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Former Amb. Says US Fully Shares Netanyahu Gaza Objectives & Rights Group Records 141 IDF Mass Graves

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/26/24).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(6) Whitney Webb on X: “No longer having blind faith in one of the two branches of the American uniparty is “very dangerous for our democracy”? Having to choose between one shit w white sprinkles and shit w rainbow sprinkles is not a real “democracy”” / X
Florida Smart ID – Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
(36) Hillbilly Fren ( -_•)▄︻デ══━一 on X: “@TLAVagabond @_whitneywebb” / X
Steve Bannon’s White House whiteboard revealed | CNN Politics
signal-2024-04-26-140151_002.png (742×1203)
(15) Elon Musk on X: “The axiomatic error undermining much of Western Civilization is “weak makes right”. If someone accepts, explicitly or implicitly, that the oppressed are always the good guys, then the natural conclusion is that the strong are the bad guys.” / X
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Israel ‘yet to provide evidence’ of UNRWA staff terrorist links, independent report says – POLITICO
(15) Gabriel Elizondo on X: “🚨 JUST IN: Internal UN investigation on Israeli claims 12 UNRWA staff took part in Oct 7 attack: UN Office of Internal Oversight – has concluded one UNRWA employee whose contract was terminated after allegations has been cleared and case closed due to no evidence provided by…” / X
Netherlands will consider resuming support to Palestinian UNRWA agency
Germany to resume funding of Unrwa aid operations in Gaza | Israel-Gaza war | The Guardian
Australia to resume funding for UNRWA, pledges further aid for Gaza | The Times of Israel
Five Countries Pledge to Resume Funding for UNRWA, Palestinian PM Confirms
More countries resume funding for UNRWA | CGTN America
(15) Greg Maybury on X: “Friends, 👀👇 Must read commentary/update from Craig Murray on events and developments in the #MiddleEast, and the wider repercussions. Aptly titled, “Worse than You can Imagine”. Here’s a short extract. ‘Biden is not being outplayed by Netanyahu. He is actively abetting…” / X
Worse Than You Can Imagine – Craig Murray
(15) Assal Rad on X: “-Story gets out that Blinken is ignoring Israeli human rights abuses -PR story appears that Biden admin is going to do something -Israel publicly acts outraged that laws may apply to them -Biden admin quietly decides to do nothing What a perfect summary of this admin” / X
Adam Green Interview – Religious Prophecies In Israel, Zionism vs Judaism & Abrahamic Religions
(31) The Last American Vagabond on X: “And for those somehow unsure of the point I’m making, I highly recommend this three part documentary series on the origins of al-Qaeda/ISIS. False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda – Watch Along and Q&A” / X
Zionism Vs Nazism, Israel’s Connection To Extremist Ideology & ADL’s History of Faking Nazi Marches
What If The State Department Was Allowed To Do Its Job On Israel And Gaza?
Damning evidence of war crimes as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families in Gaza – Amnesty International
(31) UpFront on X: ““Any level of due diligence would tell them that the arms they are making will be used to kill thousands of civilians” Former senior official at the State Department Josh Paul tells @marclamonthill on US arms sales to #Israel. 🔗 Full show with @4noura:” / X
(30) IMEU on X: “BREAKING: Josh Paul, who resigned from the US State Dept. over arms transfers to Israel, reveals Israel declared rights group @DCIPalestine a “terrorist org” just one day after the US asked Israel’s gov’t about DCI’s research on the rape of a Palestinian child in Israeli jail.″ / X
(27) Muhammad Shehada on X: “@netanyahu Are you worried about this, Bibi? Who would’ve though that bombing, butchering, terrorizing, maiming, burning, torturing, starving & besieging 2.4 million Gazans for 200 days & bragging about it constantly with unhinged genocidal speeches would have consequences!” / X
UK military support for Israel’s genocide was pre-planned
(33) Amr Rageh 🇵🇸🇸🇩🇾🇪 on X: “Israel is a “parasitic entity” that obtains its life essentials from outside in the form of US aid and other forms of aid. Israeli occupational practices will only fall when American taxpayers stop funding them. Dr. Abd Al-Wahab Al-Messiry (1938-2008) was an Egyptian scholar,…” / X
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(18) Aviva Klompas on X: “This is outrageous. Members of a terror group in Gaza launched mortars at a humanitarian site as United Nations officials were touring the site. If it had been Israel, there’d be endless news coverage, @AOC would have already cried at a press conference, and nations would be…” / X
(22) The David on X: “@AvivaKlompas @AOC For context: Israel killed 200 humanitarian aid workers in less than 200 days. More than the rest of the world in 30 years. Also Israel bombed Red Cross ambulances, Doctors Without Borders camps and tore down the only cancer hospital in Gaza” / X
(15) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده on X: “Breaking: Israeli warplanes targeted relief aid security teams in the western part of Gaza City a short while ago, killing at least 8 of them.” / X
Aid worker killed as warplanes hammer Gaza’s north
(15) The Prole Star on X: “@AvivaKlompas @AOC Israel has consistently refused access to ‘UN officials’…” / X
Israeli airstrike in southern Gaza city of Rafah kills at least 9 Palestinians, including 6 children
Israeli strikes on southern Gaza city of Rafah kill 22, mostly children, as US advances aid package
Israeli army abducts children, takes them out of Gaza: Rights monitor
Israeli forces refuse to disclose number of Palestinian child detainees from Gaza | Defense for Children Palestine
(38) Torah Judaism on X: “Zionist Israeli police beat a Jewish child. The state of Israel is the enemy of the Jews. Religious Jews are under pressure from Zionists. Jews are oppressed because of their religious beliefs. Israel is not a Jewish state.” / X
(15) Motasem A Dalloul on X: “Watch and listen carefully to this wounded intellectual boy.. #StopGazaGenocide” / X
(33) Daniella Modos – Cutter -SEN on X: “BREAKING| Israel’s army kills the eldest daughter of professor Refat Al Areer, Shaima’a, along with her husband and newborn baby, in a strike on an apartment in Al Rimal neighbourhood in Gaza.” / X
(31) Quds News Network on X: “”We must not listen to Biden, … we must flatten all of Gaza!” An Israeli lawyer filmed himself destroying residential homes and razing trucks and properties for amusement, which he later posted on his Facebook account, boasting about the destruction he caused in Gaza. Meet…” / X
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(31) ashok kumar 🇵🇸 on X: “700 bodies now discovered at Nasser hospital alone (1,500 uncovered at Al Shifa), patients, some with catheters still attached, children, with hands still bound, doctors and nurses, still wearing their scrubs, many shot in the back of the head at point blank range execution-style” / X
(3) Palestine and MENA Info Center on X: “Today, a new mass grave is being opened in Rafah near the displaced tents, for the victims killed by Israel, whose bodies were stolen and then returned to be buried collectively. The @EuroMedHR has now recorded 141 such graves. #GazaGenocide” / X
Israel: ‘Investigate what?’ – POLITICO
(31) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Was just making the point about arbitrary nautical restrictions. On top of that, imagine trying to rationalize killing a starving population while they try to fish. #GazaGenocide” / X
(16) Motasem A Dalloul on X: “Farmer Abdullah Shamallakh has been KILLED in #Israeli_bombing of his farm west of #Gaza_Strip! #StopGazaGenocide” / X
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Egypt sends delegation to Israel, its latest effort to broker a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas –
(31) Kenneth Roth on X: “Hamas offers to lay down its arms and to recognize Israel within its pre-1967 borders. But Netanyahu isn’t interested. He wants to keep pursuing the elusive goal of “destroying” Hamas (to avoid the war ending) and rejects a two-state solution.” / X
Hamas would lay down weapons after a two-state solution, officials says | AP News
(23) B.M. on X: “”We are willing to pause the fighting (for a hostage deal), but not to end the war” Former failed military commander Gal Hirsch, now an incompetent government official in charge of coordinating the issue of the abducted Israelis, basically tells the hostages’ families that…” / X
(31) Prem Thakker on X: “Wow—Former spokesperson for hostage families says Hamas offered to immediately release all hostages if IDF didn’t invade Gaza “but the government rejected the proposal.” Says families weren’t notified about invasion + risks it could pose. “Netanyahu has thwarted” hostage release.″ / X
(1) Quds News Network on X: “Israeli settlers blocked the road for aid convoys from Jordan destined for Gaza, assaulting their drivers and callously throwing desperately needed food and aid onto the roads.” / X
Exclusive: USAID officials say Israel breached US directive on Gaza aid | Devex
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(33) Rachel Blevins on X: “Texas Gov. Abbott in 2019: “I’m about to sign a law that protects free speech on college campuses in Texas. I shouldn’t have to do it. First Amendment guarantees it.” Abbott in 2020: Makes a trip to Israel, visits the infamous “Wailing Wall,” and pledges support for the…” / X
(33) David Roth-Lindberg on X: “🇺🇸 The US and the EU, in fact the whole West, would condemn any non-western country cracking down violently on freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate this way. They would also demonize that country and its leadership. But this is okay because US is a west imperialist. 👍” / X
(33) Motasem A Dalloul on X: ““I’m a professor. I’m a professor.” It is not a matter of suppressing anti-genocidal protesters.. It is a brutal war to protect Zionism even if the victims are very American students and professors..” / X
(13) Furkan Gözükara on X: “Is all USA sold to zionists so shameless. ASU has now turned on the sprinklers to deter pro-Palestine protesters. Protesters are putting bags and items on top of the sprinklers to stop them from spraying.” / X
(34) Grace 🔎 on X: “they’re so heavy-handed with this psyop” / X
(34) Dutchie on X: “@EYakoby @Penn Tired of the spin. Its known that Israelis are “infiltrating” for photo ops. Just stop.” / X
(14) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Astroturfing/Astrosurfing: “the deceptive practice of presenting an orchestrated marketing or public relations campaign in the guise of unsolicited comments from members of the public.” Watch More:″ / X
(34) Gideon Askowitz on X: “WATCH: I (a visibly orthodox jew) get ASSAULTED while filming HAMAS ENCAMPMENT at CUNY. My kippah falls off and the mob says “pick up the f*cking hat Ill f*ck you up”” / X
(33) Jewish Voice for Peace on X: ““As the largest anti-Zionist Jewish organization in the world, we unequivocally reject the conflation of antisemitism with anti-Zionism and reaffirm in the strongest terms that there is no place for antisemitism in our movements.” Our full statement:” / X
(34) Middle East Eye on X: “Gideon Falter, chief executive of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, prematurely ended a debate on Sky News on Monday with Ben Jamal, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, after Jamal said that “thousands” of pro-Palestine protesters who attend London rallies are Jewish.” / X
(35) Furkan Gözükara on X: “This holocaust survivor 88 years old beautiful lady says “I take courage and inspiration from you to keep going” to university Gaza solidarity encampment pro humanity protestors” / X
(35) The Last American Vagabond on X: “So AIPAC is in the business of attacking Jews who don’t support the state of Israel? Because that’s half of who’s out there chanting. Sort of destroys your pretend image doesn’t it. You fight in the interest of, obfuscate for, and incessantly lie to hide the crimes of, #Zionism.” / X
(35) Ian Carroll on X: “@AIPAC @Cornell @AOC @JamaalBowmanNY @GregCasar @IlhanMN @AyannaPressley Oh no! look! Americans exercising their first amendment rights!!! Quick bribe more politicians with foreign money to make them stop!” / X
(36) Yosi on X: “Wait a minute 🤔 Many of SJP’s & JVP’s members are Jewish. Is he accusing all of these Jewish students of having dual loyalty – to a foreign country -!? Folks Jonathan Greenblatt is an antisemite who is inciting violence against Jewish students.” / X
(14) NYPD Deputy Commissioner, Operations Kaz Daughtry on X: “Everyone has a Constitutional right to protest, it’s one of the pillars our great democracy is built on. But kids also have a right to go to school without being harassed, threatened, intimidated or assaulted.  There is nothing “horrific” about protecting the safety of Columbia’s…” / X
(10) Congresswoman Kathy Manning on X: “I’m deeply disturbed that protesters at my alma mater, Harvard, are calling for an Intifada Revolution. The Intifada in Israel consisted of terrorist bombings that killed innocent civilians. Calls for an “intifada revolution”are calls for violence against Jews & are unacceptable.” / X
USC cancels main graduation ceremony over concerns about pro-Palestinian protests | PBS NewsHour
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(36) Laura Loomer on X: “.@LoomerUnleashed is truly on the cutting edge. Thank you to everyone who supports me and @LoomerUnleashed! My dream is to have correspondents in all 50 states doing what I do, exposing the truth, confronting people, and holding truth to power! #LOOMERED is a movement.…” / X
(59) Laura Loomer on X: “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Today, @LoomerUnleashed correspondent @anjewla90, went inside the @NorthwesternU pro-Hamas encampment in Chicago, Illinois and found the leader of @uspcn (United States Community Palestinian Network), Hatem Abudayyeh, amongst the protesters. I previously…” / X
Bank freezes account of Arab-American activist who visited White House – POLITICO
Organization run by target of FBI raid, Hatem Abudayyeh, is a recipient of government funds | ABC7 Chicago | – ABC7 Chicago
Target of FBI terror-support raid visited W.H. – POLITICO
Notepad | Write your notes online
Bank freezes account of Arab-American activist who visited White House – POLITICO
Hatem Abudayyeh – Canary Mission
Palestinian activist deported to Jordan from Chicago – Chicago Tribune
Rasmea Odeh – Wikipedia

Late Additions:

(21) Ben Shapiro on X: “Free speech must be protected on public college campuses. Also, violation of the law is violation of the law. These are illegal protests that are designed to intimidate, obstruct, and harass Jewish students in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. As everyone knows, if…” / X
We need an exodus from Zionism | Naomi Klein | The Guardian
‘Israel is the nation-state of Jews alone’: Netanyahu responds to TV star who said Arabs are equal citizens – Israel News –
A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution | HRW
Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians – Amnesty International
A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid | B’Tselem


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