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Ukraine Poland False Flag Falls Apart In Real Time, As MSM Toes The Line – Here’s What We Can Prove

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/16/22).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

Blubrry Stats – The Last American Vagabond
Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Groups Have Factions in the US (Unite The Right/Rise Above) – Both Tied To CIA
I Confronted Former CIA Director John Brennan. Here’s Why.
(38) Liberty Lockdown w/ Clint Russell on Twitter: “My appearance over on The Last American Vagabond is available now” / Twitter
(30) Reinstate @TLAVagabond!! (TLAV CENSORED) on Twitter: “Fix what @jimmyfallon, free speech?” / Twitter
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Russia urges UN chief to prevent Kiev’s `dirty bomb’ provocation
Ukraine retakes Kherson as advances over Russian forces continue
(32) Dan Kervick on Twitter: “Kiev has banned CNN and other media from reporting in Kherson. What are they doing there?” / Twitter
Ukraine bans US and UK media outlets from Kherson — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
Zelensky: Liberation of Kherson is ‘the beginning of the end’ | Bournemouth Echo
(23) ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ⁿ̶ᵒ̶̷̶ ̶ᵒ̶ⁿ̶ᵉ̶ on Twitter: “Another site of prisoner execution by Ukrainians. The blood flow from a dead body stops very fast (heart is not pumping the blood). Most probably prisoners were rounded up and executed with shots in the back of the head.” / Twitter
Russia war: Ukraine issues warning to citizens ‘beware those wearing red – be suspicious’ | World | News |
What do the colored ribbons mean for Russian and Ukrainian soldiers? Here is the answer – Fresno24 Local News
(19) Bolshevik Doomboy on Twitter: “@antiwar_soldier ~extreme CW~ (torture & executions) Committed by Ukrops” / Twitter
Russian missiles hit residential buildings in Kyiv hours after Zelensky addressed G20 | Daily Mail Online
Wave of Russian missiles hit Ukraine after Zelensky outlines conditions for peace at G20 summit | CNN
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(20) Citizen Free Press on Twitter: “It’s popping off in Kiev… multiple rocket strikes reported…” / Twitter
(20) AZ 🛰🌏🌍🌎 on Twitter: “‼️ 🇺🇦 🚀 Ukrainian air defense hit a five-story apartment building in the Center of Kiev, trying to shoot down Russian cruise missiles Now expect CNN,BBC,Guardian,Daily Mail screaming all around the Universe…” / Twitter
(31) The Associated Press on Twitter: “BREAKING: A senior U.S. intelligence official says Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people. A Polish government spokesman did not immediately confirm the information, but said leaders were meeting on “crisis situation.”” / Twitter
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A senior U.S. intelligence official says Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people | AP News
Russia denies attacking Kiev and denies involvement in the launch of the projectile that hit Poland
UPDATE 1-Ukraine’s Zelenskiy blames Russian missiles for deadly Poland explosion
Zelensky accuses Russia of missile attack on Nato member Poland | The Independent
(20) Dr.Snekotron on Twitter: “It is also improbable that 2 kalibrs would go astray and in the exact same way to land in the same place. IMO, it is more plausible these were two AD missiles fired at a single target that failed to detonate. S-300s have an aerial range of 100km, so double that for ground.” / Twitter
Pentagon says can’t confirm Russian missiles struck inside Poland
Russian missiles reportedly cross into Poland, killing two | The Hill
Russian missiles cross into Poland during strike on Ukraine
Russian missile strike near Poland raises tough questions for Biden – ABC News
Russian missiles cross into NATO member Poland, kill 2: senior US intelligence official | Fox News
President Biden Discusses a Meeting with World Leaders – YouTube
Poland Says Russian-Made Rocket Caused Blast Near Ukraine Border – Bloomberg
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Poland Convenes Meeting On National Security. Polish Media Write That Russian Missiles Flew Into | Ukrainian news
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(19) Reinstate @TLAVagabond!! (TLAV CENSORED) on Twitter: “So sovereignty only matters when you want it to? Classic pro-military industrial complex take Jack. Calls for Article 5 from the partisan players coming soon..” / Twitter
Sean Hannity: “If I was Poland, I would immediately strike back at Russian forces in Russia” | Media Matters for America
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(24) Reinstate @TLAVagabond!! (TLAV CENSORED) on Twitter: “What honest reporting looks like 👇 how refreshing.” / Twitter
(35) Reinstate @TLAVagabond!! (TLAV CENSORED) on Twitter: “” / Twitter
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(24) Reinstate @TLAVagabond!! (TLAV CENSORED) on Twitter: “This is what it looks like when your false flag attempt blows up in your face. No pun intended. Don’t forget the important little fact that Zelensky went on record saying it was Russia behind this. Yet now says it was an ‘unfortunate accident”. This was a failed #FalseFlag.” / Twitter
Russia-Ukraine latest news: Poland says missile strike was ‘unfortunate accident’ | The Independent
Poland: Russian-made missile fell on our country, killing 2 | AP News
(24) Namer Reman on Twitter: “@TheWuhanClan No, I heard it was identified as something else. Putin is not stupid, to drop a bomb on Poland. I don’t believe it. Zelensky on the other hand plays the game.” / Twitter
U.S. Sending Soviet Air Defense Systems It Secretly Acquired to Ukraine – WSJ
U.S. Sending Soviet Air Defense Systems It Secretly Acquired to Ukraine – The Wall Street Journal | The Daily Cable Co
U.S. sending Soviet air defense systems it secretly acquired to Ukraine | Fox Business
(22) Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “So, is NATO going to invoke Article 5 and attack Ukraine now?” / Twitter
(53) on Twitter: “NOW – Ukraine demands reparations from Russia at the UN.” / Twitter
(38) Reinstate @TLAVagabond!! (TLAV CENSORED) on Twitter: “Seriously. I’m mean seriously?! This country is being robbed blind. #UkrainePsyop #FTX” / Twitter
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Ukraine-Russia news – live: Kyiv demands access to site of Poland missile strike | The Independent
Volodymyr Zelensky insists explosion in Poland blast was not caused by Ukrainian missile | Evening Standard
(31) Reinstate @TLAVagabond!! (TLAV CENSORED) on Twitter: “What a sad side step. So basically saying: “So just ignore the fact that the entirety of western media just willfully lied to you in unison, and ignore that Zelensky is still lying about it, right now, cause it was Russia’s fault, no matter what the “facts say””. #FREEDOM” / Twitter
(1) Reinstate @TLAVagabond!! (TLAV CENSORED) on Twitter: “By this logic, the US military or the Israeli military are responsible for every action – and its fallout – taken in response to their endless aggressions. Oh, but I forgot, they yell FREEDOM while doing it, so doesn’t apply. Carry on.” / Twitter
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Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Groups Have Factions in the US (Unite The Right/Rise Above) – Both Tied To CIA
Four neo-Nazis arrested by anti-terror cops – English –
Italian Police Foil Deadly Plot by Neo-Nazis Linked to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion – 15.11.2022, Sputnik International
A Year After 1/6, Ukraine’s War Draws U.S. Far-Right to Fight Russia, Train for Violence at Home
Unexpected Friendships: Cooperation of Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalists with Russian and Pro-Kremlin Actors |
CasaPound – Wikipedia
Rinaldo Nazzaro | Counter Extremism Project
(14) Greg Price on Twitter: “Rep. Higgins: “Did the FBI have confidential human sources on J6?” Wray: “The suggestion that the FBI’s confidential human sources or FBI employees in someway instigated or orchestrated Jan 6th, that’s categorically false.” Higgins: “It should be a no!”” / Twitter
January 6th: The Failed False Flag Meant To Blame Russia (And YOU) Using CIA Grown Azov Battalion
Rights Groups Demand Israel Stop Arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine – Israel News –
(14) Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Israel controls our politicians and interferes in our elections. It’s really not up for debate.” / Twitter
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Istanbul: Six dead, dozens wounded in Turkey explosion – BBC News
(14) The Convo Couch on Twitter: “Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu on attack in Istanbul: “We know how this event was coordinated. We know where this is coordinated from. We know the message given to us.We do not accept the condolences of the American ambassador,we reject them”″ / Twitter
(14) Nora Barrows-Friedman on Twitter: “The “15k” figure “originates from the Human Rights Activists News Agency, [the] media arm of the Human Rights Activists in Iran, a group that receives $ from NED, a CIA soft power front that has for decades funded regime-change efforts across the globe”” / Twitter
Trudeau deletes tweet after sharing fake news about Iran | The Star
(15) Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “EU – to roll out it’s Digital ID wallet combo by 2024, just in time for their CBDC. It will enable EU residents to store digital data including national ID, driving license and bank account details. Standards and spec to be published in 2023. ‘Regardless’ of citizens’ views.” / Twitter
Are We Ready for a New World Order? | WGS2022 – YouTube
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(18) James Rehwald on Twitter: “How US corporate media and state propaganda advance ruling class interests at home & abroad” / Twitter

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8 Replies to “Ukraine Poland False Flag Falls Apart In Real Time, As MSM Toes The Line – Here’s What We Can Prove

  1. After the Ukrainian puppet mislead-er spoke to actual G20 members, about “his”, “peace plan”, …. POS plan; the Ukrainian’s claim the Russian response was to escalate, their neutering of Nazi’s….. My interpretation 😉

    Have any reliable reports come out from Russia, or from independent actual reporters, admitting something like: “yes we increased our demilitarizing and removal of Nazi and Neo Nazi’s cancers, in direct response to the continued insanity and lies and war crimes”; and because you psychopathic and pathetic fools, do not learn, and have no actual interest in peace”.

    Something to that extent? 😉 Any proof of increased Russian “work”, in response to that tool speaking to a bunch of bigger tools, at the G20???

  2. FYI I am not suggesting that an increased campaign in response to the very insulting BS talk of peace, by that actor in Ukraine, to the G20, would not have been my response as well.

    Just wondering if the increase in strikes by Russia, if even occurred, was just timing, or as a response?

  3. That thing flying, that you thought was slow and changed direction…Looks like a drone to me; perhaps an armed drone.

  4. I use the pocket cast podcast app and they stopped updating you on the 5th. So I searched for tlav again on their scroll and you were at the top, but also at the very bottom of the list, a second tlav option, and you are caught up there, so I subscribed to that one.

  5. Did not see a link to the opening clip. Yes, I’ve seen it on here before, but not sure where. Who was that? How can I find it?

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