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House Passes Wildly Unconstitutional “Countering Antisemitism Act” & The Fake Defenders Of Liberty

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/2/24).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(47) Uh oh on X: “Isn’t bureaucracy great… you don’t even need elected leaders to do stuff… just some paper pusher paid for by the taxpayers… who knew 🤷‍♂️” / X
(14) The Cannabis Deception: How Your Government Stole Your Future
Trump warns he may not accept Wisconsin election results
(18) Bx on X: “Still think X is a free speech platform? Let’s revisit this thread from December, where I exposed the Diverting Hate program – funded by DHS a counterterrorism grant – which was teaming up with @X to design a native tool used to target the “Manosphere” for censorship and” / X
(20) Bx on X: “@EndWokeness @Rothmus @MarioNawfal @WallStreetSilv As an additional update to this experiment, I tried turning off notifications for Elon’s post, but it glitched and won’t let me. So now I’m stuck seeing this shit pop up all day.” / X
(18) Bx on X: “Captains Log: it’s been nearly 2 days since I turned notifications from Elon Musk’s bot account OFF, and yet the pings continue. I’m afraid i won’t be able to take this cruel punishment much longer. I unfollowed him to see if it will fix the glitch. I fear the worst…” / X
Sony Patents To Prevent You From In-Game Harassment By Reading Your Emotions
Senators: Car Companies Are Giving Location Data to Police Without a Warrant | PCMag
Project Nimbus Contract Ties Google, Amazon to Israel Arms Firms
(18) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Has the recent surge in media coverage of the “border crisis” been orchestrated by the ruling class to pave the way for the introduction of UN biometric entry and exit systems with a Trump-backed “Smart” border wall? @_whitneywebb explains. Watch More:” / X
Why human agency is still central to Israel’s AI-powered warfare
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U.S. says it killed a civilian, not a terrorist, in Syria drone strike – The Washington Post
(44) SROF on X: “So the U.S. knows what Russia is doing in Ukraine but doesn’t know what Israel is doing in Gaza. Makes total sense that the U.S. would have no confirmation of an ally’s operations but total certainty about a non-ally’s operations.” / X
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(41) Decensored News on X: “WATCH: Journalist Sam Husseini (@samhusseini) presses the State Dept about Israeli nukes, pointing out that the US govt is legally required to cut funding to nuclear proliferators He also asks about Nicaragua’s case against Germany at the ICJ for aiding Israel’s genocide:” / X
(20) The Last American Vagabond on X: “RT @umyaznemo: Stand-up comedy time again!” / X
(33) Decensored News on X: “On Monday, @samhusseini pressed the State Dept about a possible legal Achilles’ heel to US funding of the genocide in Gaza: Israel’s nuclear proliferation. On Tues, @StateDeputySpox refused to call on him, despite giving numerous other reporters 3, 4, even 5 questions each:” / X
Israel planning ring of checkpoints to prevent men from fleeing Rafah, source says | Middle East Eye
Israel plans to set up camp to forcefully evacuate Rafah: Report – IRNA English
(22) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@mikepompeo Then stop trying to displace them from Palestine for the 15th time. Your attempt to manipulate here is transparent. You’re losing your touch.” / X
(4) Ben Shapiro on X: “No. The answer is no. There’s a reason Egypt won’t take them, Saudi won’t take them, Jordan won’t take them: the civilian population of Gaza supported Hamas by every available metric. Why would we possibly import them to the United States? Totally insane.” / X
(21) Glenda on X: “@ClownWorld_ Egypt won’t even take them because they are so dangerous. But, sure, come on over to America 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️” / X
(21) Clint Russell on X: “I was told repeatedely that these people are too dangerous to co-exist with their neighbors and that they would all grow up to be terrorists. If that’s not true (it’s not) then why am I being robbed to fund the IDF? This was always the plan and it’s infuriating how brazen it was” / X
(27) Luana Fabri on X: “And they want us to share it with them. 🤡🤡🤡” / X
Israel’s Far-right Minister Smotrich Calls for ‘No Half Measures’ in the ‘Total Annihilation’ of Gaza – Israel News –
Former IDF Paratrooper: “You can’t be a moral occupier.” – YouTube
Palestinian Released From Israeli Prison Describes Beatings, Sexual Abuse and Torture – Twilight Zone –
(29) ☀️👀 on X: “BREAKING: 59 leading renowned journalism professors from top universities have called on the New York Times to independently review its debunked “mass rape” atrocity propaganda hoax piece. The NYT is desperately hoping everyone will just move on, but that’s not going to happen” / X
(46) Muhammad Shehada on X: “🚨Israel is RAPING & sexually assaulting Palestinian detainees: “They were led to the kitchen, where they were stripped & forced to lie one on top of the other…. They were beaten with clubs & spat on. A guard then started to stuff carrots into the anus of Abu Halil & other” / X
(35) ☀️👀 on X: “BREAKING: The UN and its General Secretary have refused to put Hamas on the list of groups responsible for sexual violence, reiterating that Pramila Patten’s report was not investigative. Zionists are furious as it undermines their lie about the UN confirming “Hamas mass rapes”” / X
(18) Zachary Foster on X: “If you are an American citizen and serve in the Israeli military — 90 lawyers, many of whom work inside the Biden administration, are telling you: You are at high risk of being prosecuted. This is a big deal & should lead hundreds (thousands?) of US citizens to take…” / X
Exclusive: Some US officials say in internal memo Israel may be violating international law in Gaza | Reuters
(18) Assaf, MD on X: “@humeyra_pamuk This is unreal. These people are criminals. They lied straight to the American public. How many times did we hear Mathew Miller say we haven’t seen any credible evidence of international law violations? He literally said one time we find Israel’s assurances credible.” / X
(20) Just Vision on X: “THREAD: In January, an Israeli tank fired at a convoy of Palestinian telecom technicians on their way back from a repair job, killing two. A @mekomit & @972 investigation shows they were killed despite coordinating every step of the journey w/ the army.” / X
A Gaza team went to repair a telecoms machine. An Israeli tank fired at them
(18) Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו on X: “You have to hear this to believe this.” / X
(64) Ted Cruz on X: “The ICC will lose all credibility if it attempts to prosecute Israel for defending itself from Hamas terrorists. The U.S. will not stand by and allow Israel to be targeted by the ICC. If the ICC pursues this path, it will face catastrophic consequences.” / X
(35) Tiberius on X: “@TigayBarry Israel has murdered women, children, journalists, aid workers and medics at unprecedented levels and destroyed every single medical facility in Gaza, making the place unliveable — a textbook case of genocide. The Israeli apartheid is between Israelis, who benefit from full” / X
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(16) marshall 🔻 on X: “🛑#Israel blocking life saving aid from entering #Gaza , Even the color of sleeping bag reason for #Israel to block aid: Red Crescent” / X
(16) Alex Jones on X: “This is wrong! The Israeli government must condemn this behavior!” / X
Gaza humanitarian aid port will be up and running by the weekend – The Jerusalem Post
Pentagon chief contradicts Biden‘s claim of ‘no boots on the ground‘ in Gaza
(44) The Cradle on X: “What happened to “No US boots on the ground” in Gaza? Secretary Lloyd Austin admits to Rep. Matt Gaetz the likelihood of live fire between US service members on the newly-built ‘floating pier’ and the resistance in Gaza.” / X
(26) Mairav Zonszein מרב זונשיין on X: “Most Israelis want the current hostage deal, and most would support one that releases all the hostages even if it means full end to the war, According to a poll published in Israeli public broadcaster” / X
(20) Aviva Klompas on X: “Has anyone heard a member of the Squad call on Hamas to accept the ceasefire deal on the table right now? How about the previous one? Or the previous one? Or the one before that? Or the 5 before that?” / X
(21) Eylon Levy on X: “Today, the families of Keith Siegel and Omri Miran will hold a press conference at the Hostages Square in Tel Aviv. Among the speakers will be Keith’s Aviva Siegel, herself a Hamas captivity survivor.” / X
(29) Suppressed News. on X: “🚨BREAKING- SUBTITLED: NEW HAMAS VIDEO SHOWING ISRAELI PRISONERS. Al Qassam Brigades Publishes: “The military pressure led to the killing of dozens of prisoners by our hands and deprived the rest of them from celebrating Passover with their loved ones”” / X
(22) marshall 🔻 on X: “@I_eat_pears @SuppressedNws @TLAVagabond @Tinkeringhalo2” / X
(39) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@AvivaKlompas So are you claiming the numerous Israelis who have testified to seeing with their own eyes the IDF bombings killing hostages are all lying? What happened to #BelieveIsraeliWomen? Oh that’s right, you’re a shameless hypocrite who will lie to coverup the killing of your own people.” / X
(18) Eylon Levy on X: “What sort of “security guarantees” does the West think it can give Israel to guarantee that if the Palestinians who still want “from the river to the sea” gain sovereignty over the WB, what happened in Kfar Aza won’t recur in Kfar Saba? What do those look like?” / X
(21) Eylon Levy on X: “How can you guarantee that what Hamas did in Kfar Aza, Palestinian terrorists won’t do in Kfar Saba? How can you guarantee decades of rocket fire from Gaza won’t recur from the West Bank? Until you answer that, most Israelis will think talk of a “two-state solution” is insane.” / X
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(16) Kim Iversen 🇺🇸 on X: “How is this any different than Palestinian resistance fighters?” / X
(16) X
(16) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@piersmorgan Do you completely & deliberately ignore the legal right of armed resistance (yes that means violence), outlined by the 4th Geneva Convention, afforded to occupied territories? Which Palestine legally is, per the United Nations? Or do actually not understand it?” / X
(44) Palestine Info Center on X: “CNN presenter mistakenly referred to Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old Palestinian girl who was tragically killed by #Israel, as “a woman killed in #Gaza” during a discussion on the renaming of #ColumbiaUniversity’s Hamilton Hall to “Hind’s Hall” by pro-Palestine student protesters” / X
(22) Zachary Foster on X: “@piersmorgan Intifada referred to Palestinians rising up against a violent brutal apartheid regime. Initially there was a lot of violence — it was Israeli violence against unarmed Palestinian civilians.” / X
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People vs Empire: World Wide Revolution Against Tyranny, Oppression & Zionism Framed As Antisemitism
Columbia University Protests: What They Mean for America, Foreign Policy, and Israel-Palestine
House passes antisemitism bill with broad bipartisan support amid campus arrests
(16) Taylor Hudak on X: “BREAKING: 🇺🇸 House Passes GOP Antisemitism Bill The bill expands definition of antisemitism to “denying Jewish people their right to self-determination by claiming that the State of Israel is racist state & drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of Nazis.”” / X
(67) Taylor Hudak on X: “See report:” / X
(16) Michael Tracey on X: “Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) seethes that “Little Gazas” have risen up on campuses across America; he declares the political speech of protesters to be “violent” and “illegal.” For this analogy to hold, wouldn’t the colleges have to be pulverized into rubble with US-supplied munitions?” / X
(10) Caitlin Johnstone on X: “CNN Compares Campus Protesters To Nazis In Stunning Propaganda Segment In one of the most appalling propaganda segments I have ever seen in my life, CNN’s Dana Bash launched into a fire-and-brimstone sermon on Wednesday comparing anti-genocide university protesters to the…” / X
(16) Ida Bae Wells on X: “This sort of coverage versus the coverage of the actual violence against pro-Palestinian protestors at UCLA confirms why so many of us call out the false god of objectivity in journalism. It has never existed. Choices about framing, emphasis, legitimacy are made every single day” / X
(16) SaveGazanLives on X: “@CraigMokhiber @MazenMahdi” / X
(16) Kim Iversen 🇺🇸 on X: “50 years from now people reading history books will be dumbfounded and appalled that calling for a “Free Palestine” was considered a form of hate speech.” / X
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(51) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Zionism is not Judaism. This is the crux of their illusion. If you can recognize & acknowledge this very easily proven fact, the zionist illusion is shattered. Actually listen to the video he’s claiming is antisemitic with that knowledge & see this man for the manipulator he is.” / X
(21) Richie Allen on X: “Here’s Thursday’s show. Thanks so much to @ConceptJenius @TLAVagabond & @truthjihad” / X
(37) Paul A. Szypula 🇺🇸 on X: “@abbydphillip These aren’t war protests. Stop lying Abby Phillip. These are pro-Hamas extremists promoting antisemitism. Same on you for doing similarly.” / X
(38) Aviva Klompas on X: “Posted at the University of British Columbia Imagine for one moment that instead of Zionists, it read: Blacks or Gays or any other minority group. How long do you think it would be tolerated? Disgraceful @UBC” / X
(30) Aviva Klompas on X: “Jill Stein’s ignorance is stunning. She calls Zionism “ethnic cleansing and land theft.” To be clear: Zionism is the belief that Jewish people have the right to a state in their ancestral homeland. Like it or not @DrJillStein, there has been a continuous Jewish presence in the” / X
Zionism Vs Nazism, Israel’s Connection To Extremist Ideology & ADL’s History of Faking Nazi Marches
(42) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Take the red pill and go down the Zionism/Nazism rabbit hole with us as we connect the dots that legacy media would never tell you. Watch More: #Azov #Israel #IDF #Nazi #Zionism” / X
(65) Sam Yebri on X: “Look at these Nazi symbols and ISIS-level hate and propaganda at UCLA tonight. This is disgusting.” / X
(60) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Uh oh, there’s a protestor holding a Nazi symbol. So based on the logic of every zionist claim of pro Palestinian protests, that means every person at this (very small) rally is a Nazi & we should blindly assume this is support of Nazis & not criticism. Or would that be ignorant?” / X
(16) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@slumdogmjolnir What a perverse inversion of reality. While I’m fighting to protect Jews & Palestinians alike, you fight to hide a Zionist agenda literally genociding an entire group based on their identity. But I’m the Nazi? Might want to reflect on that & some history:” / X
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(52) The Last American Vagabond on X: “While you were pretending to be a victim here, the zionist government of Israel that (you’re ignoring) murdered 10 more children. But keep pretending you’re a journalist. #ZionismIsAntisemitism” / X
(30) nobodyonit on X: “@camhigby @UCLA A lot of Native Americans have a long history of supporting Palestinians. Interesting this is being pushed so hard as speaking for all of them….” / X
(23) Decensored News on X: “Ben Shapiro says that there are “tens of thousands of students all across the country” engaged in “pro-Hamas rallies.” “An environment of antisemitism has clearly been created on campuses like Columbia University.” We juxtaposed his claims against interviews with some of the…” / X
(23) Alonso Gurmendi on X: “People trying very hard to be unsafe at student encampments throughout the US, but failing miserably… A thread 🧵” / X
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(16) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Most call for a two state solution (as I do) that all you pretended to want while actively sabotaging it, but legally speaking Israel is an illegal state. So where would all Israelis go if/when Israel is gone? They can live in Palestine, like they did peacefully before #zionism” / X
(44) Talia Khan on X: “Today at @MIT, just steps from the Hillel building, a crowd of students cheers a man praising Ham@s, the PFLP, and the Muslim Brotherhood. “You can’t support a people who are fighting back and fail to support those who are putting their lives on the line. So when they say all” / X
(30) Aviva Klompas on X: “Mob spokesman calling for violence at @CUNY: “This revolution, which includes the mass demonstrations and encampments, are not just exclusively for students…it is for the free people of the world to resist however you can, whether it be with a rock and other tools of” / X
(7) The Last American Vagabond on X: “They’re highlighting the now obvious fact that the biggest threat to Jews in the world comes from the openly racist political ideology of zionism, which they seek to end. But I know you know this, which is why you try to bury it in shrieks of antisemitism. #ZionismIsAntisemitism” / X
(44) Anthony Cabassa on X: “UCLA 🚨: Group of Pro Palestine protestors praying as the sun sets on campus.” / X
(36) Oli London on X: “Hundreds of American students convert to Islam and participate in an Islamic call to prayer at UCLA.” / X
(44) Janice Kortkamp on X: “@leekern13 Hmm🤔 whatyasayin?” / X
(21) Opac on X: “@piersmorgan They aren’t talking about attacking Jews. You’re deliberately misrepresenting the situation to please your sponsors.” / X
(45) Eylon Levy on X: “UN officials expressing solidarity with terrorists and terrorist sympathizers is the 2024 trend none of us needed.” / X
(54) Cheryl E 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🎗️ on X: “It’s actually quite hilarious in some ways watching these absolute idiot protesters at Columbia and other universities. These aren’t peaceful protestors. They are now officially full-blown terrorists. Well done @POTUS and all your weak pathetic lefty administration. You’re” / X
(51) Arsen Ostrovsky 🎗️ on X: “@IlhanMN That is awful. But have you also paused even for moment to consider what Jewish students are going through now? No, didn’t think so.” / X
(44) Yousef Munayyer on X: “No one asks how Palestinian students are supposed to “feel safe” at institutions who invest in and profit off of the murder of their relatives.” / X
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(44) Dan Cohen on X: “American Zionist Forces (LAPD) fire rubber coated bullets at unarmed student protesters. These projectiles are routinely used by Israeli occupation forces to suppress Palestinian protests. The US is looking more like the Israeli apartheid state every day.” / X
(16) Ryan Grim on X: “LA cops sat back and watched as the pro-Israel mob attacked the encampment two nights ago. Last night, they attacked it themselves.” / X
(36) 𓂆 Resistance 𝕏 ✊🏻 on X: “🔴UNC cop videoed spitting on a Palestinian flag. @StopArabHate can you identify him?” / X
(11) coffeecup78 on X: “@NYPDChiefPatrol Wow! Seriously? This says it all.” / X
New York Mayor Vows to Bring What He’s Learned From Israel Police Back to the NYPD – Israel News –
(21) Congresswoman Erin Houchin on X: “As anti-semitism spreads like wildfire across college campuses, I cannot overstate how important it is to support our Jewish students and our friend and ally, Israel. Unfortunately, we are now seeing protests in my district, at my alma mater, Indiana University. We’ve been in” / X
Twitter Video Downloader – Download twitter videos & GIF Online
(44) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Bought and paid for. #Zionism #TwoPartyIllusion” / X
(45) TMJ on X: “@benshapiro How wonderful…. The victims” / X
(56) Patrick Henningsen on X: “The Pro-Palestinian student protests have really exposed the faux ‘Right’ in U.S. as a bunched of hysterical, morally compromised cucked, Shapiroed anti-free speech snowflakes, with no real constitutional principles whatsoever. Full of virtual testosterone. A complete joke.” / X
(35) Patrick Henningsen on X: “@JeninYounesEsq The biggest snowflakes seem to be on “the Right” now, falsely calling student protesters “Hamas/Nazi/Terrorist” in exact same way the Left called anti lockdown protesters “Nazi/Trump/domestic terrorists”. The faux Right proving they have zero self-awareness. Incredibly shallow,…” / X
(25) The Last American Vagabond on X: “You’d think a group who’d just spent the last half decade being unjustly called “Nazis” & “white supremecists” & even “antisemitic” would be a little more thoughtful & aware of how that type deceitful dehumanization can be used to censor speech & remove rights & liberties. #MAGA” / X
The MAGA Trap Has Been Set, CDC Pushes Untested New Injections & The Coming Mask Mandates For Flu
(16) World Alternative Media on X: “@RealAlexJones Soros the Israeli agent is funding pro Palestine protests to psyop people out of rejecting the war. It’s all so obvious.” / X
(2) Patrick Webb on X: “BREAKING: 136 pro-Palestinian college/university-campus encampments were being planned back in November 2023, according to LA source familiar with local organizers.” / X
(47) JD Sharp on X: “@GoonHuckleberry Just so spot on its scary.” / X
(16) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Many of us have long discussed both and are capable of holding two (or more) thoughts in our head at one time. But downplaying and redirecting focus does seem to be your forte.” / X
(44) Eva Karene Bartlett on X: “Revolting woman.” / X
(28) Richard Hanania on X: “West coast Jews say this stuff and don’t even worry about it getting caught on camera. In fact they’re getting cheered on by attractive women. The LA Jew is operating on a completely different level.” / X
(43) Whitney Webb on X: “Are Christian conservatives about to figure out that the current Netanyahu-run government does not actually like them?” / X
(34) Aaron Bastani on X: “@RichardHanania What a weird tweet. Nobody is obliged to support a foreign country like some football team. Normal people don’t think like that.” / X
(56) MichaelRapaport on X: ““Arrest all of them” That’s what I said over & over during/after Jan 6th. I’m saying it again, Arrest these little hand j’s & throw them out of the school. #ZIPTIETIME” / X
(25) Jack on X: “@MichaelRapaport Just when I thought Rapaport was becoming based he brings up J6 like it was the worst day ever” / X
(21) The Spank And Pearl Show on X: “@MichaelRapaport It’s waaaaaay worse bro … Most of Those people on J6 were patriots who felt like they were robbed, and rightfully so in my opinion, but these people flat out despise America and they hate EVERYTHING about what we stand for !… So yeah , they’re worse !..” / X
(49) Fiona Webster 🌎🌊 #FBR #FBPE on X: “@MichaelRapaport Not a good comparison. I don’t see any students wielding sharpened flag poles & putting out eyes of the police. Just pushing & shoving. Never forget Kent State, where two of the students killed were just bystanders, not protestors.” / X
(49) Steven Goldstein on X: “Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this: I feel more commonality with Republicans as they stand by Israel — though I still differ with them on EVERYTHING else — than I do with anti-Israel Democrats with whom I agree on everything else. #IStandWithIsrael” / X
(21) Jordan Schachtel @ on X: “The Hamas encampment at Columbia has gone full Hamas, breaking into buildings and rumors of a hostage situation.” / X
(82) Coleman Hughes on X: “Sure, maybe these students are protesting because they want “to uphold that sacred principle that every life is worthy and the murder of none shall pass in silence”. Maybe they care about that principle a lot and that’s why they’re protesting. Or maybe the fact that these same” / X
(58) Documenting Jew Hatred on Campus on X: “We are actively going through all the footage of the faculty and are working to identify each and every one of them. By our count, over 50 faculty members have joined the pro-Hamas students in the takeover of the campus of @Columbia. We will publish all of their names as soon” / X
(56) Rick Scott on X: “Antisemitic students calling for harm against the Jewish community should be expelled and totally prohibited from all student loan forgiveness programs. We cannot allow Biden to use your tax dollars to bail out extremists who support religious persecution and terrorism.” / X
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(85) Al Jazeera English on X: ““if Palestine dies, humanity dies.” Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro says the country is cutting diplomatic ties with Israel over its war on Gaza.” / X

Late Additions:

(2) X
Israel Was Involved In The Rwandan Genocide
(28) Shirion Collective on X: “🚨 BREAKING: Operation Global Insight—NO MORE WORDS 🚨 👉 Join the Shirion Collective’s first undercover operation—become an agent embedded behind “enemy” lines at this weekend’s “protests”. Marking our first global operation that combines the efforts of volunteers and our more…” / X


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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

6 Replies to “House Passes Wildly Unconstitutional “Countering Antisemitism Act” & The Fake Defenders Of Liberty

  1. …for those among us who thought it was another “‘*CON*” s pire see*”‘…weeell…, listen carefully at min 1-21 to minute 1 24!!!–YM/
    Does anyone still believe that such *”MONEY CLUB”* INDIVIDUALS REALLY CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANY LIVING BEINGS whether is the found in the heavens such is the case of the flying creatures, or on the ground as the animal, plant kingdoms or below the ground as the much needed living bacteria to keep soil in a balanced state???
    Has anyone notice the one subject that such “*’CLUB AND SUPPORTERS”‘ don’t talk about their own replacement = depopulation and disappearance as the same way they talk about “*^ COLLATERAL DAMAGE)%!???

  2. Imagine people were talking a lot about tall people and short people. When walking down the street, looking at others, you’d be thinking “tall guy, short guy, short guy, tall guy…”

    If people talked a lot about men and women, when walking down the street, looking at others, you’d be thinking: “woman, man, man, woman…”.

    Groups are in people’s minds.

    There’s a concept in hypnosis that goes like this: “don’t think about a pink elephant”.

    The only way for you to process what I said would be to think about a pink elephant; whereas before, you probably weren’t thinking about it.

    Groups exist because people think about them. If people don’t think about a group, it doesn’t exist.

    If people think about republicans and democrats, it makes them exist.

    If people didn’t think about whites, they wouldn’t exist. If people didn’t think about blacks, they wouldn’t exist. If people didn’t think about jews, they wouldn’t exist. If people didn’t think about palestinians, they wouldn’t exist.

    The media talked a lot about “antivaxxers”, and it made antivaxxers exist. They talk about “white supremacists”, and it made them exist. That’s also how they created Hamas and Isis, and al qaeda.


    I’m not saying people should never talk/think about groups. Maybe it’s better not to, but that’s not what I’m saying. I just wanted to mention that that is the way the existence of groups works: they’re in our minds.

    Whether we should or shouldn’t think about groups is a separate question. Maybe we should, maybe we shouldn’t.

    All i’m saying is this: groups exist because we think about them. If we didn’t think about groups, they wouldn’t exist.

  3. The Netanyahu speech discussed in this episode:

    It was produced for the purpose of writing history.

  4. As long as I have lived, this is the most disgusting chain of events that has been my discomfort to witness.
    UK, sending racists and the dregs of Europe to Rwanda to establish Israel mark2!!?
    The world watches a nation being slaughtered like it’s a TV entertainment show. Yap, yap, yap and thousands die.
    The sickest thing ever, the liars of the ages telling lies about their lies.
    Hang these people that give themselves the right! To do this disgusting madness.

  5. “The organic electrochemical transistor stands out as a tool for constructing powerful biosensors owing to its high signal transduction ability and adaptability to various geometrical forms. However, the performance of organic electrochemical transistors relies on stable and seamless interfaces with biological systems. This Review examines strategies to improve and optimize interfaces between organic electrochemical transistors and various biological components.”

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