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The Breakdown Of Political Discourse In American Society

While Democrats spend time arguing over faux issues that are created and played up by the media, such as “extreme racial tensions” or whatever inane comments Trump made this time around, Congress found the one thing it can come together and agree upon, funding for more wars. This most recent increase in the military budget Read More…

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If Criminal Psychopaths Run The Government, Why Give Them More Power?

We all know that the criminal psychopaths who populate the government will stop at nothing to achieve their sadistic ends. But you’ve gotta vote for someone, right? So why not vote for the criminal psychopath that promises you free healthcare? Or maybe the criminal psychopath that promises to keep you safe from the big, bad Read More…

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Chomsky: Trump Is A Distraction, Used By The Deep State To ‘Systematically Destroy’ America

Smashing the two-party paradigm Noam Chomsky called out deep state democrats and republicans alike for using Trump as a distraction to destroy America. World-renowned intellectual giant and respected academic, MIT professor Noam Chomsky recently sat down for an interview called ‘A Continuing Conversation with Geographers.’ In the interview, he clearly makes his thoughts known regarding Read More…

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Top 10 Pieces Of Modern Day Propaganda

Propaganda in modern times has become both easier and harder to detect. It’s easier to detect in the sense that there are more places to get information and it’s easier to fact check the claims of the MSM (Mainstream Media) by going to the original report and source and seeing for yourself. It’s harder to Read More…

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‘Bipartisan Fraud’: Debate Rules Shut Out Third-Party Candidates

‘After Ds and Rs announced that they formed a commission for maintaining their duopoly of power, one might expect a reaction from TV executives.’ The U.S. Commission on Presidential Debates on Monday released the polls it will use to determine which candidates will take to the stage in September for their first presidential debate—and shut Read More…