New World Order
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It’s Now or Never: The Fight for Freedom

Why is today’s society the way it is? People will often argue that society has always been like this, and that this is its natural state. While others will listen to what they’re told or simply ignore discussion of the topic all together, deeming it too complex to even bother contemplating. However, this appears to Read More…

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The Great Illusion

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein Life is the greatest gift in the known universe. It is incredibly precious, vastly diverse in its scope, and without judgement or prejudice, it just happens. One need not possess any specific talent, live any particular lifestyle, or be any Read More…

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Crosswalk Buttons, Voting Booths, and Other Illusions of Control

Did you know that only 9% of crosswalks buttons in New York City actually do anything? Or that a piece of US government legislation disabled all elevator “close door” buttons in 1990? But these buttons are still there, and we still push them, even when we know that they do nothing. But why? And what Read More…

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The Illusion Of America: Has It Ever Really Existed?

In the past, this country has always prided itself on the personal freedom and Constitutional rights of the individual, and oddly enough, it still does today despite the fact that the US currently ranks 41st according to the 2016 world press freedom index, and 11th on the Heritage Institute’s 2016 index of economic freedom, behind Read More…

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The Acceptance Of Media Bias And The Illusion Of Democracy

The mainstream media in the US has become a universal joke. Even those who regularly watch a given mainstream channel will openly admit that every channel has obvious bias, and then justify their viewing it by saying, “but that is why I watch both channels; to hear both sides.” This has become the common answer to Read More…

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Snowden on Trump: Stop Putting So Much Faith And Fear In Presidents — We Must Be the Change

During a recent live stream interview, Edward Snowden was asked multiple different times about his thoughts on the results of the US election and each time in different ways he explained how the president does not really matter that much when it comes to policy. When asked about the election, Snowden said: “This is the Read More…