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The Business of Cancer – Doctors Discovered Dead After Promoting Holistic Cure for Cancer

Cancer has become one of mankind’s greatest challenges. Despite years of research and virtually bottomless funding, the disease remains a mystery, the cure elusive. If there is any cause that is sure to generate profit, and stir people’s emotions, cancer is it. The quest for a cure has become a multi-billion dollar industry, a pursuit Read More…

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A Spiral into Malady – The Harbinger Case of Zombie Anthrax in Siberia

Beneath the surface of the earth, in the far north, where winters freeze the land to its bones, lies a vast field of biological landmines waiting to be triggered and release their hazardous cargo. They are remnants of bygone eras that have remained dormant for centuries – until recently, that is. It sounds like science Read More…

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A Cyber Hydra – Computer Hackers and the Future

Since the creation of the Turing machine in 1936 human beings have been on a strange trajectory. Computers changed history, granting us super-human abilities to calculate, communicate, formulate, and educate. They are perhaps the most functional and diverse tools ever created by man. And we have come to depend on the services they provide for Read More…

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Augmented Reality Gaming – The Trojan Horse of Our Digital Age

Amidst one of the most widespread and intense outbreaks of violence in the US, as civilians are being murdered by aggressive police, and police are gunned down by angry civilians, as protests fill the streets, and our criminal presidential candidates clamor to make promises about gun control and police training and peaceful protest, something happened Read More…

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Atmosphere of Fear – Civilians, Police Cooperating to Achieve End of Freedom in America

These are precarious times. Tragedy seems to lurk behind every corner wielding semi-automatic firearms, gunning down Americans, flushing our streets with violence of unprecedented measures. The people are pitted against those sworn to protect and serve them, blood has been spilled, fear has been spread. In the recent weeks (and years) the situation seems to Read More…

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Blood, Money and Opioids – America’s Heroin Relapse and Big Pharma’s Hand

America is sick. Infected by a problem that is killing its people, poisoning its communities, and fueling crime like gas on a fire. And of course, in the true American spirit of things, lots of people are getting really rich at the expense of innocent lives. Heroin is back in America. Like retro sneakers, wayfarer Read More…