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The Collaboration: A Place For Independent Media To Come Together And Challenge Age-old Ideas

Few can honestly say they are satisfied with the current status and direction of the United States. Almost everyone has their opinion as to why that is the case, and those opinions are as crazy and as varied as they are indicative of the problem at hand: a grossly divided American people. Yet, in modern Read More…

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Walking Righteous In A Land Of Deception

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke Today’s world is one of mercilessly cutthroat ambition, where typically the strong thrive while the meek take a back seat and wither in the dust of the preemptive go-getters. It is commonly said that, “nice guys finish last,” and unfortunately Read More…

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Ryan Cristián Talks Censorship And Propaganda With Reluctant Preppers

Remember back when the Internet offered a promise of information democracy, and you could hope to find the truth about what’s really going on? Now, many independent media sources are under pressure and being buried in search results, losing views and revenue, despite ever-increasing subscriber interest. Are we doomed to become passive followers of whatever Read More…

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Down The Rabbit Hole: Mainstream vs Independent

With the massive onslaught of both censorship and outright attacks on independent media, most in the business of spreading truth, and filling the gaping holes left in our society by the deafening absence of mainstream journalistic integrity, have been left with few options to be financially successful in this regard. Mainstream media incessantly depicts any genuine alt media Read More…

The Last American Vagabond
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Full Spectrum Survival Interview With The Last American Vagabond’s Ryan Cristián

Ryan Cristián of The Last American Vagabond, recently had the honor of joining Brad from the FullSpectrumSurvival YouTube channel, for his weekly interview. In this interview they discuss the rise, outreach and direction of The Last American Vagabond, as well as many of the current events, their convoluted data-points and the different interpretations. Join Brad and Ryan as Read More…