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Using Armenia to Destroy the International North South Transportation Corridor

The continued fires being lit in the Caspian Region between Armenia and Azerbaijan represent something much larger than either small country and have everything to do with destabilizing the largest, and arguably most strategic, mega-project in Eurasia connecting the Russian Arctic to Iran and India. Efforts to light geopolitical fires across Russia’s underbelly have been Read More…

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The National Enquirer’s Revolution in Make Believe News, Jesuits and a New Origin Story for Humanity

On September 13, 2023 media reports across the world exclaimed aloud that ancient aliens were discovered in Peru and presented to the Mexican Congress by a team of valiant researchers led by a journalist named Jose Jaime Maussan. The language used in the headlines across mainstream press agencies expressed absolute certainty leaving media consumers to Read More…

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Might Syria Become a Gateway of the New Silk Road with Assad-Xi Summit?

This week, President Bashar al Assad will be visiting Beijing on the direct invitation of President Xi Jinping and will be accompanied by a large economic delegation where the discussion of Syrian re-construction and integration into the Belt and Road initiative will be high on the agenda. Ever since President Bashar al-Assad first announced the Read More…

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H.G. Wells’ Predictive Programming Revolution: UFOs, Drugs, and the Great Reset

Just when you thought that every possible type of propaganda has already been unleashed onto the world, Congressional hearings on aliens entered the scene in 2023 Of course, the world has been awash in UFO-themed narratives within pop culture since the earliest days of the Cold War. Even Laurence Rockefeller himself (4th grandson of John Read More…

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The Bolshevik Color Revolution of 1917 and Prighozin’s 2023 Gambit: Trotsky, Russell, and the War on Civilization

Amidst this week’s strange attempt to instigate a military coup from the head of Russia’s Wagner Group, President Putin took a loud stand calling out the operation as a foreign directed insurgency with parallels drawn from the chaotic revolution of 1917. Just as in 1917, the nation was at war with an enemy on the Read More…

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The British Imperial Hand Behind Russiagate and Global Governance Exposed Again

The results of the Durham Report released on May 15 after a four year inquiry into the claims of ‘Russian interference’ into the US elections of 2016 not only provided a devastating critique of the abuses of the FBI and Clinton Machine, but also a vast international intelligence operation managed by British Intelligence directed straight Read More…