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Great Educational Youtube Channels For Students

Technology has expanded the amount of educational resources available to us in a huge way. Students twenty years ago didn’t have half the passages and pathways to learning and discovery that we enjoy and take for granted today. On the internet there is an endless amount of resources that are friendly and easy to understand, that help us to learn about confusing books, mind-bending mathematics and a whole host of other topics as well. One of the best resources that we have all come to know and love is, of course, Youtube. It is a video platform that allows anyone to upload videos of themselves, or of things and stories and lectures they’ve created. This has led to hundreds upon thousands of educated and intellectual people sharing their knowledge to us through Youtube. However, Youtube is such a huge database, how do you know which channels are the best to follow when looking for stuff to help your studies? Well, we’ll help you out! Here is a list of really helpful channels to get your brain working overtime, ready for your studies!



This is an amazing channel run by a charismatic host by the name of Michael Stevens. He is a friendly face that can really help you to understand some hard and complex subjects. He covers subjects in the field of physics, such as how hot it can possibly get on earth, and what would happen if everybody on earth jumped at once? He also covers a lot of topics concerning space, such as the conditions on the planet Mars, and the harsh realities of human extinction too. Not only interested in science, he also covers fun topics like what makes things creepy and how you can disappear off the face of the earth. All of these subjects are covered in an interesting way, and Michael moves slowly, making sure that you can keep up with him. This channel can be really great for finding interesting and credible sources for your own research and intellectual endeavour. vSauce is also a great way of chilling out and relaxing whilst also keeping your brain a little bit active.


This Exists

This channel is somewhat like vSauce but for the person studying film, music or video game. The host of this channel is also friendly and easy to understand, but he is more interested in cultural phenomena in the form of weird genres of music and even stranger films! Covering subjects such as the notes your piano is hiding from you where he discusses the naivety of the Western musical scale, and other subjects such as strange subgenres of music that utilise samples and soundbites from The Simpsons. Sam talks about these subjects in a humorous and entertaining way, inviting his audience to think on the subjects for themselves and to come to their own conclusion about the topic at hand. Again, this channel is another godsend for those students that are looking for something interesting, but that doesn’t require a whole lot of brain power to think through. You will also find some interesting subjects here that you can use in your own essays when you explore phenomena in music, film or theatre.

Thug Notes

You always can buy college essays but with a help of this channel you can find some inspiration. On thug notes, a real life Gangster takes you through a book that you are studying! He explains the storyline in the simplest possible terms, as well as talking about the context of its creation and what sort of themes it integrates into its storyline. This is a great way of getting a quick and simple understanding of a book or a text, to enable you to have a wider and more general understanding when beginning to study it. With the thugs help, you will find the book you are studying a lot more approachable and easy to understand.

Youtube is a great source of fun and entertainment, but it is also an endless corridor of amazing and fun educational channels that update their catalogue of videos daily. There videos and talks can help you to understand the hardest topics and books, by communicating them to you in a visual way as well as an oral way. Youtube is the secret weapon of any student who hopes to do well in their studies, so get visiting these channels and find out what one is best for you.


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