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The “Coincidental” US/ISIS Coordination, Orchestrated Famine, And Rising Civilian Casualties

One of the largest hangups that many have when considering whether one’s government would take action that risks their very lives, is why? Why would they do that? How does that benefit them?

That can be a hard question to reconcile, not only due to the centuries of programming and conditioning for that exact question, but also because few want to deal with what that question is actually addressing: Reality.

One aspect in particular that is quite difficult for anyone to wrap their mind around, especially considering how often the government still hypocritically throws around the classic American tenets like confetti, with just as little reverence, even while doing the exact opposite, is the issue of civilian casualties.

In the last 12 years, terrorist attacks in Europe have killed 459 civilians. The U.S. killed at least 472 civilians in Syria, just in the last month. There is really only one way to see those stats, so when confronted with such a horrific set of circumstances, most want nothing more than to assume there was some “greater good” being achieved here, or that the numbers are simply incorrect. There is not, and they are not.


The brave ones venture to ask the question that represents the first step in anyone’s journey to awakening: Why? If one is willing to ask that question, with the genuine intention of being open to the actual answer, they have made the decision, conscious or otherwise, to challenge the status quo and venture into the realm of … Critical Thinking …  dun dun duuun.

The answer to “WHY” is simple: It all comes back to maintaining the global dominance of the Deep State controlled US; stopping any other possible emerging power, military, financial, or otherwise, just like we saw outlined in the Project for a New American Century; to literally stifle all emerging powers in the world using any means necessary to maintain US global hegemony, all under the guise of peace, equality and progress.

This is usually done using proxy armies through a nation that has been propagandized into something the US populace will only see as some unintelligent animalistic third world force, so anyone speaking out about the importance of opening a dialogue, or pointing out the glaring issue of the lack of any logical motive, is easily dismissed, because “logic and motive simply do not apply to these animals,” yet it is all being orchestrated by the DSC-US to serve its global agenda.

We will discuss the continual increase of civilian casualties in every corner of the current US middle east war, the exposed lies of the Syrian conflict and the return of Syrian citizens to Assad, the continually growing world presence of the western controlled ISIS despite massive counter efforts of the world’s most sophisticated militaries, the broken states of the union and much more today on TLAV political roundtable:

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Ryan Cristián
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