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EU Sanctions Iran, Netanyahu Goes On The Offensive After ‘Nuclear Terrorism’

The day following the reported Israeli attack on Iran’s Natanz Nuclear site this Monday, the European Union has decided to place sanctions on Iran over alleged human rights abuses, further fanning the flames of all out war in the Middle East.

The EU has sanctioned 8 prominent Iranians and 3 entities within the Islamic Republic, just one day after Israeli Mossad – according to Israeli media reports – had carried out an attack against Iran’s nuclear facility. The sanctions have been condemned as based upon outrageous lies according to the Iranian government. What Iran has denied is a human rights report, on which the EU has decided to take action.

The human rights report, released by amnesty international, claims that Iranian forces killed over 300 civilians during the 2019 protests which erupted across the country. The report almost solely relies upon unnamed “human rights activists” and journalists who are based both inside and outside Iran. The report is 152 pages long, yet lacks in presenting strong evidence and fails to mention the role of MEK terrorists and their alleged attacks against Iranian forces, as well as Western Intelligence agencies and their role in sowing discord which lead to violence.

Whether the report is accurate or not, is not something that can be immediately proven or disproven, and it therefore cannot be fully discredited. However it is highly questionable as to why the EU reacts with sanctions on Iran, based upon a report with a lot less evidence – to say the least – than those produced to document the thousands of civilians massacred in the Gaza Strip by Israel, for which it didn’t move a finger.

The timing of these sanctions are also suspect and have resulted in Iran suspending all talks with the EU bloc, in addition to the Iranian Foreign Ministry having now taken into consideration counter-sanctions. The breakup in relations between the EU and Iran could also result in pushing back hopes of the US Biden administration re-entering the JCPOA (also know as the Iran Nuclear Deal), with indirect talks set to soon take place.

Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu has also taken no time to place himself behind the camera and perform in his typical showman type fashion, threatening Iran and vowing to stop Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon, a claim he routinely makes without any evidence.

Israel has, in essence, indirectly celebrated the attack which was committed this Monday against Iran’s nuclear facilities, an attack which could have resulted in a nuclear catastrophe capable of killing thousands of Iranian civilians.

This attitude geared towards celebrating attacks on Iran has been noted not only in the cases of Israel’s high profiled assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, and more recently in the case of the Natanz attack, but also in the recent open attack on an Iranian vessel. Israel had also been carrying on in a similar manner when it came to their attacks on Iran’s vessels, an example being last week’s attack on an Iranian ship located in the Red Sea.

Iran has endured attacks on its nuclear sites, increased sanctions which are killing its people, espionage, sabotage, spying, assassinations of their top nuclear scientist and general and the list goes on, all with Israeli involvement. Israel has been the chief cheerleader of the offensive campaign against Iran and its people, yet Iran has not responded this whole time through direct military aggression.

At this point, it is clear that the Israeli government, along with its European and American allies are begging for an Iranian military response. The Islamic Republic has managed to maintain admirable levels of patience and restraint, yet Israel and the West may have just crossed a red-line.

If Iran does respond militarily, and in the most extreme case we see an all out war across the region, the record has to be set straight – this was the doing of the United States, Israeli and EU governments. It is perplexing that the people of these countries are not currently marching through the streets in the millions after what Iran has been put through, and more pressingly, the war that could be just around the corner.

Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

One Reply to “EU Sanctions Iran, Netanyahu Goes On The Offensive After ‘Nuclear Terrorism’

  1. Just amazing. The EU sanctioning Iran for human rights abuses? Who gets to sanction the EU for their human rights abuses. Or the United States and UK?
    All the while they’re silent on the horrific, torturous and murderous human rights abuses by Netanyahu and his govt against the Palestinians.
    At this point can we ask conclude that Amnesty International is just as defunct, captured and corrupted by the Political and Corporate powers as the OPCW, the WHO, and CDC. When do get get to charge these Agencies along with Political leaders and Corporate Cartels for Racketeering and/or Organized Crime?

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