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Zachary Foster PhD Interview – The True Origin Of Hamas & The Decline Of Apartheid Israel

Joining me once again today is Zachary Foster PhD, here to discuss the true origin of Hamas and how this is central to many of the lies being promoted currently by the Israeli government and its supporters. We also discuss the history of peaceful resistance of the Palestinian people, even in the face of brutal oppression, as well as the overall decline of the Apartheid state of Israel


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Zachary Foster PhD Interview – The Documented (And Suppressed) History Of Palestine & Zionism
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Israel’s Ceasefire Long Con & Rafah Massacre
(23) Marwa Fatafta مروة فطافطة on X: ““My little son was jumping yesterday with extreme joy after the good news about the truce. Today we buried him.”” / X
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(43) Zachary Foster on X: “6 🧵s to make sense of Israel/Palestine: 1) A history Palestinian non-violent resistance 2) A history of Hamas 3) A history of Israel’s ethnic cleansing Palestinians 4) A history of Israel’s wars on Gaza 5) A history of Gaza 6) A history of Israel’s use of disproportionate force” / X
(43) Sana Saeed on X: “Hamas was founded in 1987. So when the president says “ancient desires” to eliminate the Jews, he’s making a point about Arabs/Muslims as inherently and viscerally genocidal. Biden says this while the Israelis, sponsored by him, have been non-stop slaughtering kids for months.” / X
(43) Zachary Foster on X: “Hamas did not attack Jews on Oct. 7th nor did Hamas commit an “antisemitic” attack on Oct. 7th @POTUS On the contrary, Hamas didn’t seem to care at all about the nationality or religion of their victims. Hamas militants massacred 21 Bedouins, none of whom were Jewish; they… https://t.co/x9dEzvZ47B” / X
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The Open Secret Of Israel’s Use Of Human Shields & The Deliberate Targeting Of Palestinian Civilians
(4) Assal Rad on X: “StateSpox places blame for Palestinian deaths on Hamas .@NiallStanage: Respectfully Matt, they’re dead because the armed forces of Israel killed them Miller: Going after Hamas hiding behind civilians Reporter: That makes it sound like it’s okay for 40,000 people to be killed https://t.co/2iWCOnGR80” / X
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(41) Zachary Foster on X: “”it’s apartheid” (@ICAHD, 2010) “it’s apartheid” (@UNESCWA, 2017) “it’s apartheid” (@YeshDin, 2020) “it’s apartheid” (@AdalahCenter, 2020) “it’s apartheid” (@btselem, 2021) “it’s apartheid” (@hrw, 2021) “it’s apartheid” (@fidh_en, 2021) “it’s apartheid” (@alhaq_org, 2022)… https://t.co/x7RKscxJTv” / X
A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution | HRW
Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians – Amnesty International
A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid | B’Tselem
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(49) AJ+ on X: “Israeli settlers are already renaming towns that they want to move to in Gaza. But settlements aren’t something the Israeli government is prioritizing as the Gaza genocide continues. @972Mag editor Amjad Iraqi explains: https://t.co/B0ol9kGDcF” / X
(20) حركة لدعم الأطفال الفلسطين on X: “🇨🇦 An Israeli real estate expo operating in Canada is selling stolen Palestinian land. Thats not all, these lands are apart of recently created settlements within the West Bank, which means Palestinian blood was shed. #FreePalestine #FreeGaza #Genocide_in_Gaza #GazaHolocaust https://t.co/ZAPPeB43wp” / X
(23) Zachary Foster on X: “Nothing screams “only democracy in the Middle East” like demolishing an entire village because the inhabitants have committed the crime of being the native inhabitants of the region. This is why we chant for Palestinian freedom from the River to the Sea.” / X
(24) gaza occupation – Search / X
(36) Quds News Network on X: “As Israel allows the US to construct a port in the heart of Gaza, Palestinians in the Strip fear the ramifications of this development. With Israel’s occupation of Rafah Crossing and its blockade on aid entry from the north, all avenues for aid and food entry are now solely… https://t.co/qYaoh1RRBH” / X
‘Israel is the nation-state of Jews alone’: Netanyahu responds to TV star who said Arabs are equal citizens – Israel News – Haaretz.com
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(38) Zachary Foster on X: “Israel has already begun murdering Palestinians in Rafah (@ochaopt reporting). How is the world letting this happen? Never again means never again, for all humankind. https://t.co/mDWxD5As1p” / X
(1) Ken “Join My Newsletter” Klippenstein on X: “The Biden administration’s report on whether Israel has violated U.S. and international humanitarian law during the war in Gaza has been delayed indefinitely https://t.co/OWwRXduW6Y” / X
(23) Haaretz.com on X: ““Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” Netanyahu told his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy” https://t.co/7lTQs9E5Zf” / X
2023 is ‘deadliest year’ for a child in occupied West Bank


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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
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One Reply to “Zachary Foster PhD Interview – The True Origin Of Hamas & The Decline Of Apartheid Israel

  1. Will somebody post the source of the link to the child being pulled out of the rubble in Gaza? I would like to share that.

    I think the issue is most Americans simply don’t know what they are supporting. They still believe the damned propaganda box, they still believe our government. We are a part of a catastrophe, and it’s painful to know it, but in order to stop it, we have to spread knowledge.

    I’ve known about the true nature of this conflict for 30 agonizing years. I would die to stop this brutality. It’s so painful to know about, and having people reflexively call you “antisemite” for trying to stop an ongoing humanitarian disaster. It’s complete barbarity, total evil, and it’s horrifically hard to know what is going on, and no ability to talk about it with anybody because of that goddamned propaganda box.

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