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Globalists Are Telling Us Exactly What Disasters They’re Planning For The Economy

Years ago when analysts used the term “globalist,” there was an immediate recognition among liberty advocates as to who they were referring. This was back when the movement for small government, the non-aggression principle and true free markets was small but growing. These days, it’s difficult to gauge how many liberty groups there are or Read More…

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Globalist Conference Season Begins

Oh, pity the poor globalists. They’re going to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off in the next few days….Well, OK, more like flying around in their private jets like well-pampered chickens with their heads cut off, but you get the idea. Why? Well, because globalist conference season is in full swing Read More…

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As Media Hypes Trump-Kim Summit, The Real Rulers Of The World Are Secretly Meeting At Bilderberg

War criminals, politicians, bankers, media controllers, and heads of state will be meeting in secret this week at the Bilderberg Group to discuss policy on how to bend the world to their desires. (TFTP) The world’s ruling elite will meet in secret this week. No press will be allowed in, no one will be interviewed Read More…

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Meet The Secret CIA-Funded Group Behind The ‘War On Terror’

A foreign policy think tank more secretive than Bilderberg has included both instrumental architects of the “War of Terror” and accusations of CIA funding. (TFTP) Bilderberg has gained a reputation as the world’s most secretive group of billionaires and political leaders who conspire to impact global events—but reports indicate that they don’t hold a candle Read More…

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Media Blackout as US Senators Meet in Secret with Global Elite Only Miles from White House

After months of obsessive coverage of “Russiagate,” the mainstream media is reminding the world of its hypocrisy once again as it ignores the annual meeting of one of the most secretive and powerful organizations of the global elite — Bilderberg. The 65th annual Bilderberg Meeting, which has been held in locations around the world throughout the Read More…