David Lee Hamblin
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Accused Serial Child Abuser David Hamblin Granted 100k Bail in Ongoing Ritual Abuse Investigation

Former therapist and accused serial child abuser David Hamblin has been granted a $100,000 bail as he awaits multiple trials for felony sexual abuse of children related to the Utah County Sheriff’s ongoing investigation of ritualistic child abuse. On Wednesday, as protesters gathered outside the courthouse and in the courtroom, Utah Judge Mandy Larsen set Read More…

Kate's Story
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Kate’s Story: Surviving Ritualistic Sexual Abuse as a Child

Kate Talley, former associate of David Hamblin and survivor of ritualistic sexual abuse, shares her story of abuse at the hands of an organized network in Utah. On May 31st, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office announcement of an investigation into “ritualistic child sexual abuse” set off a chain of events which would eventually lead Kate Read More…

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Kate’s Story: Former Associate of David Hamblin, Survivor of Ritual Abuse in Utah Comes Forward

A former associate of David Hamblin has come forward to share her story of ritual sexual abuse and what she witnessed while married to Hamblin’s best friend Eldon Talley. Kate Talley first met David Hamblin in 2008 when her former sister-in-law introduced her to the disgraced former therapist turned wannabe medicine man and accused sexual Read More…

Moving Target
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Richard Willet Interview – How Your Rulers Are Actually Selected & Their Technocratic Prophecies

Joining me today on Moving Target is Richard Willet, host of Glitch In The Code, here to discuss how our supposed leaders are selected rather than elected, what their bloodlines have to do with this, and the technocratic prophecies that guide them. Much of this conversation will be perceived as “conspiracy theory” by some, and Read More…

David Hamblin
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Utah Ritualized Child Sexual Abuse Investigation: David Hamblin Arrested for Rape, Sodomy of Children

Former therapist and member of the Mormon Church, David Lee Hamblin, is the first suspect arrested in the ongoing Utah County Sheriff’s investigation into “ritualized child sexual abuse”. Wednesday morning the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit arrested David Lee Hamblin for multiple first-degree felony sexual offenses against a child. Hamblin, a 68 year Read More…

Satanic Panic
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Are The Children Lying? Re-examining The “Satanic Panic”

NBC News released two propaganda pieces this week designed to associate concerns about sexual abuse of children and abuses of political power with violence and the so-called “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s. Derrick Broze breaks down how these hit pieces fail to accurately report the truth. On Wednesday, NBC News published two articles from two Read More…