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Vanessa Beeley Interview – Israel Again Creates Conflict & What’s Really Happening In Syria

Joining me today is Vanessa Beeley, here to discuss the recent attack on Syria carried out by Israel, as well as the many different topics pertaining to Syria that are, by and large, being overlooked in the age if COVID.  ( ( ( Video Source Links: Bitcoin Donations Are Read More…

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EU Sanctions Iran, Netanyahu Goes On The Offensive After ‘Nuclear Terrorism’

The day following the reported Israeli attack on Iran’s Natanz Nuclear site this Monday, the European Union has decided to place sanctions on Iran over alleged human rights abuses, further fanning the flames of all out war in the Middle East. The EU has sanctioned 8 prominent Iranians and 3 entities within the Islamic Republic, Read More…

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Israeli Airstrikes On Syria Twisted By Syrian Opposition Media To Claim Iranian Losses

Unprovoked Israeli airstrikes against the Syrian capital, Damascus, were again reported in the early hours of Thursday morning, leading to further accusations by Syrian opposition media and monitoring groups that Iranian-backed fighters had been killed. At approximately 12:58 (Syrian local time) Israeli airstrikes were said to have been confronted by Syrian Air Defense, according to Read More…

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US Government Report On Iraq Hypocritically Slams Human Rights Abuses

Last Week the United States State Department released its annual report on Human Rights practices in Iraq, completely ignoring US violations and how the US created the current circumstances leading to the violations they criticize. As with most reports of their kind, the 59 page report leaves out US involvement and context which may incriminate Read More…

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US Refusal To Punish Saudi Arabia Is Only Making Yemen War Intensify

Earlier this week Saudi Arabia proposed a ceasefire agreement with its rivals in Yemen Ansarallah (Houthis), which has failed to deliver results. So why has this attempt to end the 6 year long war failed and what does it say about the US Biden administration’s approach to the conflict? After the Saudi-backed forces of Abdrabbuh Read More…

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Biden Continues Policies Which Put Kids In Cages, In Syria

Joe Biden and his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, backed policies towards Syria which saw innocent children separated from their families and placed in cages. But the worst part of it, is that they have no quarrels with doing it again. Despite many having celebrated US President, Joe Biden’s, alleged policy position of eliminating the Read More…