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McMaster Does Bilderberg

Donald Trump’s top advisor, H.R. McMaster, will attend the Bilderberg meeting this week. His name is on the participant list.

See it here.

So much for draining the swamp.

During the election, it was obvious Trump had no intention of taking down the deep state. It was merely a phrase fed to him by Steve Bannon and the alt-righters. It was an election gimmick, a trick to get you to pull the lever.

Trump and McMaster are caretakers in the swamp. McMaster knows the score, I’m not sure Trump does. The system is owned by the elite, international banks and corporations. The interlocking fascist plutocracy is not going to allow a New York billionaire to have an alt-right revolution.

The last president to the learn this lesson the hard way was John F. Kennedy.

Trump loves himself too much to let that happen.

McMaster will have his say on Iran, Syria, and what the establishment calls ISIL.

How to live this betrayal down? It’s not a problem.

Most Trumpites are not schooled in the finer details of the swamp, so Bilderberg might as well be German bratwurst to them. Millions of Americans are vested in Trump. Even if they know what the Bilderberg meeting is they can’t back down now. They continue to explain away his broken campaign promises.

McMaster’s sojourn to the table of the global elite will be reported in the alternative media and in Europe, but don’t expect much from The New York Times or The Washington Post.

It’s time the alt-right look elsewhere for presidential material.

Kurt Nimmo
Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day In The Empire.

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