sovereign nations, during this COVID-19 event no less. In each case, we see civilians being killed, we see rights being violated, and Read More…