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The Great Partisan Reset, UN Says Nuseirat “Rescue” Illegal Massacre & The Ceasefire/Starvation Ploy

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (6/16/24).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(51) Tod Seelie (@todseelie) / X
(51) Sanders Law Group (@SLG__lawfirm) / X
(25) DonaldBest.CA * DO NOT COMPLY on X: “My good friend Ryan Cristián is The Last American Vagabond. For decades he and his friends have been covering the stories that so many won’t. Years ago Ryan covered my story of how I was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for contempt of court. When I was later vindicated most” / X
TLAV Lawfare, Sudan War Caused/Exploited By US/Israel & Damning UN Reports Destroy Israeli Narrative
(35) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Be aware, people are pretending to be TLAV all over the place. This a fake TLAV @telegram account trying to get people to download wallets and likely send crypto. I would never ask you to do anything but share the work and direct you to our public page info if you want to donate.” / X
(35) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Sex bots in my DMs on Twitter all from the last few days. @CensoredMen @decensorednews” / X
(46) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@Aisha6942064446 Oh & @elonmusk, are these the bots you are fighting? It’s clear you’re very aware of such blatant violations of your terms of service. I actually enjoy laughing at their feeble efforts, but it’s interesting that you do nothing about it. @X @Support” / X
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(45) Chay Bowes on X: “An essential piece of film. Did you know Google was essentially founded with a “Grant” from the CIA? Ex State Dept official Mike Benz explains how everything you hear, and read online is manipulated in favour of the Western War Machine. Astounding” / X
(35) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@RealAlexJones @TuckerCarlson @elonmusk Only if you are pretending The Great Reset & Israel are not part of the NWO. Elon checks all the boxes, in all of them. Watch this, and read that, and decide for yourselves.” / X
(86) Decensored News on X: “Get a load of this. X is marking all three of these replies (on the right) as “Probable spam” and burying them behind a “Show probable spam” link. None of them are “spam,” but all three of them ARE critical of Elon Musk and Alex Jones:” / X
(20) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@tpvsean @zaudopek While I have you, would mind pointing out for us where they are quoted as saying “controlled demolition”? Would be good to clear up my apparent misunderstanding…” / X
(22) TPV Sean on X: “@TLAVagabond @newstart_2024 “Everything is factually accurate, but I don’t like a word they used in their headline! (even though it accurately represents the facts).” I’m sure Snopes would LOVE to have someone like you on board with your particular brand of nitpick fact checking.” / X
(46) The Last American Vagabond on X: “😳” / X
(35) 1984 on X: “So it turns out that Elons trip to Israel wasn’t just for kosher theater and an IDF propaganda tour. A secret meeting took place while he was there that went virtually unreported by any news media outlets. In attendance was Netanyahu, Musk’s tour organizer, investor Omri” / X
(85) Tali {🪬🌶️}🪁{💀🌸} on X: “Turns out that in March- mid genocide- 14 United States judges went to Israel to meet with the IDF, lawyers, and government officials, for the expressed purpose of influencing US judicial opinion, knowing there’s an ongoing genocide case against @JoeBiden.” / X
Palestine v. Biden: Federal Appeals Court Post-Hearing Press Conference (DCIP v. Biden) – YouTube
(47) Censored Men on X: “🇮🇱🚨#BREAKING: Before verifying your ID with AU10TIX on X, read this thread. After reading it you will understand why so many of us are opposing Elon’s decision to make us hand over our IDs and biometric data to Israeli intelligence. Bots & Data Stealing = 🇮🇱 @elonmusk” / X
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(80) Michael Tracey on X: “Wow! For the first time since 1972, the NDAA bill passed today by the House would automatically register all males age 18-26 for Selective Service in the Military. For the past 52 years, males were required to register on their own, but compliance had reportedly been lagging” / X
(89) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده on X: “Over the past 8 months, Israel has killed more than 45,000 Palestinians from Gaza and injured around 90,000 others. Additionally, more than 3,500 people have been forcibly disappeared. This means Israel has killed, injured, or kidnapped approximately 8% of Gaza’s population.…” / X
(26) Kenneth Roth on X: “At least 10% of ordnance that Israel is firing into Gaza fails to explode. Often hidden amid debris, this unexploded ordinance “even under ideal conditions would take 14 years to clear,” a UN expert says.” / X
(72) Alon Mizrahi on X: “Let’s make it even more interesting, shall we? If you really really (really) need to find it in anything critical, and if that’s your world and your range of motions, you’ll find ‘hate’ in my previous post, that’s becoming a little viral (‘Israel isn’t surviving this’). If” / X
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(35) Nabeel Rajab on X: “@AIPAC Listen to the Israeli historian” / X
(35) Torah Judaism on X: “Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Haim Sofer: Muslims and Jews are not enemies. Palestinians are not enemies of Jews. Palestinian resistance groups are not anti-Semitic, they have no problem with Jews and Judaism, their problem is with the occupying Zionist regime. Resistance groups are” / X
(35) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@AvivaKlompas Don’t worry, we won’t. #Nakba #Nakba2024” / X
Nakba of 1948 and Today Are Not Separate Events, but Ongoing Process of Palestinian Displacement, Replacement, Speakers Tell Panel, Urging Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza | Meetings Coverage and Press Releases
(68) Abby Martin on X: “This video is from 2017. Every single Israeli I talked to advocated ethnic cleansing and genocide. It’s not just Netanyahu, it’s Israeli society.” / X
(88) Saul Staniforth on X: “As Gideon Levy has pointed out, it wasn’t fascists who established the occupation, the settlement project & the apartheid system, it was the so called ‘moderates’ in Israel. Any one politician isn’t the problem.” / X
(61) Quds News Network on X: “”Bye, We’re going to kill you, we’re going to kill you all” – Said an American Zionist as he disrupted a pro-Palestine demonstration in New York, directing offensive and racist slurs at female protesters and threatening to kill them.” / X
(76) Tiberius on X: “Zionism has always been terrorism” / X
(106) B.M. on X: “”As Hitler, may his name be erased, once said: “I cannot live in this world if there is one Jew left in it”, we could not live in this land if even one such Islamo-Nazi remains in Gaza, and not before we return to Gaza and turn it into Hebrew Gaza.” Moshe Feiglin, former Likud” / X
Zionism Vs Nazism, Israel’s Connection To Extremist Ideology & ADL’s History of Faking Nazi Marches
(30) Muhammad Shehada on X: “Every time they deny genocidal intent, just show them this Israeli children band cheering genocide on Israel’s main TV Channel 11: “Planes are bombing, destruction! Look the IDF is crossing the line to ANNIHILATE the swastika bearers In another year, THERE WILL BE NOTHING THERE”” / X
‘Israel’s Government Has neo-Nazi Ministers. It Really Does Recall Germany in 1933’ – Israel News –
The Illusion Of The Altruistic US Government Has Been Dismantled By The Ongoing Israeli Genocide
The Zionist Activists Who Collaborated With Nazis, and Were Executed by Jewish Partisans – Israel News –
(21) Dan Cohen on X: “The Lehi continued to seek to ally with Nazi Germany even after the Final Solution had begun.” / X
Lehi (militant group) – Wikipedia
(49) Tiberius on X: ““Jews were justified to use terrorism to win statehood but Palestinians are not” — Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir They are saying this shit out loud” / X
Rights groups demand Israel stop arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine – Israel News –
(30) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Not only is this outrageous, as they’re one the most dangerous groups on the planet, but this also shows (as I have pointed out many times) that they’ve been illegally doing so this entire time. Even sending weapons to other factions, who then give it to them, was always illegal.” / X
(69) Afterhours_Live on X: “Verifiable facts: US Congress made sure the Azov Battalion WOULD get US arms in 2016. CIA has trained them since 2015. FBI verified that the Azov Battalion is neo-nazi, is immersed with Ukraine’s gov & that those in Charlottesville are their US faction.” / X
Not Just Azov: Documents Prove The CIA Has Been Cultivating Fascism In Ukraine Since At Least 1948
(30) B.M. on X: “2/10 “It felt difficult using other people’s things… It was also complicated by people taking things home. They often took prayer beads… It disgusted me that others took other people’s property, knowing that they would burn the house… It’s Gaza, everyone does whatever they” / X
Resisting the ‘Ecstasy of War’: Gaza Through the Eyes of Religious, Left-wing Israeli Soldiers – Israel News –
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UN experts condemn outrageous disregard for Palestinian civilians during Israel’s military operation in Nuseirat | OHCHR
(35) Eylon Levy on X: ““Human rights” organizations hate Israel so much, they want you to think undercover rescue missions are a war crime. If rescuing hostages held in brutal conditions by Hamas is a war crime, I know millions of people who would be happy to be guilty as charged.” / X
(35) Arsen Ostrovsky 🎗️ on X: “You will not find a worse human being on this planet than @KenRoth!” / X
(8) Quds News Network on X: “”Do you pay your taxes to kill us?” A Palestinian child shows an American-made munition used by Israeli tanks to destroy Gaza, addressing Americans whose government sends their tax money as weapons to Israel to assist in killing Palestinians.” / X
(24) Zachary Foster on X: “If you organize a peaceful protest against the mass murder of Palestinians, as Ahmad Khalifa & Mohammad Abu El Taher Jabareen did on Oct. 19th, you will be shot at, arrested & imprisoned for 110 days in a torture dungeon. Welcome to Israeli democracy” / X
(67) B.M. on X: “Israeli police started sending undercover cops from an “elite unite”, dressed as protesters, to befriend and then arrest protesters at anti-Netanyahu demonstrations. There have also been intimidation phone calls to activists, attempts to recruit snitches/collaborators and more.” / X
Notepad | Write your notes online
(9) Afshin Rattansi on X: “When the US and Israel speak of their ‘shared values’, this is what they mean: Colonial barbarism” / X
(24) Motasem A Dalloul on X: “This is part of what is happening to Palestinians inside Israeli jails!” / X
Israeli Forces Execute Palestinians In The West Bank, Prompting Shootings Against Settlers – The Last American Vagabond
Police Deny Imprinting Star of David on Palestinian Detainee’s Face, Say Wound Caused by Shoe – Israel News –
(30) on X: “Seven Israeli cops expected to be tried for stamping Star of David on Palestinian’s face last August” / X
(35) Quds News Network on X: “”Gazans, you have nowhere to return to. We are going to make you miserable, you are worthless. You will die..” This is one of the shocking pieces of footage exclusively published by Zeteo; showing an Israeli occupation soldier filming his last day in Gaza from a Palestinian” / X
(9) Syrian Girl 🇸🇾 on X: “@HananyaNaftali Israel burned them with Apaches. Their dreams were about stealing more Palestinian land.” / X
Israeli government report admits systematic torture of Palestinians | Israel | The Guardian
(9) Omar Baddar عمر بدّار on X: “Israeli snipers in the West Bank killed 7 innocent Palestinian bystanders “even though the streets were quiet and the soldiers had no cause to open fire,” Israeli media reports. There’s exactly 0 chance this could happen in an Israeli city w/total U.S. media silence.” / X
In a Single Hour, Israeli Snipers Killed Seven Bystanders at the Jenin Refugee Camp – Twilight Zone –
(9) We Are All ❤️🖤🤍💚 on X: “@Haaretz @tlavagabond Haaretz photographer arrested” / X
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(35) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@BenMFreeman I guess verifiable facts are not his thing.” / X
(9) Younis Tirawi | يونس on X: “WTF, This is the funniest thing ever. Here is undeniable evidence from the Nahal soldiers themselves. Published by their own photographer on his private account, showing that they are the ones who are the smashing of home walls in Rafah.” / X
(9) AIPAC on X: “All eyes still on Rafah? Hamas turned homes in Rafah into bunkers for terrorism, deliberately building tunnels under civilians and using them as human shields. Waiting for the world’s outrage…” / X
(30) Karim Wafa-Al Hussaini on X: “First of all both videos show two different men, they’re not the same person. Second, this guy really thinks nobody speaks Arabic. None of the two men said that. They’re praying for freedom and peace. Get yourself an Arabic translator cuz y’all are ridiculous tbh.” / X
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(35) Middle East Eye on X: “What is standing in the way of reaching a ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel? We spoke to Palestinian author and academic Azzam Tamimi and Daniel Levy, a former Israeli peace negotiator, on why they think ceasefire negotiations over Gaza have failed thus far.” / X
(35) Zeteo on X: ““Why are you lying to us and saying they do when they keep telling us they don’t?” @mehdirhasan and @OwenJones84 share frustration on the double discourse on a potential deal between Israel and Hamas. Watch at” / X
(32) Suppressed News. on X: “Wow this is powerful. The family of an Israeli prisoner described the military operations taking place to liberate Israeli prisoners in a simple way on the Hebrew Channel 12. Source: @tamerqdh” / X
(32) Eylon Levy on X: “Hamas enslaves Israeli women. We will not rest till we free them from slavery. No forgiveness for the apologists for slavery.” / X
(35) John Cusack on X: “If the truth – or even the appearance of the truth mattered AT ALL – The Biden administration would cut off the money and weapons within 30 minutes after this was aired. But we know the owners donor/ class and war inc want this . Business is good . Capital is flowing – war” / X
Destroying Hamas is more important than saving hostages – opinion – The Jerusalem Post
Defeating Hamas is priority, everything else is ‘secondary,’ Israel says – YouTube
(20) The Last American Vagabond on X: “See what I’m saying? Even after Gantz just commented that the Israeli gov “knows what happened to the members of the Bibas family” the massive push to use them for propaganda purposes continues. Their father stated publicly they were killed by IDF.” / X
Gantz: Israel Knows the Fate of the Bibas Family, Will Inform Public at the Appropriate Time – Israel News –
(32) Suppressed News. on X: “🚨🇵🇸🇱🇧🇮🇱BREAKING: Israeli minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir is calling for a rejection of the deal, ethnic cleansing of Gaza and destruction of Hezbollah. “For victory we need to enter all of Gaza and fight until victory. For victory we need to encourage emigration” / X
(32) B.M. on X: “”Mr. Prime Minister, receive strength from the tens of thousands who are here. Give the order, wage war on Hezbollah, vanquish, annihilate, move the security strip from the Galilee into southern Lebanon” Minister of Finance and de-facto governor of the West Bank, Bezalel…” / X
(32) Craig Mokhiber on X: “This bizarre dance by the US around the ceasefire (non)agreement seems to be a cynical effort to (1) shift blame away from Israel’s breach of the binding order of the ICJ over to Hamas instead, (2) wrest control of the process away from the UN back to the US & (3) distract the” / X
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(35) Channel 4 News on X: “An aid truck filled with medical and nutritional supplies for 10,000 Gazan children was turned around for “no reason” – James Elder, a spokesperson for Unicef, told us.” / X
(17) Muhammad Shehada on X: “Depraved propaganda! 1. You can NOT bring medicine in an open truck in 100°F/38°C weather. The closed back cabin is for cooling. 2. There is ZERO evidence Hamas ever tried to smuggle weapons in a closed back cabin. They’re NOT idiots to try so through the most securitized/vetted” / X
(19) Eylon Levy on X: “This is a recurring pattern: 1) International agencies muck up 2) They blame Israel to cover up their incompetence There must be accountability.” / X
(32) The Last American Vagabond on X: “It’s important to understand that @cogatonline is just another arm of the Israeli propaganda effort. They’ve been caught lying about aid (during a manufactured famine) and living conditions in Gaza countless times just since Oct 7. Below is another example.” / X
(32) The Last American Vagabond on X: “As @1james_elder from UNICEF was waiting for hours at an Israeli checkpoint in Gaza only to be turned away (as he and many others have repeatedly shown is the norm) he watched Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian fishermen for no reason, one in the back and another in the neck.” / X
(21) Owen Jones on X: “He speaks to me live from Gaza. The horror of what he’s seen is almost beyond words. We all have a duty to listen to @1james_elder 👇” / X
(33) Eylon Levy on X: “Israel is flooding Gaza with so much aid, the UN is drowning under it.” / X
Reported impact snapshot | Gaza Strip (9 June 2024) | United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – occupied Palestinian territory
Notepad | Write your notes online
(21) on X: “U.S. to impose sanctions on right-wing Israeli group that attacked Gaza aid convoys” / X
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Right-wing Israeli Group That Attacked Gaza Aid Convoys – Israel News –
(35) Assal Rad on X: “Former Israeli Spokesman: If you’re hungry in northern Gaza, walk south 25 miles for 20 minutes and get food Current UNICEF Spokesman: It took me 13 hours to go 25 miles in Gaza, then Israel turned back our aid truck and shot dead two fisherman seeking food for their families” / X
(22) AkhiTweet on X: ““You can walk twenty minutes”” / X
(33) Saul Staniforth on X: “”Last night a Palestinian father sat powerless by the bedside of his 2 month old baby, watching him die slowly of hunger after searching for hours and days for baby formula in northern Gaza” #fathersday” / X
(22) Motasem A Dalloul on X: “This boy, Mustafa Hijazy, has passed away due to lack of food and medicines in #Gaza! Director of Kamal Odwan Hospital: We recorded consequences of malnutrition on over 200 children! #StopGazaGenocide #GazaStarving‌‌” / X
(33) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Children are literally starving to death as @EylonALevy, @AvivaKlompas, @Ostrov_A, @mishtal, @MichaelRapaport, @DrEliDavid, @henmazzig & all the other overtly racist zionist supporters are not only cheering on this genocide, but pretending they’re delivering more food than ever.” / X
(33) Assal Rad on X: “The U.S. pier has delivered more headlines than food.” / X
U.S. to sideline Gaza pier and suspend aid deliveries again – The Washington Post
(33) Caitlin Johnstone on X: “They’re really trying to say they built this extremely expensive floating pier without anticipating the possibility that there might sometimes be waves on the ocean.” / X
(33) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده on X: “Breaking: The Israeli army announces a tactical ceasefire in Rafah daily from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM along the axis where humanitarian aid is transported from the Kerem Shalom crossing. This marks the first official Israeli acknowledgment of the army targeting aid trucks and routes.” / X
Israel says it will pause daytime fighting in southern Gaza to help flow of aid | AP News
(33) Elijah J. Magnier 🇪🇺 on X: “#Israel is in total confusion: The Israeli army announced a ‘tactical ceasefire’ in #Gaza this morning, but later doubled down saying ‘the war will continue’ after a storm in the political leadership. The army has had enough of this war and is realistic about its capabilities” / X
(33) Mossad Commentary on X: “🚨 The move was not approved by anyone from the political level. including the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense. At the moment this decision is not approved and is not being carried out. Galatz” / X
(68) Assal Rad on X: “Headline: IDF will begin ‘tactical pause’ for aid in Gaza Article: Netanyahu says this is unacceptable, IDF confirms no change in policy and fighting will continue as planned” / X
(33) Tameem | تميم on X: “Like clockwork, western media outlets have reported on Israel’s “tactical pause” announcements in English, but not a single one mentioned the IOF’s statement in Hebrew (ie internal comms) which denied any pause in assaults or a change in aid entry into Gaza.” / X
(25) The Last American Vagabond on X: “There is a growing number of Jews calling out zionism and Israeli government war crimes. Be on the right side of history. #NeverAgain” / X

Late Additions:

Israeli Unit 8200 Tied Company Runs Twitter Verification & WaPo Finds IDF Lied About Shifa Hospital
Israeli Intelligence Has Deemed Hamas-Run Health Ministry’s Death Toll Figures Generally Accurate
Without an independent judiciary, Israel’s cherished democracy will be at risk | The Times of Israel
(16) Oren Barsky 🎗️ on X: “There is no famine in Gaza. There might be hungry people who are not receiving supplies from Hamas. But there is no food shortage” / X


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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
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6 Replies to “The Great Partisan Reset, UN Says Nuseirat “Rescue” Illegal Massacre & The Ceasefire/Starvation Ploy

  1. Hi Ryan. Love what you do. Just wanted to let you know that AU10TIX is pronounced authentics (AU-10-TIX)

  2. Like you see the US two parties as the different faces of the same coin I see the rise of the “far-right” parties in Europe. There had resulted a rebellious population against their politics, so they created this parties and this “Trump patriot politicians” to chill the rebellious population down. It’s their creation.
    CIA never played bad cause they tried to do good! Stop and think what a community of capitalists with all the power in the world fear more then death in 1946. Communism by the masses! That is the only reason that US population lived like in Heaven in the 60’s.

  3. I guess you’ve seen the latest interview of Kim with Whitney. The best recent example of the power of manipulation is when the left showed disdain for our past rulers and monsters of humanity trying to down their statues, in US and Europe, the right defended them like their Gods.

  4. Hey Ryan,

    This was another great show and recap on current news. I wasn’t going to comment, but then thought that I need to give some brief reflection on two topics you have discussed.

    Musk is not a beacon of “Free Speech”. For example, people need to keep in mind that as soon as he criticized Israel, he got “the call” and had to race off to Israel and bend over to the Zionists, being chaperoned by that weasel-Shapiro. As you mentioned, the same bunch of nefarious stooges in Israel who are associated with the Twitter bots, are the ones he has hired (been forced to contract probably), to supposedly deal with the bots? I hope that everyone can see that Musk is not a hero. Personally, I stopped using Twitter years ago. After Musk took control of Twitter, I decided to try it again. I have only posted screenshots of texts from legitimate sources, and I add the mla-9 citation, or URL, in my posts if anyone questions the source. I also share videos of popular Rabbis who reveal how they MUST destroy Amalek, or destroy Edom, or that America must be “finished” for their Moshiach to return, build the 3rd temple, rule the world from Israel: All Jewish sources from respected Rabbis. I also repost videos, news screenshots, etc., about the Palestinian Holocaust, from people who have 10s of thousands of followers. So far, the only followers I get are fake Unit 8200 e-girl bots, which I BLOCK immediately. I have no reach. I checked three different “check X shadowban” sites: 1 out of the three reported that I am completely ghost-banned, which is confusing that the shadow-check sites can’t seem to agree. I don’t waste time on Twitter simply because I see that there is no point, as I will never have the “FREE SPEECH” to share my data with anyone. Because, IF no-one is being allowed to see what you post; is it really “free speech”? I don’t think so. It is, I think, similar to telling an inmate, “You can damn well say anything you want, you have “free speech”, but you will be doing it from solitary confinement where no one will hear you!” Therefore, what is the point….

    Regarding the ridiculous copyright cases against you. I am a photographer, by the way, so I have been around this topic for a long time. Now, these are just my opinions. Back in the film days of Photography, stock photography images fetched a premium price: I knew amazing photographers who submitted to Image Bank (no longer exists), and when a photo was sold, he could easily fetch USD1,000 to USD5,000 for a great image. Those times do not exist any more, except for top-tier photographers in advertising photography—maybe high-fashion and food photography hired images can still get a premium price, but I am not sure. When digital photography came along, and the Internet-of-things grew, the number of photographers and image availability also skyrocketed—the photography sector became saturated. I mention stock photography because the photos you have shown appear to be decent, but standard digital stock photography. These are the types (quality) that many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of photographers can create now. and upload to numerous micro-stock companies on the Internet. According to Gab AI, as of 18 June 2024, it’s estimated that around 500,000 digital images are submitted to micro-stock image libraries each day (possibly more). Gab AI states that as of 18 June 2024, the “average price paid for micro stock images is around $0.50 per image.” And Gab AI correctly states that “prices may vary depending on the rights granted, the size of the image, and the specific library or platform.” From what I know of the industry, Gab AI is most likely correct, as there are so, so many FREE stock images, or you can buy an image for USD1.00! For example, as of 18 June 2024, Gab AI states that Shutterstock, a very popular micro-stock image library, currently has 500 MILLION digital images in its library, submitted by 1.5 million photographers—that number varies as photographers cease to submit, and new ones joining the library. I submitted a scenario to Gab AI to calculate for me and here is the question and results: “Today, if one of the 1.5 million photographers at Shutterstock, who has 1,000 approved images within the total 500 million images in the stock library, what is the probability of a single image from that photographer being found by someone searching the image library?” Gab AI calculated the probability at 2/10 of 1%. Of course, having a single image found at one of these huge stock libraries would depend on the accuracy of the site’s search engine, the key search words used, the tags the photographer added to their images, etc. Once the image is found, chances are that it will not result in a sale considering that there is an over-saturation of similar images, and the buyer has a lot of choices based on best prices per image….or FREE image availability. I am only using one stock image library as an example. Gab AI estimates that as of 18 June 2024, “there are around 2 billion digital images in all micro stock image libraries combined….around 1 million digital images are added to all micro stock image libraries each day.” Just for kicks, I asked Gab AI, “If you stacked 2 billion photos of normal photo paper thickness (0.01 inches) on top of each other, how high would the stack be?” The answer is, approximately 5,787 miles tall!!! That’s a lot of choices!

    Let me add a third point here, to compare the ridiculous amount of damages being asked for in your cases, compared to the estimated earnings per photo assignment of one of the world’s greatest photographers….EVER—Richard Avedon (1923-2004). Richard Avedon was a renowned fashion photographer who worked for many major clients from the 1940s until near the end of his life (he shot an assigned from his hospital bed [after having a heart attack] with the help of his assistants). It is estimated that in the 1940s and 1950s, Avedon earned around $1,000 per photo assignment for Harper’s Bazaar, which increased to around $10,000 per assignment in the 1960s. In the 1970s and 1980s, his earnings further increased, with some projects earning him up to $50,000 per assignment ($ Amt. Based on Gab AI findings). Considering that the vast majority of digital stock images out there (2 billion plus), only a very small percentage of these ever are purchased for use, and now, the buyer has the advantage, often buying decent digital stock images for as little as $1.00 or even FREE! Thus, in my humble opinion, there is something very sketchy going on with your cases. Of course, as a photographer I support copyright laws for creative work. However, all photographers have been forced to live with ridiculously low-prices for our work, unless we are being paid for assignments from major clients who can afford more of a premium for imagery. Only a small percentage of photographers nowadays, earn the premium prices, I believe, maybe masters of the craft, like Joe McNally and others at that level skill, reputation, and respect, within the craft.

    Nowadays, with AI being able to create some really interesting and fairly realistic imagery and artwork, soon, photographers and artists may become obsolete—soon there may be “trials of obsolescence” (ref. The Twilight Zone – “The Obsolete Man”) to get rid of all of the people who have become obsolete – when AI takes over the Art & Photography Sector – that is going to be a very sad time. Just to show that this notion is NOT as far-fetched as one may think; in 2022, an AI-created artwork won 1st place in an art competition in the Colorado State Fair (August, 2022). The artwork was created with the AI tool called “MidJourney”. The work was titled “Theatre D’Opera Spatial,” which won the digital art category. However, the art that is submitted in a digital art category is still artwork that is supposed to be created by a human – not AI. (Source: Salamander, Rachel. “Artificial Intelligence Wins Art Competition, and Artists Are Pissed.” The Guardian, 31 Aug. 2022.)

  5. Addendum to first comment: To be fair, Chat GPT suggests a more conservative figure for total micro-stock images, and submissions per day. “Based on available data and estimates, the total number of digital images across all microstock image libraries is approximately 600 million. Additionally, these platforms collectively receive around 267,000 new digital image submissions each day.” Which is more accurate, Gab AI or Chat GPT, I don’t know. Either one is probably not absurd for a guesstimation.

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