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False Flag Continues, Israel Gases Protesters, FOX Calls Out Both Sides & Russia Vetoes US

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/10/18).

Just as we recently saw that montage of so-called news organizations in lock-step repeating what they were pretending was an honest from-the-heart plea not to succumb to the exact fake news they were spewing at that very moment, a perfect and relevant comparison is what is now happening with all the usual suspects, in lock-step, repeating — despite the lack of evidence and investigation mind you — “Assad will pay a heavy price” or some such variation.

France, Turkey, UK, US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and others, all repeating the mantra, just like we saw in the Skripal case — the one that just imploded and which they are now backpedaling on, claiming they never made the accusations against Russia, and that we have archived tweets of (which they deleted) and video of them saying it. This repetition of “Assad must pay” is no different from, “fake new is a threat to our democracy.” It is orchestrated and completely disconnected from the truth.


And as is always the claim following the feigned desire to withdraw from Syria, Trump himself is being blamed for the recent alleged gas attack in Syria. They are once again saying that because Trump dared announce his desire to pull the US out of Syria — which I doubt was ever the case — the action emboldened Assad to attack his own people.

US Foreign Policy is literally on repeat, as this is exactly the claim made the last time, and it only solidifies the justification for staying in Syria, at least in the minds of those eating up what is obviously propaganda. And remember, Mattis himself admitted that there was no evidence that Assad was responsible for the previous claim, and they were surrounded with exactly the same rhetoric we are seeing today.

In today’s White House press conference, the only questions in regard to Syria, were, “How is Trump going to hold Assad responsible?” and “What actions is Trump going to take to ensure Assad is stopped?” Once again revealing the puppet show they call journalism, and the wildly one-sided nature of the every channel there, where is counts, war.

Many in the conference focused on Stormy Daniels and the recent raid on Trump’s office. And I don’t know if any of you have watched one of these of late, I do not recommend it, but they are literally like school children fighting over a toy on the playground. It’s embarrassing to watch. It is like watching bad acting. And mentioning embarrassing topics, Congress questioning Zuckerberg today (85% of which have taken money from Facebook), was almost hard to watch. Not only did they not truly hold him to task, they were so clearly outside their depth in regard to the topics at hand, that I doubt they could have asked the right questions even if they had wanted to. They were clearly reading from written questions from their far younger staff, mispronouncing common words and misunderstanding the very phrases they were using.

But ultimately, whether it was lack of understanding or not wanting to ask the tough questions Americans wanted asked, the hearing was focused on changing Facebook, as opposed to holding it accountable for what has already happened. The crimes committed and the violations of privacy, all brushed away under a pretense of moving forward with solutions. So apparently, Facebook is too big to fail, or rather too big to hold accountable. Or even more so, too intertwined with intelligence agencies to ever face repercussions. We must see by now that the social media giant is doing exactly what the government wants it to do.


Then, predictably, the hearing pivoted to “foreign actors in US elections,” and “Russian bots” and even the classic yet still incredibly ominous discussion of “how to stop fake news,” as well as other such propaganda talking points. All while Zuckerberg constantly referenced “when we stated this in my dorm room,” as if to say, “hey guys I am just like you, not a government stooge spying on you and cataloging your life for nefarious purposes.

I guess the larger point here is that all of this is so stupidly transparent that I begin to question if they simply want us to see through all of it, but regardless, the US war machine is marching forward, as usual, and those in positions of power get away with murder, as usual.

Truly, this has become such an absurd show, that I being to wonder what else might be happening that we are not currently paying attention to. I wouldn’t be surprised if, while we are all consumed with this soap opera, the US was out secretly overthrowing Venezuela or the Congo or some other resource rich nation. This just seems like such an act. Yet it should serve well to show us just how out of touch with reality our politicians are, and how disconnect the government is with the American people.

So maybe it is time to truly begin thinking outside the box. I just had an excellent interview with Adam Kokesh, who is running for President in 2020 on the platform of a peaceful dissolution of the Federal Government, and regardless of your perception of him as an individual, I suggest you take a look, as it seems to be a viable option. And before anyone jumps to conclusions, his proposal is very well thought out and makes more sense than one might realize. In any case, it is time to begin asking the tough questions, because this…

…is not working. 

Please take the information discussed in the video below and research for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. As anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.

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