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The Breakdown Of Political Discourse In American Society

While Democrats spend time arguing over faux issues that are created and played up by the media, such as “extreme racial tensions” or whatever inane comments Trump made this time around, Congress found the one thing it can come together and agree upon, funding for more wars. This most recent increase in the military budget of $80 billion was coupled with a dramatic cut in social security to fund more death and destruction abroad. And yet, the American people are more likely to be talking about Melania Trump’s outfit than the fact that Congress just increased the military budget by almost double the amount that would have been required to execute Bernie Sanders’ free college tuition plan. But all anyone ever had to say about it was “how can we ever afford to pay for it?”

At this point, it has been proven that the US government can “pay for” whatever it wants. But instead of helping people who actually need it through wealth and opportunity redistribution programs like Medicare, Social Security and education spending, it takes money from selling bonds and creating more debt to give it to the military industrial complex and the industries that sell goods to the military. This, in turn, fattens up the pockets of the already wealthy and takes away wealth directly from the lower classes.

They’ll say, “We need to strengthen our military and protect ourselves from threats abroad,” yet the current Deep State controlled US is the threat abroad. The US controls 36% of the world’s military spending, 3 times more than China and 10 times more than that of Russia, and that is just what’s reported. In 2016, the US bombed seven countries, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. And yet, supposedly the US is not at war, just a “War on Terror.” What is the War on Terror but a blank check for the US to go to war and depose any leader that doesn’t align with US interests? How long can the people go along with this blatant and atrocious twisting of American values? We, as the people of this nation, say we stand for freedom and human rights, but what those in charge truly stand for is clearly power and domination, while spouting hollow promises and disingenuous yet grandiose visions of the former. This is just one of the many ways in which political discussion has broken down in American society.


The intentional destruction of political discourse by the mass media and politicians alike is one the most heinous crimes being perpetrated against Americans. Mainstream media does not talk about this increase in military spending in the proper context, for obvious reasons; they don’t talk about the US aiding and abetting Saudi war crimes in Yemen. They provide cover for the Pentagon and Congress to do whatever they can to expand the US military and economic domination while Americans squabble over issues such as the funding Planned Parenthood. Of course, reproductive rights and access to those facilities should be funded, as one’s choice should always be their own, despite personal politics and beliefs, and never dictated by the State(which is actual freedom, and not this faux freedom being presented with the rise of these new anti-freedom “freedom groups” such as Antifa, which seek to hinder your rights under, ironically, the guise of equal rights and free speech). Republicans have been able to destroy discussion on any meaningful issues by playing up specific inflammatory issues to its base that it has completely mis-educated and misled, while they continue to push policies that directly hurt the very base they pretend to represent.

The blame should not solely be placed at the feet of the Republican Party, as Democrats are just as guilty for the disintegration of genuine political debate in this country. They refuse to acknowledge the reasoning behind why the Republican base feels the way they do about their most prominent issues. They mock Republicans for saying the things that they do and scream “Nazi” any time they say anything nationalistic or pro-white majority. Democrats use this to blame groups that don’t agree with them and label them as the ultimate enemy, which helps to galvanize their grip over their minority and multi-ethnic base, but this rhetoric is just as divisive as those of the racists themselves. It forces people to divide along party lines, and not based on actual socio-economic issues, but because of ethnicity. It drives away the possibility of any civil discussion on the issues at hand and pushes any would-be white, Republicans from crossing party lines. Thus, reinforcing the partisan voting blocs in America.

Just because a group protests for their ethnic power doesn’t make them a “Nazi,” and calling them a Nazi is an insult to the actual people who suffered from Nazi cruelty. These protesters and White Supremacist groups aren’t the same thing. They existed long before Nazi’s ever did, and will continue to if one does not try to reason with them — as opposed to the current go-to square-peg-round-hole approach of the extreme left when dealing with any opposing view. Sit them down and ask, “what do you actually want?” Because what they don’t seem to understand is that their focus on pointless issues of race and ethnic power take away from the root cause of this tension: a loss of socio-economic livelihood and mobility. As with many other deceptively orchestrated aspects of American society today, the loss of jobs and opportunity for these groups is being shifted to a scapegoat — the only one they’ve ever known — African-Americans and immigrants.


Conservative Congressmen shift the blame onto this boogeyman who is “stealing your jobs,” when in fact it is these maliciously dishonest politicians, on both sides, who are doing all the stealing. They refuse to implement programs to address the root causes of racial tensions: over-incarceration, a lack of opportunity for the average American, and the biggest one, the extreme amount of debt that each and every American is burdened with. These Congressmen push sets of completely incoherent policies, a free-trade, globalist agenda and an anti-immigration sentiment. This is at odds with the God of Capitalism himself, Adam Smith. He wrote in his book that the free market requires not only the free movement of capital, but of labor as well. The policies of most politicians hurt those who keep them in office. These problems are never talked about, they are never addressed because they aren’t sexy. They don’t make for screen grabbing headlines like “Trump calls for Fire and Fury in North Korea,”which anybody with a brain can see will never happen. They are just an enemy to keep the people afraid and drum up the call for a bigger and more unnecessarily extravagant military.

The genuine issues of the American people continue to be ignored, and are only intensifying with time. It is time to start talking about the actual problems in America; wealth inequality in America is greater than any country since the fall of the Roman Empire. Americans everywhere are hitting the proverbial glass ceiling but instead of pushing back against it, they are pushing out to the sides, while the establishment barely holds up the foundation. They are deflecting attention away from the real problems that face this country. They don’t allow them to be discussed, they don’t want the people to be helped, and they don’t want any real problems to be solved.

This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue, but rather the elite vs. the people; the 1% vs. the 99%; a socio-economic battle between two classes, one that has always been waged throughout every society in history. The American Dream has been dead for a long time but the illusion is perpetuated to maintain the socio-economic status quo and appease the lower classes. This is a call for all Americans to come together and start talking about genuine issues. Why does the top 1% control more wealth than the other 99%? Because they control what you read, what you see, and what you are taught.

Everywhere we hear that “Americans are more divided than ever,” but I inherently disagree. Americans are being forced to take sides on every issue that is presented to them, when they don’t matter to the overall well-being of the country. Americans all agree on one thing, that they are not happy with the state of the country. However, most cannot pin down what it is exactly they are unhappy about. Whether it be too many immigrants or too much racism, both sides don’t have a causal mechanism for the decline in their socio-economic status.

The answer lies not in what is obvious, but what lies hidden in plain sight. Rule of law and economic justice has broken down in America. The rich evade taxes and justice and the poor get poorer because of it. Major corporations have unlimited funds to lobby, support, and fund politicians while the average citizen gets patronized and ignored. The company that masterminded the Subprime Mortgage Crisis has two of its most senior members sitting in high-level positions in the Executive branch today. Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn. Cohn was the driving force behind Goldman Sachs mortgage-trading desks and even oversaw their “big short” betting that the market would fail. Now he is the Director of the National Economic Council. One man can ruin the lives of millions of people around the country and he is summarily awarded with a big fat bonus and a prestigious government position. Do you see any of this discussed in the corporate media? One does hear murmurings from time to time, but it isn’t covered in enough detail to sway any to actually change their view. The grip of the ruling elite on the economy, the military, and the surrounding propaganda is almost perfect, at least in regard to their ability to control American perception thereof.

This game of identity politics being perpetuated by the Democrats is a losing situation for everyone. Both Democrats and Republicans, not just Trump, contribute to the overall division that exists in America. This, coupled with an entertainment-driven media, whose sole purpose is to divide and distract the people, has created a heated political wedge between Americans on either side of the political spectrum by spouting talking points that force Americans to vehemently and irrationally hate each other based on political rhetoric and identify politics.

The discussion on all of these issues is considerably lacking. The concentration of power in the hands of the few is mentioned, but not often discussed. When you let the media (which is quite literally owned in full by these wealthy entities) dictate the issues you discuss and the “facts” you believe, then you give them the power to shape and determine your reality for you. And once you give up that power, you are lost. I am telling you to take that back power. Do not let your reality be constructed by the very individuals who have dishonestly and deceptively built their imperialist empire on the back of your misguided patriotism.


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