Kim Jong-nam
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Kim Jong-nam and the Sword of Damocles – An Assassin’s Victory

He was the rightful heir to the North Korean throne – the first son born to the previous supreme leader Kim Jong-il. He was destined to succeed his father and take over at the helm of the reclusive communist state. He would command an army, have a nation’s wealth at his fingertips, and live the Read More…

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Ending the Prohibition of Enlightenment – UK Petition Moves to Legalize Magic Mushrooms

50 years ago legalizing recreational cannabis anywhere in the United States was farfetched – it was the kind of thing only freaks and hippies spoke of with any real measure of seriousness. Today it is our reality… time passes, things change, drugs get legalized. Slowly but surely, the people are winning Ronald Reagan’s “war on drugs.” Read More…

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The Magic of Mushrooms – Psilocybin Effectively Reduces Depression/Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Fun fact: human beings have been enjoying psychedelic mushrooms for tens of thousands of years. Rock paintings in North Africa dating back to 9000 BC portray indigenous people using psychedelic mushrooms. They are depicted (along with peyote and other magic cacti) in many Aztec and Mayan sculptures, and were referred to by Aztecs as teonanácatl, Read More…

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America’s Secret Cerebral Campaign – Psychological and Informational Operations

Propaganda comes in many shapes and sizes – and our government seems to employ each one with taciturn precision: from popular artwork, to political ads, news, media, television shows, film and even music. “Psychological and informational operations” they’re called, America’s secret cerebral campaigns. In America’s recent past, psychological operations (or Psy-Ops) were not technically legal for the Read More…

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Pablo Escobar’s Big Fat Curse: The Strange Affair of Hippos Terrorizing Colombia

There is a serious problem lurking in the jungle rivers of Colombia – a menace that was left in the wake of one of the world’s most infamous criminals, to torment and afflict the country that murdered him. It is a strange, and terrifying byproduct of a historic drug cartel; one final gift from the Read More…

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The Precipice of Galactic Change – Mysterious Space Signal Puts Scientists on Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life

While the American political system devolves before the watchful eyes of the world, while the Middle East continues their out-of-control spiral into violence and Kim Jong Un has his own men blown away with anti-aircraft guns, a group of scientists specializing in the search for intelligent, extraterrestrial life uncovered a puzzling, and altogether unexpected message Read More…