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Michael Yeadon Interview – Former Pfizer VP Speaks Out On Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines & COVID Illusion

Joining us today is Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory, Michael Yeadon, here to discuss his expert opinion on the topics of COVID-19, mRNA vaccine technology, as well as suppression and outright censorship of medical and scientific experts. 


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Taylor Hudak
Taylor Hudak
Taylor Hudak is an American-Hungarian journalist based in Budapest, Hungary. Taylor covers issues focused on human rights, free speech, health, and law. She researches, writes, and produces video reports and interviews for The Last American Vagabond, and she is a contributor to Children’s Health Defense Europe. Taylor works closely with Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE), an organization of doctors and scientists dedicated to educating the public on health, science, and medical ethics.

77 Replies to “Michael Yeadon Interview – Former Pfizer VP Speaks Out On Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines & COVID Illusion

  1. So many holes in the official narrative. Yeadon blows the lid off the “variant” scare.

    One thread in all of this i didn’t hear talked about in this interview but have heard him mention in others is whays keeping so many in the medical establishment silent: threats of funding and career.

    Just further shows what those sticking their neck out are risking.

    He has stated in the past if he has to much impact he could be removed. Reminds of the butler in the Shining, “so I corrected them.”

    This guy knows whats happening. Sounds like he has been to the mountain top, knows what the consequences are.

    1. Bossche never said the body thinks the variant is a “different” pathogen. (now you’re being disingenuous)
      Innate immune system recognized and could fight variant, but “vaccine induced specific antibody” out-competes innate antibody.

    2. Why wait until now to speak out?
      What “axe” does he have to grind? Did he get fired and want to blow his ex-employer away somehow?

      1. He spoke out last summer, he has been removed from Twitter. The man has been shouting from the roof tops but they keep censoring him.

      2. What?
        When was appropriate to speak out? When did he come to his conclusions?
        His aim is definitely not against Pfizer specifically so I can’t se any axe being ground

    3. Some doctors just don’t know anything about what is going on. They have their heads buried in the sand.

      I have a doctor friend who got the AstraZeneca jab despite all the issues being reported and when I pressed him on why he took it, he said that he heard it was available and he just took it. He couldn’t answer me when I asked him what it was made of and how it worked. He was shocked and wouldn’t believe me when I told him that it is not yet know whether or not the jab can prevent infection and transmission and that it is more likely that it doesn’t prevent either given the cases of people getting infected and dying even after the jab. I wanted to show him the studies on this topic and he wouldn’t even look saying that he is too busy to look into things and be skeptical and that he trusts the science.

      We have doctors who get the shot without even looking into the literature. How do we expect someone like that to help normal people make informed decisions on whether or not to take the jab?

      I fear for humanity!

      1. Tolerating industrial pollution for any reason is enough reason to fear for humanity and all biological life.

      2. With his expert knowledge, this could have been rational if provided earlier before the vaccination drive. This is an infodemic.

      3. Thank you for telling this particular story. Doctor’s, like most medical professionals these days, are afflicted with a sort of Messiah complex and they cannot even acknowledge there might be a flaw in any part of the authority or validity of the medical model that gives them that authority in the first place. The circularity of the argument is indicative of the mental illness that they are infected with. Very frightening to recognize they have such power, made all the more dangerous because of it. I suggest you act very carefully around this person.

    4. Skrapy Dayah you are right. There should be major lawsuits for the censoring plateforms that is going on on all social media.

      Put are they using their platforms to speak sheet lies about invermectin. Come on…I’m a taxi driver and I was Exposed a bunch of times and every time couldn’t breathe and I felt tired and lethargic and I felt a little stiff in my neck and joint but I didn’t have fever but the scariest thing was the fact that I couldn’t take regular deep breaths and all I took everything single time was 5 to 8 baby aspirin, the (81mg) or 1.5 or 2 regular (325mg) ASPIRIN and I took 2,000mg of vitamin C. I always take 1,000 mg of C every morning and since daily and 1,000iu of D3 3 times of day. Stop believing these lies. I’m a taxi driver and in 2020 I kept picking up people from Wuhan China, from the airport before Trump shut the boarder I kept getting exposed and at the time I had not idea what covid was but the problem of breathing and being super tired kept affecting me but aspirin is our friend in reference to anything in reference to covid-19 and high doses of vitamin C.
      I never leave home without it. I believe all this stuff that doctors are talking about are basically fear-mongering because there are better methods than probably aspirin and that is Ivermectin. But because most people can’t get Ivermectin aspirin vitamin C zinc and D3 every now and then is going to be our friend..
      The above is not FDA approved. You must check with your doctor before taking anything… you have to be careful if you are on any blood thinners. But thank the Lord that this is what saved my life every single time. When I fell asleep I would feel big blood clots running through my legs all night long and sometimes my heart would quiver I would say a quick prayer and fall asleep and every single time I woke up thanking the lord that I made it. I had no trouble breathing because of the aspirin and that is just my experience.
      I have aspirin in my purse, in my car in my medicine cabinet in the bathroom, in my kitchen and in my nightstand. It is that serious people and I have taken these measures about 13 times since covid came out.
      I will not take the vaccine due to what I know that is in the vaccine. It is against my religious belief. I believe that it will weaken my immune system if I take the vaccine, I will and have not ever taken the flu shot. Because has has everybody knows all flu shots carry all the new flus in the flu shots so I’m not taking any part of covid in my bloodstream.
      I am from the belief that covid-19 is not being treated properly in the hospitals by intubating people. People don’t need intubation people need Ivermectin and maybe steroids that doctor Richard Bartlett MD from Texas and Dr Pierre Kory adamantly explains that that is the silver bullet for covid-19.
      In the interim everyone’s got to take their vitamins and minerals, exercise inside because the air we are breathing on the outside to me are these suspicious clouds that are coming from behind the mountains that to me are not normal.
      Take care of yourselves be positive and take deep breath and smile as often as you can to stay positive.
      I personally take super green powders from or I take spirulina and Corella. I also take chaga mushrooms and other mushrooms like lions mane. I don’t eat a lot of sugar and I don’t do fast food and I don’t drink soda. Nor do I do high sugar content drinks and I do baking soda tea. I blow hot water and add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda everyday and sometimes twice a day.
      Stay healthy stay positive and don’t run around scared.
      I believe that Bill Gates and anyone that was involved in meeting 201 should be indicted but that’s another story.. I believe there should be major lawsuits for these agendas and I believe that people need to wake up. Again disclosure is I am not trying to cure anyone from anything. You must check with your doctor before taking anything but the above regimen worked for me every single time. I am healthy I am happy I am a 60 year old woman and I try to keep it positive as much as I possibly can..
      When I took 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D on a daily basis after about I’d say 6 months my phone started hurting so I lowered the dosage drastically to 1,000 iu and only take it 3 days a week.

      PS every single time I did feel blood clots running around in my legs especially and my heart would quiver a little bit and I sometimes would take an extra couple of 81 mg of aspirin until I could breathe but it was kind of freaky because of the blood clots I felt in my veins but every single time I was very thankful that I was able to sleep and breathe due to the aspirin intake that I took. I would drink lots of water following day. Please remember the story because personally it has saved my life every time as a taxi driver picking up people from all around the world especially people that were probably carriers of covid-19 and people from Wuhan China.
      Let me add this remark and observation. With the covid-19 vaccine of any kind people have been known to have audio autoimmune disorder which the body shuts down due to the blood clots that accumulate in the body due to the vaccine because the vaccine has to have some form of covid in the vaccine just as any flu shot has to have a little bit of different types of flus to help your body buildup it’s on antibodies naturally but it these people who have these adverse effect of the vaccine and the people do not have Aspirins to thin out the blood or Vitamin C, zinc, d3 or steroids or maybe even ivermectin to help combat these negative effects of the vaccine why take the chance on taking the vaccine if they aren’t prepare with any antidote of any kind and they as far as I’m concerned playing rushing roulette with out lives or using is as guinea pigs. I’d rather boost up my immune system with vitamins and minerals and chlorella and spirulina and vitamin C and anything else I can think of that boost up the immune system because we are given the best immune system by our creator and we all have to trust in God and not man because I’m just going to say it… I believe that they did the same exact thing to the people in 1918 that they’re doing to us now.
      Just like they’re not treating people with I prevent mechan now and Doctor Pierre Cory and other doctors are screaming to the top of their lungs trying to get everyone’s attention and no one wants to pay attention because this is a money move for big Pharma and Bill Gates, vouchee and all these other decrepit souls for profit. There I said it again I’m sick of the victimization of the general public for profit and we have to stand up and fight for our rights because they are above all victimizing elderly and it is elderly abused in the grossest manner because they certainly don’t know what’s going on and trust the medical industry to look out for their best interest.

    5. I wonder if Dr. Yeadon has the context for John Cullen’s research into the predominant CORONER’s angle concerning the FLU and its traceable history to H1N1 & H5N1 numbers over real time being the real question in my mind, on his John E Hoover channel.

  2. Hospitals around the world overflowed beyond their capacity to deal with the cases, but you claim it’s not a big deal. BULLSHIT.

      1. I have family members that work in hospitals and can confirm that it absolutely IS true and are also speaking of the long term affects, that are actually more now than before, happening to the younger demographic.

        I listen to you quite often and for the most part agree with a lot of standpoints, but I’m failing to see the logic in how the ppl in control would benefit by jeopardizing themselves by being fully responsible for administering something that would do obvious harm to their most obedient demographic and also some with a great deal of importance (health care). The ramifications would be too much to blatantly expose themselves if that was the case. So then, instead of the tried and true method of divide and conquer, they would have to go back to the old top down approach that has been openly discussed as the less affective and unwanted method.

        So logically, it is the opposite, and weeds out the disobedient and allows for a safe and easier means to “do away” with them by progressing the variants to do more damage, then at the end of the day be the “heroes” in the scenario… just some thoughts.

      2. Love the work y’all are doing! Please keep posting to Spotify if you can! Y’all are like rock stars to me even though I wish you weren’t haha! Keep up the good fight and I will too! Thank you!

      3. You know, Ryan, I listen and read the “no virus” people and I think, yes you certainly prove that viruses have never been proven (publicly) to exist. But by some of the posts and my own experiences, I have to think that something akin to a poison that has some ability to transmit to others one or two times has been developed. Just because we are kept in the dark doesn’t mean the government/corporations have no secrets.

    1. My daughter received a severe knee injury while at a trampoline park. When the ambulance arrived, the first thing they did was put a mask on her. After arriving at the hospital, they took her directly to the psychiatric department, rather than emergency. When she asked the EMT why, was the emergency room full, he laughed and said, yeah, sure. Of all the doctors and nurses that subsequently checked her out, most were maskless, and the few that were wearing them, had them well under their noses. If I hadn’t doubted the official narrative before, her experience would have done it for me.

      1. Why did they then take her to the psych unit? Makes zero sense. Where were you during all of this? With her? Surprised they didn’t try to jab her immediately.
        Ok, I know this sounds creepy, but I was looking at recent obits (a friend sent me one of an aquantence) out of curiosity I started looking through others. I was literally shocked at how many YOUNGER people there were with “died unexpectantly” in their sleep. These were from this year from Feb to now…after the shots became available. Call me what you will, but something is not right.

    2. i dont remember every line, let’s say youre right in quoting the video. do you not know i could change social distance-based max capacity in Emergency Rooms to a fraction of what it was before? thats why it’s no big deal. these places arent REALLY at max.

    3. ‘Hospitals around the world overflowed beyond their capacity’

      I’m an NHS bank nurse. I work all over London. Since mid-March 2020 it’s the quietest I’ve experienced all the hospitals in the 20 years I’ve practiced. What the media is reporting is not the truth. The NHS is compromised.

      Several of us are exposing the scam on U.K. Column over the next few weeks.

    4. Hospitals are not overflowing. That’s what you’re being told by the MSM and politicians. It’s misinformation. You can look up these stats for yourself. I highly recommend you do just that.

    5. so why were all the nurses doing tik tok dances? Even in mexico when they said the ovens wouldn’t stop burning…… give me a break you pathetic sheep.

    6. I have talked to some hospital workers here in Ohio and I trust them that they are feeling stressed and overworked. The question is why. As I see it they too are victims of the corrupt system that is deliberately preventing doctors from learning about and using the excellent and cheap early treatments that could easily cure the vast majority of cases without hospitalization.

      Of course, the medical professionals also bear a lot of blame by being so politically polarized that they refuse to even consider any information not endorsed by the CDC etc.

      1. I’m sick and tired of this whole “stressed and overworked and understaffed” narrative since this started. You know what? It has been this way for DECADES. Always. No difference now. At all. Know how I know? I’m an RN.
        They have never given any concern about it. They treat nurses like crap, make sweeping decisions that affect them with ZERO input, pay is squat compared to other professions with way less responsibilty (think IT) hours are terrible, sometimes you don’t even have time to use the bathroom, much less eat. Oh, and yes, you are basically forced to get vaccinated yearly.

    7. Bullshit is that the hospitals are overflowing. My dad is going for cancer treatment in a hospital in Ohio. Dead quiet. A friend who is a nurse in the UK was just laid off for lack of work.

    8. I work in several hospitals. All of them have been almost completely empty the entire time. Please stop lying to people. Thank You.

    9. Ever watch Jason Goodman go to the Javits Center in NYC, or, the Red Cross ship while Quomo was duking it out over ventilators with Humpty Trumpty? I used to play Shutes and LaddeRs as a kid. This is only one step above that. In the end, you are judged by the company you keep…

    10. Do you have a first hand account of an overflowing hospital? We had two hospitals in our area precovid. A friend moved here to be a nurse and then had to transfer to the other hospital because the first one was closing due to lack of patients. So, yes, if you are in a densely populated area that suddenly has fewer hospitals it will get to “max capacity” faster. Even more so if the hospital was renovating certain wings before all this occurred and already had limited space (the main hospital in Atlanta, for example, was renovating an entire floor). It is really reckless how the media has reported this and caused people to delay medical treatments and surgeries.

  3. @JG. The “overflowing hospitals” idea has been debunked so many times, in the UK and elsewhere. Even if hospitals WERE overflowing, it wouldn’t necessarily mean much, because mass media hysteria is sufficient to waves of people rushing to get themselves checked & tested. In May of 2000, the press was screaming about Sao Paulo’s “overflwwing hospitals”. But a multi-party group of Brazilian MPs inspected those field hospitals and found mostly empty beds, some even without respirators. The hospitals were engaged in a massive fraud (financial in nature, as they are receiving funds for non-existent patients). The Deputados – denounced in the Brazilian press as ‘bolsonaristas’ – were in fact from a variety of political parties:

    1. I could be a little bit off by this number, but, I am sure EVERYONE can do their own math. There are NOT lO dead in Wuhan. And, now, we are here. John Cullen shud have a bronze statue made of him in life, NOW, while they are giving trophies out, still.

  4. Hi Ryan, Twitter locked me out of my account for posting this.. I haven’t listened to your report yet, but I am sure, like always it will be riveting. I only have 291 followers on Twitter and this is the 2nd time they have locked me out of my account. SMDH, go figure…..

  5. YouTube has taken down this video. The former VP of Pfizer. A highly credentialed expert immunologist, scientist, PhD, and a pro vaccination person. I had forwarded the video to my son, along with a separate text, and BOTH of them have been removed from our conversation feed. DELETED A TEXT I sent to my son!
    Isn’t it strange how in one breath our govt officials claim they can’t do nothing because YouTube etc are private companies and yet our govt officials can make all these private companies make us wear face masks into their businesses, with threats of fines and revoke their business license??
    I don’t recognize my country anymore. WTF.

  6. I have followed Dr Mike Yeadon since the beginning of lockdown and have been very impressed by his integrity. I quote now from something I read earlier as it sums up the situation for me.
    ” When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible but in the end they always fall.
    Think of it – Always. Ghandi.
    The truth is with Mike Yeadon.

  7. JG Thousands of patients have been successfully treated with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)and Ivermectin protocols (i.e. with zine and an antibiotic, frequently azithromycin). Both antiparisiticals listed above are ionophores which weaken respiratory cell walls and allow the zinc into the cell where the zine stops replication. This entire Covid hoax is dealing with a disease in which most people are asymptomatic and very few need hospitalization, let alone die. Since the goal of the hoax was to introduce the vaccines, fear had to be created and a false pandemic created. To accomplish this, the criminal action of declaring that HCQ and Ivermectin could not be used and weren’t safe, a complete lie, so that people went to hospitals unnecessarily and they received no treatment until they were put on intubation or respiration and this frequently resulted in death. The crime of wihholding treatment which had been proven to work on thousands of patients by doctors such as Frontline Physicians, Dr Dider Raoult in Marseilles France and Dr Vladamir Zelenko of New York. These are the real heroes of Covid. To make sure that HCQ wasn’t used, WHO (controlled by Bill Gates money) paid for studies all over the world, but did NOT use the protocol and only used HCQ alone. In addition, doses were given at a higher than safety and recommended level so the studies would fail. Many people died. Criminal.

    1. It cud be that a hypothesis put forth by the consummately talented John Cullen, through the history if this crime and the paths that were taken, the work of all history leading to a BSL4 issue, has to do with the FULLY traceable history, 1st, from the Wuhan Olympics [note, many vectors R applied in sychronation, & requirements of huge populations I’d INDICATED… bullie goats MO…], but, back to the KNOWN *geneology* of H1N1, with H5N1 part of the dialogue. Try to keep up. The John E Hoover channel has more, much more.

  8. The reasons are for the introduction for the vaccine passport, and also for mega profits. Because the mass-media are stakeholders with the pharmaceutical companies, they promote it, and the profit for this business initiative is staggering. Not only did they receive vast sums to develop the potions, they then reap billions when the governments administer it. And a third reason has been clearly outlined by the World Economical Forum which is to control the population by a variety of initiatives effecting tracing movement, personal wealth, information and population numbers…and probably other control measures.

      1. The antichrist…from the abyss. Fauci…means sickle….the grim reaper carries a sickle. This is not a coincidence, but you’ll be locked ina padded room should you say it aloud. I will die with the truth being shouted from my lips should they try me. F*** ’em.

  9. Does anybody else find it disturbing that even with his knowledge of the disastrous results of past animal testing which was skipped on these “vaccines”, the lies from the pharma testing, and the available safe treatments being suppressed including ivermectin n budesanine which even if the pharma companies are being honest about the mrna efficiency, both mentioned treatments are SAFER AND MORE EFFECTIVE, that this guy would still say he recommends these experiments for high risk people?

  10. JG, the mortality is so great, the increase in the number of burials over the last year in the giant, popular, only at half-capacity, metropolitan cemetery behind the house I’ve lived in for the last 20 years, is absolutely NON-apparent.
    I’ve been working from home, overlooking the graveyard every day for the last 14 months.
    Clearly this is an example of stealth burials.
    They must be digging the holes at night with equipment that makes no noise, packing the bodies in in triplets, having virtual services where everyone pays their respect remotely, laying down perfectly matched turf immediately thereafter in what must surely be fake open fields, and refraining from putting up any headstones. It’s horrific.
    Bullshit indeed.

    1. I agree with you, however I also know that now almost everyone seems to be shifting to cremation…how that fits in not sure…but I just went through recent obits in my area and now, AFTER the shots started, I was shocked to read about two things: 1) the number of “unexpectedly died in their sleep”…these are younger people, meaning 30’s-early 60’s. And 2) apparant suicides. Reading comments was easy to determine that. I am truly so saddened. Looking at these young people, an entire life ahead of them, taken out of hopelessness, isolation, lonelyness,etc. It also infuriates me. None of this needs to be happening. It is outright murder in my opinion.

    1. Experimental Use authorisation mRNA is being tested on general population so they can release thousands of new products with approval of all medical agencies. That’s the real reason behind the propaganda, future release of products into a world market! Money, wealth and power!

    2. Nuclear Schwabberz and Faucest remain connected at the hip, an Abys connection, on his mom’s side. c Michael McKibben

    3. With his expert knowledge, this could have been rational if provided earlier before the vaccination drive. This is an infodemic.

  11. No more people died in USA in 2020 than died in 2019, 2018, 2017…

    They just called all the normal deaths “COVID”; they lied.

    1. This is an infodemic. The fact that the message is disseminated by an expert is not evidence that he is telling the truth. His statements are overtaken by events. He was supposed to submit the information before vaccination effort drives. It’s either he is no longer in good books with his counterparts and thinking of spreading misinformation and disinformation. He is not the only expert in the world, basing on his assumption can end up causing despondency and lack of trust in the medical system.

  12. Interesting video. I’ve always been skeptical of vaccines for me and my kids, even the “old fashioned” ones that put the actual virus into your body. If your immune response is activated by a vaccine, why wouldn’t we have the same response with the actual virus. I’ll wait and see what the longer term effects are for these current RNA experiments. But my question is this: are the statistics being manipulated? Over 500,000 dead from Covid in the USA; supposedly. Maybe vaccines are not the answer, maybe better therapeutics are. But Covid is killing way more than influenza, is it not? We can’t dismiss that a lot of people are dead from Covid. Or are the numbers wrong; the treatments wrong?

    1. From Covid or with Covid? The numbers have been notoriously skewed. If you look at global excess death rates, they’re not that high for last year over previous years. Specific spikes in different countries or states could be attributed to many things: putting elderly covid patients in care homes instead of hospitals; lack of medical treatment for other diseases due to people being too scared to go to the doctor; etc

    2. The CORONER’s reports R HIGHly weighted toward an ‘event’ related to the flu. Couple that with the known history of BSL4/BSL3 research (remember, this is 4!), which has an ABSOLUTELY identifiable gene mapped history of being RESSURECTED from H1N1, the Spanish Flu. Furthermore, the nature of viruses require huge populationZ, generally, to effect any actual change that, itself is another topic, where size does matter, and, death as well here.

      Nevertheless, there has been, likely, an offshoot of this, H5N1, initially released at the Wuhan Olympics? This is deeply corrupt and integrally important. Follow John Cullen, but, Charles Ortel talks a lot about what surrounds this way in 2017, Sunday Morning with Charles.

    3. Both are wrong. The tests were faulty to begin with.. they don’t detect covid.. covid still has not been isolated in human cells.. only computer generated models, therefore can’t be proven to even exist. The symptoms are the same as 5g/radiation poisoning.. also the reporting of deaths was faked.. all people who had covid and died were reported as a covid death even if they died in a car accident, jumped in front of a train, had terminal cancer.. if they tested positive with the faulty tests and also died.. no matter the cause of death, was listed as a covid death.. even covid hospitalization numbers were faked by claiming people in hospital that tested positive for covid were there because of covid, which was a lie.. another lie is asymptomatic.. that doesn’t exist. You can’t have a deadly disease and not know until a faulty test test tells you you have it lol it ALL fraud.. that’s how you fake a pandemic to get people to take the vaccine, which is killing masses of people.. also would like to put into perspective that 500,000 deaths in one year is far less that the yearly deaths caused by heart disease.. there is no pandemic, only a plandemic to depopulate. Even bill gates said vaccines are for depopulation, not for curing anything.. also now the data shows that vaccinated are infecting healthy unvaxxed with deadly spike proteins and causing reproductive issues in unvaxxed just being around vaccinated people.

  13. I would love for Taylor to interview Geert vanden Bossche.

    Even better, have Taylor mediate a discussion between Geert and Michael.

  14. When I was 18 and setting off to California to see my love and spread my wings a 50yr old friend gave me the advice “Things Aren’t Always as They Appear” and this certainly has proven to be true and 20 yrs ago I left the States because through mostly non mainstream publications I was able to formulate what a lie most of the history of America was and saw that it was only getting worse. The one thing that I did not question was the near saintliness of the Jews and it was not until the internet came along that enabled me to see which ethnic group was responsible for so much treachery in the world. I now hold firm beliefs in things that 15yrs ago I would have taken as utter foolishness. To help make sense of our world I highly recommend theoretical Physicist Ron Unz’s website where he and other brave and honest Jews and others discuss the Jewish Question and numerous other topics, start with “Oddities of the Jewish Religion” and others in his American Pravda series. If you find things hard to believe search youtube for the BBC or AlJazzera documentary about the USS Liberty, a real eye opener in regards to just how bad things are.( if you can’t find it there try bitchute)

    1. Isaiah: 57 talks about human sacrifice intent on the young. History repeats itself. “Evergreen” today is ‘become’ “Evergiven,” [in a “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” sense, together, making up ZEUS in the SUEZ canal, the parent company and the ship itself. A Casino Gulag? You do the math.

  15. Doctors, nurses and hospitals in Florida all prepared for the very first wave of China virus, that never came!

  16. Thanks Taylor, I caught this interview on another site so i tracked it down to here, mike yeadon is such a wonderful person, (as you are too) and im in the uk myself by the way, im one of the few in my age group(58) who has not had the covid 19 vaccine shot, and i know of at least two people who had heart attacks shortly after the first shot (one was fatal) keep shinning

  17. About the Clots – Please see Karen Kingston Substack Parts 1-5 ( There are 11). KK Substack will explain- w/ references and images that the SMART AI programmable magnetic hydrogel in vaccines can create meshes and strands.

    This also is nearly identical to the image of Covid 19 spike protein…but are very differnt (Part 5 KK Substack) Technology originally for good, like skin replacement (burns etc)….but corrupted by Cabal for nefarious reason. Please have Karen Kingston on. “Clots” are related to this Smart AI- self assembling mesh, crystalline network.
    One of many Rumble Links- MariaZeee Nov 27 2022- best since she is non-scientist.
    Also see HealingEarth Rumble Dec 29 with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Yeadon, Karen Kingston, Dr. Ana Milacea, Shimon Yanowitz.

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