Firas Samuri is a contributer to The Last American Vagabond from Inside Syria Media Center.
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Israel Continues Its Interference In The Syrian Crisis

On June 2, Syrian Arab News Agency reported on Israeli aggression on the T4 airbase, located in the eastern countryside of Homs province. It’s recognized that the Syrian Air Defense System managed to destroy two missiles. The remaining rockets hit targets on the territory of the base, resulting in one martyr, two injured servicemen, and Read More…

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Syrian Opposition Set To Recycle Khan Shaykhun Chemical Attack Scenario

According to Ahmad Al Khaled, members of armed opposition groups are preparing to accuse Syrian and Russian military of using chemical weapons in Idlib to hamper an offensive carried out by the Syrian army. With this setup, the opposition intends to increase international pressure on the Syrian authorities and forestall the government’s offensive in the Read More…

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Breaking: New Kurdish Congress – Who Stands Behind The Kurdish Autonomy Project In Syria?

According to the source, a conference on the determination of the Kurdish-held areas’ status is expected to be carried out in Northern Syria. The media has not yet confirmed this information, but such a meeting had been long-awaited. Referring to a number of influential experts and journalists (Diliman Abdulkader, Farhad “Fred” Khosravi, etc.), the source Read More…

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Turkey’s Dangerous Games Causing Idlib Catastrophe

The meeting of the heads of Russia, Turkey and Iran dedicated to a Syrian settlement was held in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi on February 14, 2019. Vladimir Putin, Hassan Rouhani and Recep Erdogan discussed possible ways forward for the political resolution of the Syrian crisis, joint steps that would help to calm Read More…

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U.S. Inactivity. ISIS To Execute Hundreds Of Civilians In Hajin

The ISIS terrorists detaining 700 Arabic hostages in the settlement of Hajin continue to execute them. Currently, they have already killed ten people. On October 14, 2018 ISIS fighters have kidnapped 130 families in the Eastern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor. The inactivity of the U.S.-backed Kurdish militias controlling the areas east of the Euphrates Read More…

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Inside Idlib’s Hornet’s Nest: Slavery, Organ Sales And White Helmets Being Trained

Editor’s note: After a short contact with the representative of the Syrian Army, some shocking facts about the radical’s activity in the region were exposed. The creation of demilitarization zone in northern Syria was announced last week. The joint decision of Moscow and Ankara was supported among a number of pro-Turkish groups. However, Hayat Tahrir Read More…