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The State Weaponizes Education To Create Ignorance

A hundred fifty years ago, at least some Americans recognized that all serious discourse depended on the use of the faculty called Reason. Formal debate, science, and law all flowed from that source. A common bond existed in some schools of the day. The student was expected to learn how Reason operates, and for that Read More…

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Renowned Doctor Slams Medical Education & Says We Have “An Epidemic Of Misinformed Doctors”

Dr. Asseem Malhotra is known as one of the most influential cardiologists in Britain and a world-leading expert in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Currently, he is leading a huge campaign against excess sugar consumption. What also makes him unique is something he recently admitted took him decades to figure out: that our Read More…

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New US Congress Bill Conflates Criticism Of Israel With Anti-Semitism

A US Congress bill proposed on Wednesday conflates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, free-speech advocates say. The measure aims to provide the Department of Education with a legal definition of anti-Semitism to handle discrimination claims. It adopts a 2010 report by a special US State Department envoy to combat anti-Semitism. The document provides a list Read More…

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“You Really Still Think It’s All About Guns?”

Is it possible that we Americans only pretend not to notice the conditions that produce an epidemic of school shootings, or is the public just too dumbed-down to connect the dots? Look at the schools themselves. We called them “facilities” because they hardly qualify as buildings: sprawling, one-story, tilt-up, flat-roofed boxes isolated among the parking lagoons out Read More…