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Iran Attacks Israel After Israel Bombed Iranian Territory & Israel Executes USAID Worker On Video

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/13/24 – part 2).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(17) Lowkey on X: “The killer policeman then points his gun at the person holding the camera and walks away.” / X
(17) Josh Breiner on X: “תיעוד מאירוע הירי ביפו: שוטר מג”ב שלא בתפקיד לבוש על אזרחי וכפכפים מתקוטט עם תושב העיר בן 50 שחובש קסדה. תושבים מנסים להפריד, מתרחקים ואז נשמעים בין כשמונה יריות. ההרוג הוא אדם מוכר בעיר כמתנדב במד”א. לפי *גרסת המשטרה*, השוטר נפצע קל מסכין. פונה לוולפסון. מח”ש חוקרת.” / X
(17) Talha Ahmad on X: “@John_Hudson “If you harm an american, we will respond” — Biden” / X
Biden: ‘If You Harm an American, We Will Respond’
(18) Ryan Grim on X: “Translated second post: Israel murdered a senior USAID employee, the agency run by Samantha Power, after he stopped on the side of the road to help an injured person after a car accident. “The murdered man is an employee of the United States Embassy and also a MADA volunteer.…” / X
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(22) The Last American Vagabond on X: “I don’t know about you guys, but feel a false flag coming on. #FalseFlagWatch” / X
(11) The Last American Vagabond on X: “By saying this they are creating the preemptive narrative that should you see Israel attacking Iran, it is ONLY because Iran attacked first, whether or not you can verify that. As always, reactive, emotional, and belligerent, the opposite of Iran’s responses, even now.” / X
IDF, Mossad approve Iran strike plans
(11) Ken Klippenstein on X: ““Scoop”” / X
(22) Ben M. Freeman 🇮🇱 on X: “Iran has already attacked Israel. Israel is defending itself against the genocidal Iranian regime. Do not for one second think you can get away with saying Israel struck first. That is a lie.” / X
(2) Avi Mayer אבי מאיר on X: “As rumors swirl about whether, when, and how Iran is going to attack Israel, it’s important to remember this: Iran has been attacking Israel every single day—via its proxies Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis—since October 7. The idea that it ever needed a pretext is ridiculous.” / X
(22) Avi Mayer אבי מאיר on X: “The airstrike targeting Iranian terrorist leaders in Damascus was a response to months, years, and decades of Iranian attacks on Israel, which have intensified since October 7 but have been constant since 1979. Push back at anyone who tells you Israel fired the first shot.” / X
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(31) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Imagine posting this after you just unabashedly bombed the Iranian embassy in Syria in front of the whole world, which Israel just did, link below. The hubris here is nauseating.” / X
Horrific Israeli Massacre Of Civilians Exposed At Al-Shifa & Israel Attacks Iranian Embassy In Syria
(11) Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on X: “Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria was a criminal act of war. As Iran prepares to retaliate, Biden’s promise of “ironclad” support for Israel is insanely reckless, putting US in the crosshairs & risking WWIII. All to defend Israel’s genocide. WE DO NOT CONSENT!” / X
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(5) The Last American Vagabond on X: “This very well could be true, but since the sources are US & Israel, it’d be pretty naive to assume this is true solely based on their word, even if it ends up being accurate. They’re proven liars & remember, the attacks could be real, but not Iran.” / X
(27) Permanent Mission of I.R.Iran to UN, NY on X: “Conducted on the strength of Article 51 of the UN Charter pertaining to legitimate defense, Iran’s military action was in response to the Zionist regime’s aggression against our diplomatic premises in Damascus. The matter can be deemed concluded. However, should the Israeli…” / X
(11) Orwell Huxley’s Ghost on X: “Looks like they are running down the batteries of the dome?” / X
(11) R A W S G L 🌎 B A L on X: “🚨#BREAKING: IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari has confirmed that Iran has launched dozens of drones that are heading towards Israel. It will take several hours to arrive, and that the IDF is tracking them, he also says.” / X
(42) 𝔸𝕝𝕚 𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕙𝕓𝕒𝕫 ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕦𝕕𝕙𝕣𝕪 on X: “Netanyahu releases statement: “For the past weeks 🇮🇱Israel has been preparing for the possibility of a direct attack from 🇮🇷Iran, our air defenses are deployed, we are ready for any scenario, both in attack & in defense.” / X
(22) on X: “UPDATE – White House now says Biden not to speak.” / X
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(14) Robert Inlakesh on X: “BREAKING: Iranian Missile Strikes Reportedly Cause Direct Impacts To Several Israeli Sites. This video reportedly shows a number of missile strikes. Sirens non-stop from north to south. This is a huge attack, the skies filled with missiles & anti-air fire.” / X
(22) Freddie Ponton 🇫🇷 on X: “🇮🇱Israel Iron Dome Missile System has been activated to Intercepts Hezbollah missile attack” / X
(14) Freddie Ponton 🇫🇷 on X: “🇮🇷🇮🇱 IRAN – ISRAEL By the look of it, the Iranian UAVs may just be a means of diverting air defenses from missiles. Too much warning to catch the Israel defense off-guard and with US support I doubt these drones are the real plan unless: 1) Iran is not interested in inflecting…” / X
(14) i24NEWS English on X: “🔴BREAKING: U.S. forces have begun intercepting Iranian drones in Iraq and Syria – report” / X
(14) sarah on X: “BREAKING: Iran’s retaliatory missiles are now hitting colonies and Israeli occupation forces bases all over occupied Palestine. The executors of genocide continue to remain in their shelters.” / X
(14) Arya – آریا 🇮🇷 on X: “NON-STOP SIRENS IN ISRAEL Reports of several impacts, the sky is red.” / X
(27) Middle East Observer on X: “⚡️Documenting #Iranian missiles hitting their targets” / X
(27) Arya – آریا 🇮🇷 on X: “SIRENS EVERYWHERE Numerous CONFIRMED explosions heard over Beersheba” / X
Iran launches massive retaliatory attack on Israel
(18) on X: “The malicious Zionist regime will be punished” / X
(27) The Spectator Index on X: “BREAKING: Israeli senior official tells state broadcasting authority that the country will respond strongly to the Iranian attack” / X
(25) sarah on X: “BREAKING: Palestinians in the West Bank have begun tearing down Israel’s apartheid wall. Iran’s counterattack has inspired an uprising.” / X
Iran’s Response To Israel Could Drag The US To War If It Continues Backing Tel Aviv
(5) Michael Ruiz 🇸🇻 on X: “It’s only WWIII if you’re glued to your screens. Nobody even knows how much of this is just smoke and mirrors. Many have become so addicted to fear porn that their whole life is just a reaction to mainstream narratives. Take a break and go outside.” / X
(10) Elijah J. Magnier 🇪🇺 on X: “#BreakingNews: #Iran managed to destroy several military locations, many in the south and, in particular, Negev airport and the army facilities. The possibility of #Israel responding is higher now due to the damage it has suffered in this Iranian punishment.” / X
(19) AIPAC on X: “Iron Dome saving countless lives tonight over northern Israel. Thank you to Democrats and Republicans in Congress for supporting this remarkable system! 🇺🇸🇮🇱” / X
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(11) Concerned Citizen on X: “🇮🇱🇮🇷 Iran has NEVER previously attacked Israel before. Tonight is a HUGE escalation in the Middle East. The World will look to America & Joe Biden’s teleprompter response, as to what comes next.” / X
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Strait of Hormuz: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard seizes container ship | AP News
(19) Lowkey on X: “Source:” / X
(22) Elijah J. Magnier 🇪🇺 on X: “#Iran (IRGC) is sending multiple messages to the #US and #Israel by seizing the Israeli-own ship MSC ARIES in the Strait of Hormuz. 1. It is in no way a response to the violation of the Israeli bombing of a diplomatic consulate in #Syria. 2. It is a response to @JoeBiden’s…” / X
(31) Arnaud Bertrand on X: “There’s rarely been a more extraordinary military failure as “operation prosperity guardian”, it’s almost unbelievable. Think about that: an operation announced by Lloyd Austin in December as a broad coalition of the US Navy, the Royal Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, the Royal…” / X
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(11) Alon Mizrahi I without equality there’s no freedom on X: “Let’s spend coffee time playing a little wargame in which the US decides to take on Iran and commit to a full war against it Look at this map. Where could the US stage an invasion of Iran? To Iran’s east, you’ll find Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. A big triple no.…” / X
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(4) The Last American Vagabond on X: “This is exactly what anyone honest has been telling you. It’s being reported by Israeli media and yet western partisan players will claim it’s fake news. It’s been clear since the first week of the post oct 7 ongoing slaughter of Palestinians.” / X
(56) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@AvivaKlompas You are right they provably did. We’re talking about the IDF right? #HannibalDirective” / X
(3) Dan Cohen on X: “The Israeli colonel who ordered drone strikes on the WCK aid workers signed a letter in January calling on military brass to deny humanitarian aid to Gaza. The WCK killings weren’t a “mistake.” They were an act of defiance directed at the Netanyahu war cabinet and its western…” / X
Twitter Video Downloader – Download twitter videos & GIF Online
Top IDF commander in aid strike wanted to block humanitarian supplies into Gaza
(34) UNRWA on X: “”This was not a nutrition-rich environment before the war” @ScottAnderGaza tells @AP low levels of aid entering📍#Gaza since the war started have compounded an existing, pre-war nutrition deficit. Meanwhile, only trickles of aid are reaching north #Gaza” / X
(26) Evan Hill on X: “The Post contacted 25 aid groups, U.N. agencies and donor countries to ask about aid delivery to Gaza and found that Israeli authorities have denied or restricted access to items ranging from lifesaving medical supplies to toys to chocolate croissants. “I think it’s…” / X
(38) Nour Naim| نُور on X: “🚨Heart wrenching: The children Hala, Fadia, and Zakaria suffered severe burns after their home was bombed by the Israeli army in southern #Gaza (the safe area ). Children are the primary victims of the Israeli genocide apparatus ‼️” / X
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Palestinian killed during Israeli settler rampage, troops fire on stone-throwers | AP News
(24) Mustafa Barghouti @Mustafa_Barghouti on X: “According to the head of Al Mughayer village council in Ramallah area 1500 illegal settlers attacked the village , killed a Palestinian and injured with the Israeli army 50 including many with live ammunitions. They burned 70 houses and structures and many cars and they are…” / X
(41) Nour Odeh 🇵🇸🍉 #NojusticeNopeace on X: “Update: 1 person is confirmed killed, 10 others injured including 1 with severe headshot wound. The Israeli army has shut down all entrances to the village, limiting access of Palestinians to the village but doing nothing to stop the settler pogrom in the village.” / X
Shot By The IDF 11 Times and Imprisoned: My Ground Report From Jenin – YouTube
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(46) on X: “Saying what can’t be said: Israel has been defeated – a total defeat / @chaimlevinson” / X
Saying What Can’t Be Said: Israel Has Been Defeated – a Total Defeat – Israel News –
(24) The Cradle on X: ““We’ve lost. Truth must be told … It’s no fun to admit that we’ve lost, so we lie to ourselves.” Renowned Israeli journalist Chaim Levinson published a piece in Haaretz titled, ‘Saying What Can’t Be Said: Israel Has Been Defeated – A Total Defeat.’ “Hamas will not be…” / X
Another Concept Implodes: Israel Can’t Be Managed by a Criminal Defendant – Israel News –

Late Additions:

USAID Mourns the Loss of a USAID Staff Member | Statement by Spokesperson Jessica Jennings | U.S. Agency for International Development
USAID contractor killed in Gaza in November Israeli air strike, employer says | Reuters
(21) Breaking911 on X: “WHITE HOUSE: “President Biden has been clear: our support for Israel’s security is ironclad. The United States will stand with the people of Israel and support their defense against these threats from Iran.”” / X
Are the Violations of Mexican and Iranian Embassies a Sign of a ‘New Normal’ in Diplomatic Relations?
Blog: Ofers’ ships took Mossad agents to Iran

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  1. Just a heads up on disclose tv. I had an account there way back in the day, when they were more video based. I was perma banned by a mod called low6ix after he was calling for the indiscriminate bombing of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians. I called him out on it and had my profile blocked and lost all my videos etc. Also I’m fairly sure their funding had something to do with Fox News. I realise this was the actions of one moderator but there was no recourse and the result was the same regardless. An eye opener when you believed yourself to be in a more open minded forum.

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