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Is There A Way Out For Stock Traders?

There’s more than one risk involved in stock trading, you can lose it all, or you might make a lot of people lose their jobs. That’s why “trading” is often thought of as one of the most stressful careers in the world. The pressure is sometimes unbearable, to the point that workers suffer from more stress-related diseases than any other activity in the world.

Most of the companies that choose to hire the rare type of individual that would subject themselves to this level of stress, are in a sort of financial “see-saw.” The smallest mistakes can lead to catastrophe. It’s almost funny how traders work. They read the paper, and if none of their companies are in the headlines, they might simply hold the window closed. With this in mind, it’s also one of the professions with a high suicide rate – food for thought.

One can explain the unpredictable tendencies of this line of investment in its volatile nature. One day you can have millions in the bank, and the next morning, even before the activities in your stock begins, you have nothing. As William Feather said, 

“One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, and another sell, and both think they are astute.”

Consider the example of Facebook, a brilliant company that was making tons of money, until they decided to head to a stock trader. Their papers went down as fast as water in a desert. As Daniel Drew once said, 

“Anybody who plays the stock market not as an insider is like a man buying cows in the moonlight.”

Well, poor Zuckerberg found out a little late, but no need for a fund raiser, he will be fine.

Sure, you will hear stories as the one told in The Wolf of Wall Street, where stock trading business is a “money making paradise.” But, even in that movie (based on a true story I might add), the “Wolfie” talks about the risks and how he built up his “empire,” mostly by cutting corners and cheating the IRS. Spoiler alert, if you saw the movie, the ending isn’t exactly happy; his family leaves him, he loses it all to the IRS and tries to make his way as a stock instructor.

With that said, is becoming a trader a good deal for the average individual? Let’s check the pros and cons of such a career: you might get depressed (low point there), you could develop an ulcer and maybe one day jump out of a window… But not to worry, there are plenty of options, but most of them imply a similar amount of risk as becoming a stock trader, or as they call it in some business “stroke traders.”

They call it “playing” with their money, in a sort of “life changing roulette.” Of course there’s safer options than rolling a bullet in the gun, as polls tend to show. In fact, the big online betting houses are having their moment, as more and more people tend to bet instead dealing with the stress and craziness of stock trading.

If you think about it, it isn’t that hard to find out why: online betting isn’t ruled by news or insider influence. They even have a whole guide for newcomers and promotions on LatestBettingSites. The mobile apps have turned betting into a comfortable sort of sport, enabling you to track the result as you watch the match where you placed your bet.

So trust the statistics and don’t develop an ulcer, just stay at home, enjoy a good glass of your best red and watch your money multiply without setting a foot on Wall Street. It is up to your instincts and maybe a little bit of luck, but that is a far cry better than ‘buying a cow in the moonlight.’

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