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The Amount Of Plastic In Oceans Will Triple Within Seven Years, Says Major Report

A recent viral video of a diver swimming through a sea of plastic is a stark reminder of what we are doing to the world’s oceans. We’ve been reporting on this issue since 2012, watching the development of a massive gyre of plastic forming in the Pacific Ocean, devastating wildlife in the Midway Atolls. “About Read More…

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Planet Earth Is Increasingly Radioactive And It Won’t End Well

It’s not often addressed in mainstream news, but whether or not we see nuclear war, the future of our existence is most likely to be radioactive doom. And while the disaster at Fukushima has made some headlines in recent years, the world’s radiation problem is far worse than what is being acknowledged. According to the Nuclear Energy Read More…

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Happy Holidays – California City Demands Church Stop Feeding the Homeless

Editor’s Note: While it is oddly becoming harder and harder to find clear and accurate statistics on the homeless population in general, as the reports seem determined to highlight its decline while being intentionally obtuse, convoluting and burying the actual statistic or percentage, if stating it at all, it would appear that sourced reports are seemingly disappearing or Read More…

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Pioneering Grandma Building Sustainable Tiny Hemp Homes

The DEA considers hemp to be a dangerous substance and it’s still classified as a schedule I drug, alongside heroin and ecstasy, even though the plant contains almost no THC and has no psychoactive effects. Many believe this classification is the result of the oil industry’s grip on the legislative process in America, because hemp is one of Read More…

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This One Photo of the Olympics Sums Up Everything Wrong With Society

The 31st Olympic summer games are underway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and thousands of athletes and spectators from around the world have gathered for the event which will serve as prime time entertainment for the next couple of weeks. Every four years an insane amount of money is dumped into the spectacle as host Read More…

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Global Marine Life Die-Off Accelerates as We Fight Over a Rigged Political System

By now we should be able to acknowledge that the election is rigged and that none of the current candidates represent the deepest interests of the American people or the human race. Never the less a sea of human energy and resources are being dumped into the phony contest, all the while, critically important issues go Read More…