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Legal Opioids Have Killed Hundreds Of Thousands As Big Pharma Bribes Politicians To Ignore It

As the opioid crisis continues, pharmaceutical companies continue to pay politicians to look the other way, and the federal government fails to push for legitimate solutions. (TFTP) More than 200,000 Americans have died from prescription opioid overdoses since 1999 and as the epidemic continues, it raises serious questions about why the United States government has Read More…

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74% Of Americans Believe The “Deep State” Is Running The Country

For the past two years, the long-running narrative, at least that promulgated by the mainstream media which continues to “explain away” Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, is that Americans had fallen for a massive, long-running fake news scam (in part aided and abetted by the likes of Facebook), which boosted Trump’s popularity at the Read More…

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It’s Not One Side Or The Other, It’s The Whole Damn Thing

What America might want to know right now is: how come Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any legal problems? Why aren’t DOJ investigators examining the financial records of the Clinton Foundation? You would think somebody would want to find out how over $120 million of Russian “charitable donations” ended up on its ledgers around the time that Secretary Read More…

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The Breakdown Of Political Discourse In American Society

While Democrats spend time arguing over faux issues that are created and played up by the media, such as “extreme racial tensions” or whatever inane comments Trump made this time around, Congress found the one thing it can come together and agree upon, funding for more wars. This most recent increase in the military budget Read More…

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The Reality Of American Politics And The US Government That Can No Longer Be Denied

Editor’s Note: This article entertains the idea that Donald Trump is possibly being used, unwittingly, to distract the American people, and that he is trying unsuccessfully to accomplish positive change, yet the deep state is hindering any move away from its global agenda. This is quite possible, however others maintain he has been a part of the Read More…