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Governor Terry McAuliffe Under Federal Investigation – Murky Campaign Donations and Strong Links to Foreign Political-Gamblers

There are few traditions outside the realm of fantasy that are as immoral and contrived as the funding of American presidential campaigns. When election time rolls around corporate mongers all over the world reach into their dark pockets and pull out their beefy wallets, grinning odiously at one another – because, the stage is set. The cards are all dealt. And the Big Game is about to begin.

Campaigns cost absurd amounts of money to run. Successful presidential campaigns usually cost somewhere in the realm of $700 million to $1 billion dollars. Anyone who believes that kind of money comes from the people – individual donors and politically active families or small businesses – is sadly mistaken. Because here’s the cold truth: huge corporations, businesses and shadowy investors are constantly slipping money into our nominee’s pockets from the shadows and through a veritable maze of loopholes. Regardless of their legality, campaign contributions are the fuel and fire of American “democracy”. And politicians rarely get caught for bending (or even breaking) the Federal Election Committee’s rules.

But today, May 23rd, 2016 one of our patriotic leaders was exposed for such misdealing’s. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a democrat of the Old Dominion State, and a close chum of one Hillary Clinton, is now under federal investigation for having potentially violated the FEC’s law prohibiting foreign nationals from donating to presidential election campaigns.

Of course, Governor McAuliffe is hardly the only politician to have violated these sanctions. But the reasons behind why his campaign has been singled out, amongst the rotten lot, by our feral corporate media, have yet to be determined.

The FBI claims that Governor McAuliffe accepted a donation of $120,000 from Chinese businessmen and political-gambler Wang Wenliang. Wang has an impressive resume – he served on China’s National People’s Congress, owns a US-based construction company (that built the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC), and donated a generous $2 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign

It seems strange that political allies like Clinton and McAuliffe benefit tremendously from the same foreign donor, but to avoid the realm of speculative journalism, we’ll just chalk that up to an unlikely coincidence.

Wang isn’t the only questionable donation discovered in Gov. McAuliffe’s healthy campaign fund – although it is the most noteworthy (so far discovered) and the most publicized. But here’s the strangest part of this whole mess: every federal and state campaign is riddled with these kinds of FEC violations, abnormalities and legal grey areas. So why is Terry McAuliffe’s campaign being targeted? Which corporate political-gambler decided to expose this particular politician’s corruption? And for what manipulative purposes?

In an election season like this one, questions like those are impossible – maybe even dangerous – to answer. But the facts remain: Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to be under any Federal scrutiny for her, much larger political donations from Wang Wenliang, while her comrade Governor McAuliffe has taken a political shot to the gut for the very same trespass.

It remains to be seen what the FBI discovers hidden in the dark crevices of McAuliffe’s donation history, and whether it is enough to indict him on charges of political fraud – for which he is likely guilty. But his campaign will suffer indelibly no matter what. And perhaps even more enticingly, if that trail of depravity leads investigators all the way to Mrs. Clinton’s bank box, perhaps we’ll see her campaign metaphorically dismembered as well. Though, even that image, entertaining as it may be, leaves us with an even more unsettling problem to deal with: a Donald Trump presidency…


Will Brendza
Will Brendza is a freelance journalist and aimless adventurer based out of the Rocky Mountains, a fearless student of science and a keen outdoorsman. After having witnessed firsthand the environmental abominations taking place both abroad and at home in the US, he resolved to spread the knowledge and drive for global sustainability. When he isn't writing or reading a good book, he can usually be found exploring foreign countries, savoring craft breweries or somewhere deep within the wilderness of Colorado."

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