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Ryan Cristián Talks Censorship And Propaganda With Reluctant Preppers

Remember back when the Internet offered a promise of information democracy, and you could hope to find the truth about what’s really going on? Now, many independent media sources are under pressure and being buried in search results, losing views and revenue, despite ever-increasing subscriber interest. Are we doomed to become passive followers of whatever narrative the-powers-that-shouldn’t-be dish out? Have we been seduced into the momentary pleasures & distractions of electronic media so profoundly that we’ve lost our will to think clearly, to debate vigorously, to seek out the truth, and to watch out for ourselves and our families’ best interests? 

Ryan Cristián, founder of TheLastAmericanVagabond.com returns to Reluctant Preppers to outline how monopolistic control over information is leading to censorship, in the service of elite propaganda, indoctrination of the current and next generation, and worse – how the populace is checking out – losing the will to even care about the truth. Mr. Cristián lays out what must we do to reclaim our intrinsic rights: to freedom of thought, of expression, of debate & discussion, of upholding deeply held values, despite being cyber-bullied by a “PC” culture gone mad.

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