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Syria Round Table Interview – Fighting War Propaganda From Mainstream & Independent Media Alike

Joining today for a very special roundtable on Syria will be Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley & Kevork Almassian, here to discuss a recent surge in Syria propaganda, primarily coming from the independent media. We review these recent claims, their origin, and the evidence around them, or lack thereof, and compare this to the reality on Read More…

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Israel Falsely Paints Palestinian Armed Struggle As Islamic Fundamentalism

As a means of narrative control, the Israeli government’s propaganda, and that of its allies, has desperately attempted to demonize and breed misconceptions about the nature of the Palestinian violent resistance to occupation. Western governments (and Israel) and their media apparatus have for years attempted to conflate the Palestinian armed struggle with the terrorism of Read More…

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US Establishment Recycling “WMD” Iraq War Propaganda For Iran

As the United States seems to be nearing re-entry into the Iran Nuclear Deal, the corporate media are whipping out every piece of war propaganda in order to drive a wedge between the Biden Administration and the Iranian government. This Monday, in a piece so outrageous that it verges on the comical, Fox News published Read More…

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Alison Morrow Interview – MSM COVID Blind Spots, Willful Misinformation Or Manufacturing Consent?

Joining me today is former MSM reporter Alison Morrow, here to discuss the utter failure on the part of MSM in its coverage of COVID-19, and its complete lack of objectivity and critical thinking. We discuss what might be the reason behind this failure, and whether this is in fact more than just incompetence.  ( Read More…

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Bogus Claims Of Iran Plan To Attack Washington DC Work To Justify War

US media is again uncritically citing reports of a supposed plan to attack the capital city of the United States. This story is being used to manufacture the consent of the US public in order to stay out of the Iran Nuclear Deal and continue attacking groups in Iraq and Syria. A report from the Read More…

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There Is No Proof Of An Iranian Quds Force Commander Being Killed On The Syria-Iraq Border, Iran Denies It

On Monday International media began reporting the murder of a senior Iranian commander belonging to the IRGC’s Quds forces. The killing was reported to have taken place somewhere around the Iraqi-Syrian border, only two days after the assassination of Iran’s top scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. The alleged assassination of an Iranian Quds force commander, would have Read More…