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Declassified Report Claims Putin ‘Ordered’ Campaign to Erode Faith in US Election — By Telling the Truth

After months of hyperbolic assertions Russian State actors  — and possibly even President Vladimir Putin, himself — undertook a coordinated campaign to meddle in the U.S. presidential election to throw the vote in favor of Donald Trump, three intelligence agencies have finally proffered alleged proof to back their claims. However, the report — claiming Putin Read More…

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Trump Took $7.7 Million From His Supporters’ Donations and Gave It to His Companies & Children

According to a new filing with the Federal Elections Commission, Donald Trump’s kids have been profiting handily from his campaign — to date, his children and companies have been paid $7.7 million in campaign contributions — and that figure is on the rise. Roughly 20 percent of Trump’s campaign spending in May, $1.1 million, went directly to his children Read More…

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Governor Terry McAuliffe Under Federal Investigation – Murky Campaign Donations and Strong Links to Foreign Political-Gamblers

There are few traditions outside the realm of fantasy that are as immoral and contrived as the funding of American presidential campaigns. When election time rolls around corporate mongers all over the world reach into their dark pockets and pull out their beefy wallets, grinning odiously at one another – because, the stage is set. Read More…

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Key GOP Donors Still Reject Trump’s Candidacy

Ironically, even though Donald Trump is gaining more and more support among Republicans, there is still one thing that may stand in his way of getting elected: money. That’s right – despite the fact that Trump is exceedingly wealthy, many Republican financial backers refuse to support him, which could mean he won’t be able to Read More…