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Ukraine and the Merchants of Death

The merchants of Death—Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics, et al—gathered in Washington on Wednesday like a flock of vultures descending on roadkill. “The Pentagon will host leaders from the top eight U.S. weapons manufacturers on Wednesday to discuss the industry’s capacity to meet Ukraine’s weapons needs if the war with Russia lasts years, two Read More…

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United States Flubs Assassination In Caracas

Did the US try to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro? John Bolton, Trump’s veteran neocon national security adviser, told Fox News the US had nothing to do with the explosive drone attack during an appearance in Caracas that injured several people but left Maduro and his entourage untouched. “I can say unequivocally there was no Read More…

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Israel Complains Syria Is Defending Itself

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is concerned Syria may finally be able to defend itself against Israel’s attacks. Israel will definitely respond if S-300 systems are directed against it, says Israeli Defense Minister Libermanhttps://t.co/wSgREeazOq — Dan Waldron (@danwaldny) May 3, 2018 Last month Russia said it will deliver free of charge its advanced S-300 missile system to Read More…

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Social Media Behemoths Sweep Alternative News Into The Memory Hole

The squabbling between self-identified progressives and conservatives continues as social media transforms itself into a news, information, and opinion gatekeeper. All information that contradicts the establishment narrative will either be downgraded into obscurity of excluded outright on social media. Take for instance ThinkProgress, the Soros-financed news website, a project of the Center for American Progress Action Read More…

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War On Iran: Trump Steals Office Tower

On Thursday a New York jury decided it’s okay for the federal government to steal a Manhattan office tower. According to acting US Attorney Joon H. Kim, the Alavi Foundation and Assa Corporation who jointly own the Piaget Building on Fifth Avenue are guilty of money laundering and violating sanctions imposed on Iran. The building is Read More…

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Mad Dog’s Pathetic Syrian Chemical Attack Propaganda

It’s obvious Mad Dog and the war-makers take us for complete idiots. On Wednesday Trump’s Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, otherwise fondly known as Mad Dog, said Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government backed down on a chemical attack after a stern warning from the United States. “It appears that they took the warning seriously,” Mad Read More…