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The Open Secret Of Israel’s Use Of Human Shields & The Deliberate Targeting Of Palestinian Civilians

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/9/23).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(53) System Update on X: “According to NBC News, US/EU officials have broached peace negotiations with Ukraine. Why didn’t they push for this inevitable outcome sooner—and call everyone who did Kremlin agents? Because sacrificing Ukraine to weaken Russia is exactly what they wanted all along👇” / X
(42) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “More illegal bombings carried out by the illegal occupier of Syria.” / X
(43) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “And for those somehow unsure of the point I’m making, I highly recommend this three part documentary series on the origins of al-Qaeda/ISIS. False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda – Watch Along and Q&A” / X
False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda – Watch Along and Q&A
49 Years Ago the US Covered Up an Israeli False Flag Attack that Killed 34 Americans, Wounded 173
Evidence Shows Israel Killed Own Citizens On The 7th & 53 UN Staff, Journalists Deliberately Killed
Never Forget: The Ruling Plutocracy Use False Flags To Achieve Political Goals
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(20) Sam Husseini on X: “WATCH: State Dept claims they aren’t pressuring Abbas against invoking the Genocide Convention at the World Court to stop Israel’s assault. I put them on notice regarding their own complicity under the Convention. (h/t @decensorednews)” / X
(21) Sam Husseini on X: “WATCH: I question State Dept: Is Israel really targeting Hamas, or the Palestinian people? Does the US recognize the 4th Geneva Convention? Under international law, Israel has no “right of self-defense” as an occupier. See: Video by @decensorednews” / X
(21) Decensored News on X: “@samhusseini This is basically every U.S govt presser that @samhusseini and/or @MaxBlumenthal have gone to this past month:” / X
(22) The Grayzone on X: “The Grayzone’s @MaxBlumenthal asked the State Dept why Tony Blinken and Joe Biden have accused nations of genocide which have killed far less than Israel has in Gaza in 1 month, and if the Biden admin has enabled Israel’s killing spree with its use of the term “human shields”” / X
(53) Sam Husseini on X: “Israel isn’t targeting Hamas. Any more than George Bush was trying to stop non existent Iraq WMDs. They are using whatever propoganda and pretext they can to do as much damage to Palestinian life and continue try to steal the country from them. This includes attacks on…” / X
(23) Dan Kovalik on X: “The US claims it can’t stop Israel’s targeting of civilians (that is, it’s war crimes). This is an absurd lie. #SaveGaza #GazaGenocide” / X
Damning evidence of war crimes as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families in Gaza – Amnesty International
Amid Increasingly Dire Humanitarian Situation in Gaza, Secretary-General Tells Security Council Hamas Attacks Cannot Justify Collective Punishment of Palestinian People – Press Release – Question of Palestine
UN chief says Gaza deaths show something ‘wrong’ with Israel tactics | Reuters
(23) Dylan Griffith on X: “French premier Macron’s double standards exposed by Palestinian media. #Palestine #Gaza #Israel” / X
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(4) TIMES OF GAZA on X: “The lsraeli aggression on Gaza Strip: 10,812 Palestinians killed, including 4412 children, 2918 women and 667 elderly, while 27,000 others injured.” / X
(23) TIMES OF GAZA on X: “Numerous bodies scatter across al-Shifa Street – Northern Gaza Strip, where lsraeli warplanes have bombed a group of civilians.” / X
(3) Al Jazeera English on X: “The Palestinian Ministry of Health says Gaza’s blood bank service has been put out of service following a ‘targeted’ Israeli attack. 🔴 LIVE updates:” / X
(3) sarah on X: “Israel just bombed an Egyptian aid truck carrying water for Gaza. Israel is deliberately depriving the population of Gaza of water. This is a crime against humanity.” / X
(23) TIMES OF GAZA on X: “Insane lsraeli bombing in the vicinity of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Strip.” / X
(23) UNRWA on X: “Many newborn babies are calling @UNRWA shelters in📍#Gaza their first home. Around 4,600 displaced pregnant women & 380 newborns living in our facilities require medical attention. #UNRWAworks to provide postnatal care – but conditions at shelters are not suitable for newborns.” / X
(23) UNRWA on X: “”As you can see, sitting here & being pregnant isn’t easy” @UNFPA report 50,000 pregnant women are in📍#Gaza, with over 180 giving birth every day. This father describes the struggle his wife experienced giving birth while sheltering at an @UNRWA facility. #HearTheirVoices” / X
(23) United Nations Geneva on X: “”Thousands of children killed cannot be collateral damage. Pushing a million people from their homes & concentrating them in areas without adequate infrastructure is forced displacement. Severely limiting food, water & medicine is collective punishment.” — @UNLazzarini @UNRWA″ / X
(26) Decensored News on X: ““More than 40% of the dead in Gaza are children, the UN said, with 3,900 reported child victims, and another 1,250 missing and presumed buried under bombed buildings… ‘The numbers are obviously catastrophic,’ said Unicef spokesperson Toby Fricker.” —The Guardian, 5 Nov 2023” / X
(26) Philip Proudfoot on X: “People need to keep putting this in perspective. It’s the largest killing of UN workers — who are supposed to be protected under IHL — in any “conflict,” ever. The UN must name the perpetrator: Israel. Israel killed them. They did not “perish” they were murdered.” / X
(24) UNRWA on X: “”This has been a painful month for @UNRWA” @UNLazzarini: 99 of my colleagues have been killed in #Gaza- the highest number of @UN aid workers killed in a conflict in such a short time. They are among 10,000 people killed since the beginning of the war, according to MOH in #Gaza” / X
(26) UNRWA on X: “LIVE | @UNLazzarini: I was in📍#Gaza last week for the first time since the war started. I visited an @UNRWA school, sheltering thousands of people. It was heartbreaking. Children used to learn and laugh in this school. Today, they plead for a piece of bread and a sip of water.” / X
At least 6 people killed in Israeli air strike on UNRWA school in Gaza | Reuters
(41) Omar Baddar عمر بدّار on X: “@benshapiro Funny how decades of Israeli oppression & murderous violence against Palestinians doesn’t make Israel responsible for the Hamas attack, but a Hamas attack makes it responsible for Israel’s murder of thousands of Palestinian children. What a moral & intellectual gem you are!” / X
ICC puts burden on Israel to prove Hamas uses human shields – analysis – The Jerusalem Post
The fallacy of Israel’s human shields claims in Gaza | Conflict | Al Jazeera
Palestinian children tortured, used as shields by Israel: U.N. | Reuters
Israeli soldiers who used Palestinian boy, 9, as a human shield avoid jail | Israel | The Guardian
Israeli forces use five Palestinian children as human shields | Defense for Children Palestine
Israeli soldiers use a Palestinian man, ‘Abd a-Rahim Gheith, as human shield during clashes in Jericho
Human Shields | B’Tselem
Legal background | B’Tselem
The “Neighbor Procedure”: Israel’s Use of Palestinian Human Shields | IMEU
HRW World Report 2003: Israel and Palestinian Authority
Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 3.23.58 PM.png (1524×818)
Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 3.24.43 PM.png (1656×902)
Snipers ordered to shoot children, Israeli general confirms | The Electronic Intifada
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(20) Wokecrates on X: “Just curious, how many Hamas members does the IDF think exist in Gaza? Because it seems like they believe that number to be 2M+” / X
Senior IDF commander says Hamas has 30,000 men, 7,000 rockets, dozens of drones | The Times of Israel
(21) S p r i n t e r X on X: “A third of buildings in the northern Gaza Strip were bombed and were completely destroyed or damaged, writes The New York Times.” / X
(53) Patrick Henningsen on X: “@wikileaks @mayo4u Because Tel Aviv loves a overly-militant, radicalized “terror threat” – without it Israel would be forced to conform to international norms. Casual Belli.” / X
Israel News – WikiLeaks: “Israel actively supported Hamas” – JerusalemOnline
Wayback Machine
(28) Israel ישראל 🇮🇱 on X: “The majority of people in Gaza live under the poverty line. But you know who don’t? Hamas’ leadership worth BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Hamas isn’t only stealing money from Gaza. It’s stealing the future of Gaza.” / X
(28) Saad on X: “@nypost AI generated. And then you lower the quality of the image, good job 🫡” / X
Photos Of Hamas Accused Of Being AI Fakes Actually Just Upscaled Badly
(22) Ewan MacKenna on X: “@benshapiro” / X
(11) Fu on X: “@benshapiro Funny way of handing something over. Here u go….u can have it. But not the border, or the imports or the exports, oh and not the coast line, air space ours too. And the power….aaaand water is Israel’s too But the rest yours..except communication lines Oh and no one can leave!” / X
(53) Ahmed Abofoul | أحمد أبو فول on X: “The ‘war of the free world’ should be against settler-colonialism, racism, apartheid, supremacy, belligerent occupation, alien domination & atrocity crimes, including genocide. Israel’s 75-year-long aggression against the Palestinian People represents all the above. #CeasfireNOW” / X
(53) Ahmed Abofoul | أحمد أبو فول on X: “Benny Gantz is partially correct. Indeed, this war is for Zionism to conclude its settler-colonial project, which is premised on the elimination of the indigenous Palestinians. But, no, it is not about Jewish existence. Zionism = racism. Zionism ≠ Judaism.” / X
(11) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “The now deleted tweet:” / X
(53) J19 on X: “Anyone who thinks what is going on in Gaza is not an annexation is completely deluded. Israeli troops will never leave Gaza. The West watches, witnesses, a brutal ongoing illegal landgrab, occupation, dislocation, dispossession of a whole people, and does nothing…” / X
(53) Yishai Fleisher يشاي ישי פליישר 🕎 on X: “Israel must defeat #Hamas, govern #Gaza, resettle Jews there, and ensure a decent life for decent people including pro-Israel Arabs. Modern Israel had beautiful communities in Gaza and governed it. Israel had a full life there until the great mistake of the 2005 “Disengagement”…” / X
(53) WikiLeaks on X: “Verified document from Israeli Ministry of Intelligence on October 13 suggests forced displacement of Gaza civilians to Egypt would “yield positive and long term strategic results” The advisory document envisions a three stage process including the establishment of tent cities…” / X
(53) Dylan Griffith on X: “Asking Palestinians why they stay despite the hardships. #Palestine #Gaza #Israel” / X
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Israel Army Slams New Gaza Hostage Video As ‘Psychological Terrorism’ | Barron’s
Israel-Hamas war: Palestinian militant group says ready to release two hostages from Gaza – World News
Taken captive: Mother and adult son, Hannah and Elad Katzir | The Times of Israel
(27) Emmanuel Rosalez on X: “El grupo de la Jihad Islámica Palestina difundió un video de los rehenes Hanna Katzir de 77 años y Yagil Yaakov de 13 a quienes asegura que liberará por razones médicas y “humanitarias”” / X
(27) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “Does it matter that @Israel has twice refused a hostage exchange? The last one simply asking for water, food & fuel only for civilians, even allowing the UN to manage it ensuring none goes to Hamas? Of course it does. This shows they care more about the agenda than the prisoners.” / X
(53) The Nation on X: ““The Israeli government is supposed to care about the return of our roughly 240 hostages, which a ceasefire alone would make possible. But they have stopped listening to victims’ families, like mine.”” / X
My Brother Was Slaughtered on October 7. I Know He Would Be Calling for a Cease-Fire. | The Nation
(53) Efrat Fenigson on X: “🇮🇱 Under the Guise of War: Israel Government Restricts Rights of Israelis Download the video: Full transcript: Topics: 7/10 impacts, general atmosphere & mainstream narrative in Israel, my personal angle, and a list of 7 government…” / X
(74) Under the Guise of War: Israel Government Restricts Rights of Israelis
The truth about the Mossad | The Mossad | The Guardian
(48) 🇦🇺🇱🇧OurVoicesMatter on X: “🆘Israel inadvertently have incriminated themselves. They’ve shared footage suggesting Hamas terrorist were responsible for damaging this number of vehicles. For those of you who have been following my research, especially regarding the 🔥MAUI ✈️911 connection, it’s striking…” / X
(49) Mario Nawfal on X: “🇮🇱🇵🇸 DRONE FOOTAGE OF 10/7 AFTERMATH Israel’s military released drone footage showing hundreds of scorched and damaged cars moved from the Nova music festival. The festival, near Kibbutz Be’eri, only five kilometers away from Gaza, was one of Hamas’ first targets when the…” / X
(27) ~Иот ӏи Му Иамə~ on X: “@yousefiaa @dannydanon @tlavagabond” / X
(54) 𝚕𝚊𝚋𝚢𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚑 on X: “Where’s your critical thinking?? #ZionismIsTerrorism #ZionismIsNazism” / X
Twitter Video Downloader – Download twitter videos & GIF Online
(27) S p r i n t e r X on X: “🇮🇱 Jewish Rabbi: “We are on the side of the Palestinian government and the Palestinian nation According to the rabbi, before the Zionist occupation of Palestine, Jews lived in peace and harmony with Muslims. “Our desire is the restoration of a Palestinian state,” he notes.…” / X
(54) Ben Shapiro on X: “This has been true since Hamas took over. In 2014 there were widespread reports of reporters being threatened or expelled for reporting that al-Shifa hospital was in fact a Hamas base. Reporters then hid their own reports to retain residency in Gaza.” / X
Israel Calls For Entire Gaza Population To “Relocate” & Reuters Journalist Killed By Israeli Bombing
(12) Sarah Wilkinson on X: “The israeli regime has killed 48 Palestinian journalists in Gaza since the beginning of its genocide: israelis are barbarians | via @V_Palestine20” / X
(31) Kim Iversen 🇺🇸 on X: “Another journalist killed. These appear targeted. The IDF knows where everyone lives.” / X
(43) Adalah on X: “2/ This is one of the most intrusive and draconian legislative measures ever passed by the Israeli Knesset which invades the realm of personal thoughts and beliefs and significantly amplifies state surveillance of social media use.” / X
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(20) Dan Cohen on X: “The U.S. and Israel have concocted a phony humanitarian pretext to accelerate the ethnic cleansing of Gaza. They are partners in genocide.” / X
Biden gets four-hour battle pauses from Israel after pushing for three-day stoppages | Reuters
(46) United Nations Geneva on X: ““Without fuel, newborn babies in incubators & patients on life support will die. Water cannot be pumped or purified. Raw sewage could soon start gushing onto the streets, further spreading disease. Trucks loaded with critical relief will be stranded.“ – @antonioguterres #Gaza” / X
(21) Ahmed Abofoul | أحمد أبو فول on X: “So Israel plans to delay the repatriation of ‘unfriendly’ States’ citizens such as South Africa, Brazil and Ireland because they call for a #ceasefire. #IsraeliApartheid is acting like a rogue regime blackmailing States with the safety of their citizens for political expediency.” / X
White House Aides “Simply Cannot Stomach” Biden’s Israel Policy, Dissent Memos Leak, Revolt At State Dept | ZeroHedge
(53) Zito on X: ““I think the purposeful lack of transparency over what weapons the U.S. is supplying to Israel ‘on a daily basis’ is tied to the larger administration policy of downplaying the extent to which Israel will use those weapons to commit war crimes…”” / X
U.S. Weapons Transfers to Israel Shrouded in Secrecy

Late Additions:

F-QYNjTXIAAgHue.jpeg (1600×900)
‘Emphasis is on damage, not accuracy’: ground offensive into Gaza seems imminent | Israel | The Guardian
IDF Says Won’t Back up Beheaded Babies Claim, Would Be ‘Disrespectful’

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3 Replies to “The Open Secret Of Israel’s Use Of Human Shields & The Deliberate Targeting Of Palestinian Civilians

  1. Ryan, I do not believe you are correct that “Israel would just continue” without US support.
    This is like the rate of people killed in the Gas chambers at different times.
    The bombs are US made.

    1. You mean USrael.
      Representing Hillary Clinton’s campaign in a March 17, 2008 United Jewish Communities forum in Washington, Ann Lewis was quoted as saying “The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel. It is not up to us to pick and choose from among the political parties”.
      The tail wags the dog.

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