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Six Case Studies That Point To Massive Pedophilia Rings At The Highest Levels Of Power

Originally posted 11/15 On The Last American Vagabond  With all the speculation surrounding the Clintons, and the allegations that they are intimately tied to a massive pedophilia ring interconnected with occult practices, The Last American Vagabond wanted to present the following case studies to show that the idea of a massive pedophilia ring at the highest levels of power is Read More…

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Washington Protects Its Agencies, Institutions And Elites From Ever Being Held Truly Accountable

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. With the ongoing drama around “the Memo” and the “lost” text messages, while being genuinely based in real corruption, it seems more and more to be distracting from much Read More…

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Weinstein Scandal Exposes Disney For Giving Convicted Pedophile Access To Kids As Film Director

Harvey Weinstein is the tip of the iceberg, his case is exposing how Hollywood has fostered and protected pedophiles for decades. (TFTP) Pedophilia in Hollywood, according to victims and those who expose it, is rampant and exists throughout the industry. Those who expose it are often tarred and feathered in the mainstream and the predators in Hollywood Read More…

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The Breakdown Of Political Discourse In American Society

While Democrats spend time arguing over faux issues that are created and played up by the media, such as “extreme racial tensions” or whatever inane comments Trump made this time around, Congress found the one thing it can come together and agree upon, funding for more wars. This most recent increase in the military budget Read More…

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America’s Oligarchs Will Control 70% Of National Wealth By 2021

A new study by the Boston Consulting Group has found that while wealth inequality is growing on a global scale, it has kicked into overdrive in the United States – where America’s 1% are expected to control 70 percent of the nation’s private wealth by the year 2021. America’s rich just won’t quit getting richer, Read More…

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Media Blackout as US Senators Meet in Secret with Global Elite Only Miles from White House

After months of obsessive coverage of “Russiagate,” the mainstream media is reminding the world of its hypocrisy once again as it ignores the annual meeting of one of the most secretive and powerful organizations of the global elite — Bilderberg. The 65th annual Bilderberg Meeting, which has been held in locations around the world throughout the Read More…