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Haaretz Reveals “IDF Ordered Hannibal Directive On Oct 7” & New modRNA COVID/Flu Shot Seeks Approval

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (7/7/24).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(30) Haaretz.com on X: “Documents and testimonies obtained by Haaretz reveal the Hannibal operational order, which directs the use of force to prevent soldiers being taken captive, was employed at three facilities infiltrated by Hamas, potentially endangering civilians as well https://t.co/BOu2on5SQc” / X
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Combined COVID–flu vaccines are coming: Moderna jab clears major test
Moderna Announces Positive Phase 3 Data for Combination Vaccine Against Influenza and COVID-19
Moderna Announces Positive Phase 3 Efficacy Data for mRNA-1283, the Company’s Next Generation COVID-19 Vaccine
Study Finds mRNA Platform Itself Driving Myocarditis & France Releases Terrorist Faction Into Niger
Study Details | A Study of mRNA-1283.222 Injection Compared With mRNA-1273.222 Injection in Participants ≥12 Years of Age to Prevent COVID-19 | ClinicalTrials.gov
Notepad | Write your notes online
Peer Reviewed Science Finds modRNA Injections (Pfizer, Moderna, Etc.) Cause Cancer & Much Worse
Study Finds SARS-CoV-2 Contains Sequence Patented By Moderna In 2017 & Digital ID To Implantables
Whitney Webb Interview – Your Never-Ending COVID-19 Booster Cycle & Moderna’s Miracle
Moderna’s Work on a COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate | Moderna, Inc.
mRNA Platform: Drug Discovery & Development – Moderna
mRNA Platform: Drug Discovery & Development – Moderna
Page not found – Moderna
CDC Endorses Trans “Chest-feeding” Ignoring Risks & The Dangerous Tripledemic Vaccine(COVID/Flu/RSV)
mrna-1283 ingredients – Brave Search
mrna-1283 ingredients – Google Search
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(22) deborah wilson on X: “@TLAVagabond Also I thought I’d donated to you but I don’t see it on my statement(s). So I just tried to do so on your website but I just got the spinning wheel w/Stripe and I got out of it cause it took too long and I suspected it wasn’t working. Do I use Link which popped up after?” / X
(22) James Melville 🚜 on X: ““What is a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for? What problem is it going to solve?” “Um….er…..” https://t.co/5uEdixgTC1” / X
Banks concerned USDC stablecoin will become ‘backdoor CBDC’ with BlackRock help – Ledger Insights – blockchain for enterprise
Will USDC’s Blackrock Money Fund Create a Back-door CBDC, Give USDC an Account at the Fed or Both? – Bank Policy Institute
(15) BlackRock to Launch India’s Digital-First Investment Platform; Russia Gears Up for CBDC Launch | LinkedIn
The COVID Coup: The BlackRock Takeover Of American Interests
How Larry Fink’s BlackRock Is Helping the Fed With Bond-Buying – Bloomberg
larry fink and Biden governemnt – Brave Search
(33) Arnaud Bertrand on X: “When you have the US president literally saying he’s “running the world”, I find stunning there are still so few people who understand global affairs through an imperialist frame. He’s literally saying out loud you all live in the American empire, not sure what more you need 🤷‍♂️” / X
GRwlbDjXYAEzZ37 (1024×856)
(26) S.L. Kanthan on X: “Jeffrey Sachs explains the CIA and America’s illegal regime change operations – more than 80 since WW2. Rather than diplomacy, the US tries to overthrow any government that doesn’t toe the line. We could see that in #Iraq, #Syria, #Iran, #Xinjiang, Hong Kong and many more… https://t.co/cFxE0ybimU” / X
(28) Richard on X: “Piers Morgan being educated by Jeffrey Sachs….. https://t.co/VkXivwPMew” / X
(25) War Watch on X: “🇷🇺🇺🇦🇩🇪⚡ According to Welt am Sonntag, the bombing of Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 were planned in 2014, even before Russia’s annexation of Crimea. https://t.co/EqaYm3zslm” / X
Nord Stream: Attack is said to have been planned ten years ago – WORLD
Welt: the Nord Stream explosion was planned in 2014 – Eurasia Business News
(26) Jimmy Dore on X: “Attention all the dupes with Ukraine flags in your profile, you’ve been had once again by the war machine. After being lied into war TWICE in Iraq, lied into Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, lied to for 20 yrs about Afghanistan,you fell for it AGAIN with Ukraine. Here’s the” / X
(26) James Melville 🚜 on X: “Here’s Paul Newman dropping a whole heap of inconvenient truth 💣 💣💣💣 back in 1983… https://t.co/J86bEDSoE7” / X
signal-2024-07-07-103037_002.jpeg (798×1600)
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(28) Daniel Finn on X: “The message to British Muslims is: you have to uncritically support a massively unpopular policy drawn up by a few dozen politicians and state managers, even if it means complicity with genocide, or we’ll brand you as a traitorous fifth column. https://t.co/LooGCAce71 https://t.co/yCMlO4RnPg” / X
Geert Wilders is Europe’s last stand against Islam – opinion – The Jerusalem Post
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(28) Rania on X: “Apple pays its employees while they go commit genocide! I suggest you take that iPhone of yours and shove it where the sun don’t shine! https://t.co/ZKVEyUDSDm” / X
(15) Post | LinkedIn
(15) Tariq Ra’ouf | LinkedIn
Apple Matches Donations to IDF and Illegal Settlements, Employees Allege
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(30) Chłoddy on X: “It’s amazing how clearly he lays it out and how literally no one has picked it up. https://t.co/90QKgIwwX7” / X
(30) CJ on X: “@MarioNawfal @TLAVagabond the most important election!!!!! This time it REALLY is. Hahaha” / X
“The most important election of our lifetime”: How the phrase came to be used for 200 years of American elections.
(30) Elon Musk on X: “Those who oppose this are traitors. All Caps: TRAITORS What is the penalty for traitors again?” / X
Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act – Brave Search
(30) Jacob Silverman on X: “”We may manually review DMs” https://t.co/wDTiuVBEdU” / X
(30) Nightwatch N8 on X: “@TLAVagabond Thanks for the share man! You’re tireless research has been a big inspiration to me for years now .. Here’s that same video (full length version) from the heavily shadow banned youtube channel 😎 https://t.co/QwzG7GiYk5” / X
(100) It Is Time For A New Revolution – July 4th, 2024
Israel Admits Hamas Can’t Be Defeated Yet Gaza Attacks Continue & The Morally Bankrupt US Government
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(36) Pelham on X: “Israel’s Independence Day involved violently pushing 750,000 men, women and children of their land… There were at least 16 massacres before a single Arab army tried to stop the genocide.. 200,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed before they announced their Independence https://t.co/PUDnbpoIW8” / X
(33) Abier on X: “”The Zionists understood from the very beginning that you had to cleanse… This is very clear from the historical record.” John Mearsheimer, https://t.co/Gi1CYBtDhH” / X
(31) Torah Judaism on X: “Take a good look at these images, they are the Satmar Jewish community that is anti-Zionism and anti-Israel. They are all loyal to the Torah and have been fighting against Zionism for years. There are hundreds of thousands of Jews who are anti-Zionism and anti-Israel, but the… https://t.co/YvtAxQHHVg” / X
Ten Holocaust survivors condemn Israel’s Gaza genocide – Mondoweiss
(31) Rania on X: “You can try to grow a million pine trees, but you’ll never been indigenous to the land of olive trees! https://t.co/Ls9AjfhwqH” / X
(34) Zachary Foster on X: “Israel, “the only democracy in the middle east,” where you are brutally beaten & arrested for showing solidarity w/ the victims of a genocide.” / X
(19) Etan Nechin on X: “”I don’t want to be signed to the starvation of 2.5 million people – I did not raise Nazis and I myself am not a Nazi” – Ayala Metzger, daughter-in-law of Yoram, who is kidnapped in Gaza, at the Knesset today. What moral courage @bringhomenow https://t.co/SSMs8e0b5k” / X
(27) Megatron on X: “BREAKING: 🇮🇱 Police deploy water cannons as anti-government protesters block Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv, Israel. The protesters demand Netanyahu’s resignation and the end of the war. https://t.co/4do4sxFTLH” / X
(31) Megatron on X: “BREAKING: 🇮🇱 Israeli Channel 14, citing an Israeli army official: “The army leadership is ready to accept any deal with Hamas at any price, and what is important is to stop the war” Once again confirming that Israel is in a bad situation. https://t.co/I9A36Bcvqx” / X
IDF official in attack on chief of staff: “Want to get any deal at all costs”
(32) Muhammad Shehada on X: “🚨Hamas accepts Biden’s ceasefire proposal (again) moments after Netanyahu rejected the ceasefire proposal (again). Waiting to see how Biden/Blinken would react; they spent weeks telling us the war would end as soon as Hamas accepts the deal. https://t.co/IyTgx9fVTe” / X
(32) Assal Rad on X: “Nothing to see here, just Doctors Without Borders saying Israel rejected their aid truck and they haven’t been able to bring medical supplies into Gaza for over two months.” / X
(34) Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur oPt on X: “6-months old Fayez Ataya & 13yo Abdulqader Al-Serhi are two of the latest victims of the FAMINE that Israel’s STARVATION campaign has caused in Gaza. How can we remain silent, indifferent, or inactive in the face of this abominable injustice, and not feel hypocritical when…” / X
Reported impact snapshot | Gaza Strip (3 July 2024) | United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – occupied Palestinian territory
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IDF Ordered Hannibal Directive on October 7 to Prevent Hamas Taking Soldiers Captive – Israel News – Haaretz.com
1.jpg (1409×5110)
(34) Alon Mizrahi on X: “All of Israel’s security philosophy is summed up in the last 24 hours on the northern front: first Israel assassinated a semi-senior Hezbollah leader. Then Hezbollah rained rockets deeper into northern Israel, creating massive material and psychological damage. An IDF officer…” / X
(34) B.M. on X: “”The way things are progressing at the moment, Lebanon will be annihilated. And I say this in a very blunt way: we are in a type of event where Lebanon is going towards annihilation…” Israeli Minister of Education (and genocidal indoctrination, apparently), Yoav Kisch of the https://t.co/rtGvejVd5R” / X
(35) sarah on X: “BREAKING: Israel is dropping internationally-banned white phosphorus bombs on civilian areas in South Lebanon, in the middle of the night. AGAIN. And where is the “international community”? Nowhere to be found, of course. https://t.co/gtLZJzLIEr” / X
(25) Sam Husseini on X: “When I asked about Hannibal Directive last month, the State Dept remarkably claimed they didn’t know about the “supposed directive”. More revealingly, no major media took note of this denial even though it’s about The Hostages they all claim to care about. Today in Haaretz: https://t.co/oSzVdjKWuP” / X
(22) Greg J Stoker on X: “Well well well Haaretz… tell us something we didn’t figure out by October 14th… https://t.co/eXX9ByvEHx” / X
(34) WikiLeaks on X: “”Israel would be happy if Hamas took over Gaza because the IDF could then deal with Gaza as a hostile state” – Israeli Defense Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin in 2007 https://t.co/onKtDrFNJk https://t.co/BIzpXYd7o8″ / X
(34) StanceGrounded on X: “A lawyer in New York stalked and harassed a Muslim man while he was delivering Uber Eats in Brooklyn. She commanded him to take off the Kuffiyeh on his neck and proceeded to stalk and harass him in her car. She called him a terrorist, to which he responded, “Be original, I… https://t.co/fCyInV4fh3” / X
(20) atra 🇵🇸 on X: “https://t.co/E9NAarclXk https://t.co/rd53DBQatz” / X
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(35) Dyor on X: “#UNICEF spokesperson James Elder @1james_elder spoke to Dr. Khaled at AL-Aqsa hospital in #Gaza ” I’m a doctor. Also I’m a #Gazan. I suffer what #Gaza suffers.” #FreePalestine and #PermanentCeaseFire #InvokeArticle6Genocideconvention #EndTheGenocide #EndTheOccupation https://t.co/hoM74HulA0″ / X
(12) Hadi on X: “A media conference in a bombed hospital between the bodies of murdered civilians should’ve been enough to send Netanyahu to the Hague. But he got more Western funding instead.” / X
(12) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده on X: “Breaking: Five journalists have been killed by Israeli targeting in Gaza and Al-Nuseirat in the past 12 hours: 1. Journalist Saadi Madooh 2. Journalist Adeeb Sukkar 3. Journalist Amjad Al-Jahjouh 4. Journalist Wafa Abu Dhubaan 5. Journalist Rizq Abu Shikyan https://t.co/Kf829qQbJp” / X
(12) Suppressed News. on X: “🚨BREAKING: Israel murdered An UNRWA employee during their targeting of the vicinity of the agency’s warehouses north of the Maghazi camp on Salah al-Din Street in the central Gaza Strip. https://t.co/WwfNhxp8s0” / X
(12) Craig Mokhiber on X: “Israel is committing torture & sexual abuse, summary executions, collective punishment, extermination, record murder of children, humanitarians, medical personnel, journalists, destruction of hospitals, schools, churches, mosques, ethnic cleansing. Leaders declaring genocidal…” / X
(12) Younis Tirawi | يونس on X: “An Israeli-American soldier, notice the US flag on his uniform, posted on Instagram that he will be to Gaza again soon. (He was in Gaza city back in February). “They’re letting me loose in Gaza again soon. Every Palestinian wins a surprise 5.56 to the f***** head” https://t.co/63sjWd0H7z” / X
(12) Muhammad Shehada on X: “The air is filled with the “putrid stench” of “neglected wounds left to rot” “The room hummed with the men’s murmurs” who get beaten up mercilessly if they dare to speak, move, or sleep Blindfolded, handcuffed & forced to sit in this position all day long for months Israel’s https://t.co/U4SbgTgDLv” / X
(12) Younis Tirawi | يونس on X: “Exclusive from Gaza city | “To wipe off the memory of Amalek! To wipe off! Revenge! To take revenge of the gentiles!” Israeli soldier from the 601st combat engineering battalion while blowing up buildings in the city. https://t.co/wlbGwXEA97” / X
(12) Yousef Munayyer on X: “There was more outrage over fake beheaded babies than over real ones. Pure, unadulterated racism is the fuel of this and all genocides. Its backers will forever carry the stench of this evil with them through history.” / X
(12) Quds News Network on X: “Injured children, who have been targeted in the Israeli airstrikes on Al-Jaoni UN school in Al-Nuseirat refugee camp. The airstrikes were carried out at a time known to be when children usually go out to the school yards to play and escape the heat of the classrooms. https://t.co/jeDMvdLEdV” / X
(36) Alon Mizrahi on X: “But do tell me, in great detail and using as much drama as possible, how sad and terrible it is that an Israeli was refused service in a restaurant in Hanoi” / X
(12) Sulaiman Ahmed on X: “”There are 2.5 million Gazans…let us distribute them all over the world” Ram Ben Barak https://t.co/fngLRgedx5″ / X
(12) Chris Hedges on X: “The Nazis shipped their victims to death camps. The Israelis will ship their victims to squalid refugee camps outside of Israel. Like the Nazis, Israel describes the mass expulsion of their victims as “voluntary” migration. https://t.co/7yoDurFYiw” / X
(13) Tali {🪬🌶️}🪁{💀🌸} on X: “MK for the Likud party, Amit Halevi is proposing a law: “Bill for the protection of Israeli public figures against the activities of the International Criminal Court in The Hague against the State of Israel, 2024″ Here are the main points👇🧵 https://t.co/JMvtCo9UJE” / X
(13) Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur oPt on X: “The fact that western media no longer talk about Israel’s #GenocideinGaza and the oppression of Palestinians anywhere under Israeli rule, does not mean that genocide and oppression have stopped. It means they are being NORMALISED. #Humanity wake up!” / X
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(22) UNRWA on X: “🔹 According to the @UN, up to 1.9 million people in #Gaza have been internally displaced, some of them nine or ten times 🔹 According to @UNOCHA, between 7 October 2023 and 1 July 2024, 539 Palestinians, including 131 children, were killed in the West Bank” / X
62 Children A Day Killed In Gaza While Another 79 Children A Day Are Buried, Detained Or Displaced
(11) Abier on X: “Words fail me https://t.co/mZ3kyAfb4z” / X
(10) Lara Friedman on X: “Politico 3 July 2024: Israel turbocharges West Bank settlement expansion https://t.co/0Gjn8RiV0z” / X
(10) Amnesty International on X: “A reminder. https://t.co/3YirK4zXCJ” / X
(4) PALESTINE ONLINE 🇵🇸 on X: “Israeli occupation forces arrested Palestinian activist Hafez Al-Harini and his two children when they attempted to expel trespassing Israeli settlers from their land in Musafer Yatta, south of Hebron. https://t.co/O5qkSPFQAV” / X
The Extreme Ambitions of West Bank Settlers | The New Yorker
(37) Caitlin Johnstone on X: “Saying Democracy Is In Jeopardy In America Is Like Saying Beaches Are In Jeopardy In Wyoming “Your country is run by a few billionaires and government agencies. You don’t get a real vote, and even if you did you’re all propagandized anyway. It’s not a real thing.” Reading by https://t.co/HeenVn6yJn” / X

Late Additions:

(21) Briahna Joy Gray on X: “Five months ago, I laid out, in detail, evidence that Israel was intentionally killing its own citizens — aka the Hannibal Directive. In the clip below, I strenuosity advocated for Israeli hostages who reportedly were being killed by Israel. I was later fired after being accused https://t.co/zoVLI6r9a3” / X
(18) Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur oPt on X: “Once again: if Israel’s logic of assimilating and fighting against an entire civilian population (Palestinians in Gaza) to the perceived enemy (Hamas) is condoned and normalised, it will be the beginning of a new era: the era of “humanitarian” genocides. Let’s stop this” / X
(39) Decensored News on X: “INCREDIBLE: In response to questioning by @samhusseini about Israel’s “Hannibal Directive” — particularly regarding its use on Oct 7 and/or against US citizens — Miller claims that he’s NEVER HEARD OF IT! Miller: “I am not familiar in any way with either that supposed directive https://t.co/lndfHR0bkB” / X
(23) Haaretz.com on X: ““Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” Netanyahu told his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy” https://t.co/7lTQs9E5Zf” / X
Mossad Chief Visited Doha, Urged Qatar to Continue Hamas Financial Aid – Middle East News – Haaretz.com


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Ryan Cristián
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14 Replies to “Haaretz Reveals “IDF Ordered Hannibal Directive On Oct 7” & New modRNA COVID/Flu Shot Seeks Approval

  1. Jul 8, 2024
    Google’s AI visionary says we’ll ‘expand intelligence a millionfold by 2045’ thanks to nanobots, the tech will resurrect the dead, and we’re all going to live forever

    Yeah, sure, right.

  2. Romania was the only state without debt in the world, communist nation, planing to create a world wide bank for the 3th developing nations in 1989, competing IMF and WB. Can you gees what happened at the end of 1989 in Romania? Had excellent ties with the arab nations, like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon. Not to say with Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, China, Mongolia…

  3. European secret services co-opted their arab citizens to fight for ISIS against Assad, especially UK and France, throught Facebook.

  4. I love Thoreau when he says that when he walks he’s thinking on the “indians” that had a happier life on that land!

  5. Bravo Christian cause you understand the immigrants and you had knew them! I have a problem with you cause you think that there is a law and should be respected! You’re a anarchist! WTF?

  6. There is no constitution, no rights, no right or wrong, no good and evil. All is in your mind and should never pass into the world! Morals is only interior! If you try to make it exterior you are a “dictator”. There are humans who believe that Palestinians should be exterminated! Who are you, and in a base of what dispute that? Morals are for interior of your mind. Not to impose on others!

  7. THEY don’t care about jews, palestinians and you! No constitution, no democracy! Simple! Us and THEM! THEY drive our world! No rights! Rights art to be respected! You know everything but still live in a dream world! Wake up!

  8. You should not cite any law. There is only your personal law! I want to know your laws, not US laws.

  9. To understand the world! Here in Romania, the former Chef of SRI (Departament of CIA in Romania) is acused of many… but e.i. traffic of narcotics through Albania for Western Europe as a infractor. I knew before, what he did was not his choise. All of that is the operation of the chefs of CIA!

  10. Morgan is payed by MI5! You should have no expectations!’
    I live ok and I can’t understand what is there
    I will never fight against russia, I may die by the law, is the law, so I should die!
    surelly I don’t want to make a connection with palestinians.
    I deserve death cause in this time I’ve had at least 3 grills, part of them with ukrainiens settled here!
    always believed that we should march to Palestina, but I did nothing.
    The rest don’t give a fuck. I’m the only one who gives a fuck, but I did nothing!
    I go to work day by day and do nothing!
    Is not about US citizens, we are here, close! We do nothing:(

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