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MSM Syrian Lies, Waffle House Shooter FBI Connection, War Powers Bill & Facebook Teams w/ DARPA Exec

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/23/18).

To begin today I would like to point everyone to two specific articles that perfectly and eloquently encapsulate what I have been trying to get across over the last few weeks, and even in yesterday’s show, and as always I highly suggest you read them both for yourself.

MSM Is Frantically Attacking Dissenting Syria Narratives, And It Looks Really Bad

The Truth About The Syria Chemical Attacks – No Evidence of Assad Chem Weapons, Western False Flag Seems Likely

Today’s show also has a couple of followup stories; one in-particular which I still maintain is, at the very least, being kept in the forefront of the mainstream news in order to keep attention away from the collapsing of both the Syria chemical weapons attack narrative, as well as their embarrassingly obvious overdone effort to cover it up and paint anyone expressing even the slightest bit of criticism as Russian bots, or some other such ridiculous catchall. One important story discussed in the video below however, is getting largely overshadowed by everything else and it most definitely deserves your attention. That is the new War Powers Bill that is being presented as if it is some sort of solution to the seemingly endless state of war this country is in, when in fact it is the exact opposite.


The Senate’s New War Powers Bill Actually Expands Perpetual War

A new authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) proposed by Democratic and Republican senators would further entrench the United States in endless war. It would also streamline the ability of President Donald Trump and future presidents to expand the “war on terrorism” to additional countries and broaden a list of “associated forces” that are “co-belligerents” of al-Qaida, the Taliban, or the Islamic State (all groups of which the US has hypocritically been shown to either work with, aid, or outright support over the year, and in many cases even involved in its creation) The proposed AUMF effectively cements Congress as the war clerk for the Executive Branch, representing a complete abdication of responsibility over matters of war.

Senator Rand Paul stated that:

“For the first time, it will list six or seven groups that we’re at war with. If you remember, after 9/11, we were at war with those who attacked us and who aided and abetted them. But now, this is for the first time gonna codify six or seven groups, maybe 10-15 countries that we can be at war in. Really it’s limitless.”

He continues:

“If we detect any of the groups having any activity in any country, the president can go to war there. He just has to submit a notice saying, hey guys, we’re now at war in a new country. And that to me is not a limitation. It’s an expansion of war making, and I think, a huge mistake,”

Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley opposes the proposed AUMF for similar reasons:

“This new AUMF has no sunset clause – meaning it can be used indefinitely by President Trump and his successors to continue expanding the scope and geography of U.S. military action around the world. The absence of a sunset clause all but guarantees that this AUMF will be stretched by the executive branch to avoid coming to Congress for future authorizations, which is completely unacceptable.”

“Even more concerning, this legislation allows the president to unilaterally expand the scope of the authorization, both in the specific groups being targeted and in the countries in which the United States takes military action. The clear constitutional vision was for Congress and Congress alone to have the authority to initiate war. This AUMF stands that on its head, giving the President that power and leaving Congress with the impossible task of overriding presidential actions.”

Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is gung-ho about the proposed AUMF, sounding like President George W. Bush’s administration in the days after 9/11.

“Terrorists groups such as ISIS pose a serious threat to our national security. This bill will give the president the clear legal authority he needs to target these groups in Iraq, Syria or anywhere else they may be hiding.”


Again, this ignores the direct ties the US has to both the creation of the groups it claims to be fighting and its willingness to keep them from being fully eradicated. Under this new change, all that is needed is for their ISIS war proxies to pop up where a war is desired, and war can be carried out. Which is no different from what is happening today, this just writes it into law. Which is something that Ron Paul has said in the past — that all too often, these proposed “changes” and “solutions” are just manipulative ways to write the very problem they claim to be addressing into law, so it can no longer be objected to, and actually increasing the problem while feigning to address it.

Ask yourself this: if the current unilateral war on ISIS that is taking place in sovereign nations all around the world — which we should see by now is just a guise —  is legal as is so often stressed by the current war-hawk aidminstaion, then why do we need this new change to make it so? Does that not by definition mean that what is happening today is illegal or at the very least an abuse of power? Yes, yes it does. Many will no doubt argue that I am wrong, but the US has been illegally at war for decades under false pretenses, and this just writes it into law.

The absurd way in which our governmental bodies, seemingly without end and without fail, say or present one thing while doing or achieving the opposite, is simply staggering. Even more so when we see how many are still willfully blind to this redundant circle of profiteering lies and self-serving agendas. As far as I am concerned, there should be no doubt that what happened in Syria was just another example of that. And now the propaganda machine is in full swing working overtime to keep attention on anything but the embarrassing failure that was their recent attempt to convince the American people that Syria needed to be attacked.

The possibility should never be dismissed that these very same entities have their hands in some, if not all, of these events being used to distract, in order to dictate the current American group think, or at least what is being presented as such. As real as that possibility is, and as our very own history will show anyone willing to look, these events are at the very least being artificially held in the forefront to keep you fixated on anything but the truth.

Even today, as the recent shooter was caught and the story’s media fervor dissipates, we have another murder by vehicle that killed 9 people that is on every front page. But ask yourselves, how many times did such an event take place while the mainstream media was consumed with selling you war? How many shootings were carried out while the mainstream was forcing its irrationally anti-Assad narrative down your throat? Unfortunately, there are only stats available for previous years, but if those numbers are any indication, these types of events happen everyday. Shootings literally happen everyday, yet they only choose to highlight and stay focused on certain ones, and only at certain times. Don’t allow yourself to be swept into the daily distraction, spread the truth about all we discuss here everyday, and as Caitlin said in her article:

Propaganda and censorship only work if they’re invisible. Once it becomes obvious that propagandists are propagandizing, public attention moves from the material being presented to the people who are doing the presenting. And this is exactly what we are seeing with the establishment Syria narrative. In martial arts you learn never to overextend and reach for your opponent, because leaning into striking range with your arm outstretched leaves you exposed to a devastating knockout counterstrike. Do that in a boxing match and you’ll eat an uppercut that leaves you staring into a ringside doctor’s pen light and questioning your life choices. By losing control of the Syria narrative and making such a strained effort to regain it, the establishment propaganda machine has overreached, and now we have only to point at what they’re doing to cripple their Syria warmongering.

Please take the information discussed in the video below and research for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. As anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


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