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Cory Hughes Interview – Was Israel Behind The Assassination Of JFK?

Joining me today is author, researcher, and “corrector of historical error“, Cory Hughes. Cory has dedicated himself to the pursuit of truth around what he believes is the most important event in US history, the assassination of JFK, and the main culprit he feels is responsible, the Israeli Zionist government. Today we discuss this important topic in the light of the ongoing war on occupied Palestine, and the rapidly shifting awareness around Israeli involvement in major events (such the USS Liberty) as well as the growing understanding that AIPAC is a foreign agent with undue influence over US policy. We discuss Israel’s connections to the mafia, to the use of sexual blackmail networks, and much more.



Source Links:

(76) Cory Hughes Bloody History: WWII | Substack
Cory Hughes – A Warning From History
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(51) Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy on X: “Most interesting JFK file released in past 10 yrs was his justice department ordering AIPAC to register as an Israeli foreign agent. https://t.co/gahFEsSeMY” / X
(47) Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy on X: “@KKT_Kennedy @AIPAC Your father’s Justice Department told @AIPAC to register as an Israeli foreign agent under FARA on 11/21/1962. That was when AIPAC operated as the lobbying division of the American Zionist Council. RFK tried to engage, AIPAC didn’t comply & U.S. suffers. https://t.co/cSdT5CbqLw https://t.co/CQpih6N4sX” / X
GRRnsCbXQAEDu7y (828×1242)
The DOJ Orders the American Zionist Council to Register as a Foreign Agent
American Zionist Council – Wikipedia
(51) Truth In Media on X: “NEWS: @RepThomasMassie tells Tucker Carlson that all of his GOP colleagues in the House of Representatives have AIPAC “babysitters” assigned to them: “Everybody but me has an AIPAC person.” Tucker: “What does that mean, an AIPAC person?” Massie: “It’s like your babysitter.” https://t.co/jZuQxvbxjb” / X
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List of Israeli assassinations – Wikipedia
(48) IWNH on X: “Declass everything Panic in dc He knows https://t.co/gMZy5Wqen4” / X
(12) ONE on X: “Who killed JFK? Israel: ” It was KHAMAS” 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/G7z8Xm77MC” / X


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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

18 Replies to “Cory Hughes Interview – Was Israel Behind The Assassination Of JFK?

  1. They couldn’t have done covid without Trump because people were in favor of the lockdowns, masks, etc because they thought that Trump was against the lockdowns, the masks, etc.

    It’s possible that they couldn’t have done ukraine and Gaza with Trump because people would have been against those wars/genocide (or more against them) because they would have seen them as being done by Trump.

    (Also, maybe it’s difficult to do the anti Trump narrative and the management of the perception of those wars at the same time; the emotional manipulation wouldn’t have worked the same way. Like, you need people to have as few emotions about Gaza as possible to be able to do it. If Trump had been in office, anti trumpers would have had too many emotions about Gaza (also, you couldn’t say bad things about the “far left” (pro palestine) crowd while Trump is in office, cause you can’t demonize the “far left” and “far right” at the same time (trump would have been saying bad things about the “far left” while the media would been saying the same; you wouldn’t be able to do the anti Trump narrative at the same time).

    When it comes to ukraine, you couldn’t have a “bad” US president and present the US as being the “good side” in the war.

    (You can’t demonize Russia and demonize the American president at the same time unless you’re gonna say Russia and the American president are working together. since Trump would have had to be on the anti-russia/pro-ukraine side of the war (cause he would have had to do what he’s told, same as biden), you wouldn’t have been able do the pro-ukriane/anti-russia narrative and a narrative against the US president the same time)).

    So they needed Trump in when they were gonna do covid, and they needed him out when they were gonna do Gaza and Ukraine.

  2. For the reason why USA kneeled for Jews even before Israel existed: try FREEMASONRY. Illuminati, Sabbateans/ Frankists, Protestants formed an alliance against Christianity (against ‘crown and altar’). Illuminati and Frankists around 1785 were financed by Rothschild. Frankists are messianic jews, precursors of the actual chassidic Chabad Lubavitch. See ‘Redemption by sin’. See Nethanyahu…
    David Irving once quoted Hitler as saying that once Israel would be established, Jews would not move there; instead they would continue their crimes in their countries and flee to Israel when forced to, knowing Israel would never extradite them.
    One source mentions that Lyndon B. J. ‘s mother was Jewish. ‘As a boy, he had been in hiding when the Frank lynching happened’.

  3. Biden is pro mask, lockdowns, etc. In order to justify such extreme things like forcing everyone to wear masks and lockdowns, there needs to be a strong motivation. People can’t get behind biden, but they can be against Trump. Being against Trump is that motivation. People aren’t really that pro mask; they are anti anti mask. You couldn’t achieve such strong anti anti mask motivation without the anti Trump motivation. Therefore, they needed Trump to be in office to be able to get enough support for the extreme measures that they did during covid.

    I say all this because Hughes, at the end of the interview, seemed to suggest that Trump isn’t part of their plan. Trump is definitely part of their plan, imo. They just needed him out for some agendas, and in during others.

  4. Great interview. Have to watch again and check all the links.
    He just rolls out info like Whitney Webb, way to fast when you don’t know it.
    Flipped the script on many other sources about zionist and Nazis.
    Also, a recent interview with RFKjnr and , I think, Mehdi Hessian, where he accuses Palestinians of being behind violence/murders against his family. Would love to look into that more.

    1. That would be extremely odd considering that he has been trying to get Sirhan Sirhan released for many years now. He has forgiven him and is convinced that Sirhan Sirhan did not fire the fatal shots that killed his father. I personally would like to know if there’s any evidence that Israel wanted RFK dead. I read that he was considering registering AIPAC as a foreign agent. Was there any involvement by Jewish mob or Israeli intelligence with RFK death? And what about Mary Meyer?

  5. Also let me add that just after WW2 Konrad Adenauer, first German chancellor, financially supported the Jewish DIMONA project. France supported the DIMONA project technically. I make reference to the 2024 (German) book ‘Die grosze Täuschung’ (The big scam) by Thorsten Schulte. This author points to the Jewish freemasons for the JFK killing. Motives: DIMONA, FARA…https://www.amazon.de/Die-gro%C3%9Fe-T%C3%A4uschung-Kennedys-Bedrohung/dp/3952598100

  6. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for bringing to our attention this research of Cory Hughes !

    I just did a deep dive into Laurent Guyénot’s “From Yahweh to Zion” before hearing this interview.
    The book of Laurent Guyénot also covers Zionism very extensively https://archive.org/details/from-yahweh-to-zion-laurent-guyenot.

    It would be great if you could invite him for an interview. Together with Whitney Webb’s “one nation under blackmail”, these three paint a rather good picture of these powers that should not be, I think.

  7. Hi Ryan,
    Thank you for bringing to our attention this research of Cory Hughes !
    I just did a deep dive into Laurent Guyénot’s “From Yahweh to Zion” before hearing this interview.
    The book of Laurent Guyénot also covers Zionism very extensively https://archive.org/details/from-yahweh-to-zion-laurent-guyenot.
    It would be great if you could invite him for an interview. Together with Whitney Webb’s “one nation under blackmail”, these three paint a rather good picture of these powers that should not be, I think.

  8. Can you say “scape goat”? I guess they made the white people and Catholics wipe out the First Nations people on this continent , too, right?

    Ryan, this is pure anti-Semitism.

    I know, Jews made themselves go into the ghettos (I mean those before the Enlightenment) and are responsible for their own destruction in the Holocaust, too… got it.

    He embodies every single anti-Semitic trope.

    You go so fast that you do not vet your guests.

    1. For you to call this antisemitism is very disappointing. You are of course entitled to your opinion. And now I do not vet my guests? Interesting how quick things can change when you cover uncomfortable topics. Your points are emotional. You go so fact that you do not check your emotions? Seems so. If only we could question everything..

  9. F. Scott Fitzgerald said “the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

    I am disgusted — this is dangerous stuff – your racist guest, I mean.

    1. Do you understand that quote? You are demonstrating the opposite, right now. And you can call history racist if you want, I for one will not shy away from facts just because they are uncomfortable.

    2. Eve. The real danger is in the truth of history as exposed by investigation of it. Read Butz. Rassinier. Irving. Cole. Kellerstrom. Bollyn etal and all others pertaining, before leaping further.

  10. Many thanks for this excellent dive into this little-known topic.
    Much info, much new, most intriguing.
    One consideration that Kennedy fear of Israel ambitions, shared by Eisenhower, probably Truman as well, was the plan for alternate route (terminus in Gaza) to Suez Canal. Which planned to be a two-way shipping channel, allowing more traffic and shorter transit time. Construction of what was to be named Ben-Gurion Channel (never disavowed – even to present day) involved some 512 “low yield” nuclear blasts to excavate massive quantities of rock. Remember above-ground nuclear testing was still underway by both nuclear states at the time and not considered particularly ruinous, although opinions were rapidly evolving. Kennedy and Ike, well aware of Zionist methods, had resisted the plan since its inception. Leading to ever-more strident demands for inspection of Dimona in particular. Such peacetime use of nuclear devices (treaty limit: 140 kilotons) was named Operation Plowshares in U.S. No known projects have actually been attempted. But the resultant fallout and contamination with obvious provocation in Middle East by then-new ZioFascist State led to both Presidents vetoing the idea.
    One very plausible scenario was Israel, after completion of Ben-Gurion shipping route, attempting to sabotage the existing Suez route (pitifully easy to accomplish) and monopolize the lucrative trans-Levantine maritime trade.
    Continual encroachment of Zionist colonies into Palestine in what could be termed “Piece Process” was already well-known in latter 50’s. And Old Joe Kennedy (mentor of JFK) decidedly against the same.
    Discovery of oil/gas fields off coast of Palestine lend even greater incentive for Zionist/Rothschild exploitation and continual war. Capture of U.S. Congress is done. Israel ambitions will lead to collective action by regional interests and future of Rothschild Acres decided by Middle Eastern sovereigns in their fashion.
    Relevant to discussion today, with Biden candidacy doubtful, is the role of Blinken. Whose adopted daddy was one Samuel Pisar, Mossad partner of Robert Maxwell, of Epstein/Clinton/Wexner operation. Maxwell achieved intelligence coup possibly unmatched since Rosenberg/Los Alamos, Hopkins/FDR or Wilson/Col House. That’d be the PROMIS software program (with back door to Mossad) installed at Sandia Labs, where U.S. nuclear launch codes are located. Imagination boggles at mischief capable of such. Blinken figures prominently in the “Get Trump” efforts and Steele Dossier smear. The Donald is owned by Rothschild as financed by Lady Lynn de Forester, overseen by Wilbur Ross (head of Mergers & Acquisitions Rothschild Europe for decades) one of first Cabinet posts filled by OrangeMan to Secretary of Commerce. Wall St. darling and resultant sponsor of tax-giveaway for ‘donor class’ in early years of term. Ross proved a counsel for many, if not most, of Trumpian staffing. Kushner son-in-law, and Chief-of-Staff Mossad fixture, too obvious for mention. Remembering (who can forget?) TheDonald sought and obtained penultimate mouthpiece and eminence grise in Roy Cohn during his early grooming period.
    Looking forward to the next Hughes book.
    Afterthought: Hughes states plainly that Valenti WAS grassy knoll shooter. Close inspection of FULL Zapruder film, or even the partials dribbled out so far, ought put that theory to test (rest?). Sprinting to hitch ride on Queen Mary follow car after crowds and PD rushing to picket fence seems nearly impossible. And Valenti most unlikely trigger man for the task.

  11. Fascinating discussion!!!
    Reminds me of an interview I’ve seen years ago of a mob dude in prison, who laid out the entire plan, and claimed it was a mercury round that got Kennedy in the head.
    He was locked up for something else he did years later, but he made sense.
    I can’t find that interview anywhere on the internet now.

  12. 1963 was not the beginning of jewish control of the US. A cabal of powerful jewish financiers, lawyers, and stock market magnates in 1912 installed Woodrow Wilson in the White House as their puppet. Jewish attorney , Samuel Untermyer somehow or another came into the possession of a trove of love letters Wilson had authored to a woman with whom he was having an affair. The woman was the wife of a fellow Princeton professor. Untemyer and the Cabal thus had blackmail leverage over the president. The method by which they installed Wilson was interesting. Another Cabal member, Jacob Schiff, helped found the Bull Moose Party and recruited the egocentric Teddy Roosevelt to head the ticket. This split the Republican vote and ushered in Wilson who was entirely under control of these jewish masters. Read the two main speeches of Benjamin Freedman. He was a member, albeit, a junior member, of the Cabal.

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