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Jimmy Dore Interview – The Inevitably Chaotic 2024 Election & The Ongoing Zionist Genocide

Joining me once again today is Jimmy Dore, here to discuss the already tumultuous political landscape of the upcoming 2024 presidential election, and the many different ways this race has been marked for chaos. We review some of the most prominent left/right candidates in the race, as well as the supposedly “independent” candidates, and we discuss some of the most prominent issues that will be on the mind of potential voters, one focus of which was on Israel’s ongoing war against Palestine. And, of course, no TLAV conversation on voting and elections would be complete without addressing the elephant in the room: does your vote actually translate to the outcome; does your vote actually count?


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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
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6 Replies to “Jimmy Dore Interview – The Inevitably Chaotic 2024 Election & The Ongoing Zionist Genocide

  1. Trump did start a war. It was called operation warp speed. You said exactly what I was typing when I typed this. Great talk! Much love and respect. ❤️

  2. Create chaos. Watch the reactions. Offer the solutions. This is the “innovation/modification” process! Since the dawn of civilization (in Babylon) and the emergence of activities such as agriculture, medicine and civic engineering, made possible by man’s industrial revolutions, humanity has been modifying both its physical environment and itself in and endless series of complex feedback loops. This “process” is accelerating! Humans who do not accept this “process” are considered “threats”!

    1. Advocates promoting the artificial evolution of the human race have long worked to advance social progress and eradicate ignorance through the process of “enlightenment”. There are 2 sources of “knowledge”, one being “esoteric”, the other being “exoteric”. Esoteric knowledge is “forbidden knowledge”. Exoteric knowledge is “permissible knowledge”. Symbolically, esoteric knowledge is represented as a green apple with a bit out of it! To be “enlightened” by esoteric knowledge is to take a bite out of this “forbidden fruit”! To “eat” it is to learn esoteric knowledge! Tell me, do you think that those who do this are actually doing anything “good”?

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