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Historical Court Case – The Fluoride Cover Up Will Soon Be Exposed

A historical trial weighing the risks of water fluoridation is set to begin in San Francisco on Monday June 8. For the last four years, attorneys with the Fluoride Action Network have been fighting a legal battle against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over whether water fluoridation violates the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). A Read More…

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Revealed: Breathalyzer Test Is “Fake Science” — What’s NOT Fake Today?

So much of what we are confronted with in the mainstream media and from government sources is fake. So much so, that the question should be: what is NOT fake? Apparently, the science behind the much-touted breathalyzer used by police to nab drunk drivers ALSO can be added to the list of fakery. Given how Read More…

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Understanding ‘Fundamental Dishonesty’ in Personal Injury Claims

Fundamental Dishonesty, as the phrase suggests, is widely misunderstood. A lot of people believe the term “fundamental dishonesty” relates to someone being dishonest and perform fraudulent activities. It’s just a mere term and the law remains the same as what’s being seen in case of forgery and fraudulence. With the introduction of the Criminal Justice Read More…