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New Study Reveals The Valuable Effects Of Cannabis On The Mind

There have been many uncertainties about the potential impact of smoking cannabis on the brain which has provoked extensive investigations in the bid to uncover how it affects reasoning patterns and mental capabilities. Also there have been concerns about the applicability of cannabis in the treatment of psychiatric conditions. In the United States, one of the biggest considerations that has made the decriminalization of marijuana unresolved is largely centered on having an unequivocal understanding on how marijuana affects the mind.

Fortunately, investigations into the impact of smoking marijuana conducted by an older Harvard study revealed that smoking marijuana does not impede thinking patterns in any way. A latest discovery recently published in Frontiers in Pharmacology has debunked various concerns about the adverse effects of marijuana on the mind and cognitive process. Various investigations have conclusively asserted that marijuana is advantageous to reasoning abilities while enhancing cognitive processes. Other inquiries conducted by researchers from McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Tufts University, corroborates findings that suggests that marijuana enhances cognitive abilities while debunking suspicions about the damaging impact of marijuana on the brain.

In other cases, observatory inquiries were conducted with the view of examining the impact of marijuana on the mind. The experimental study which was focused on “Evaluating the Impact of Medical Marijuana on Executive Function,” closely observed twenty-four medical marijuana patients on marijuana dose for a period of three months, after which, a variety of tests were carried out to ascertain the extent of their cognitive articulation. Using customary neuropsychological assessments such as the Stroop and Color test, the experiment was able to determine if there had been damage to the brain, dysfunction or cognitive impairments of the patients. More importantly, the Stroop and Color test is used to determine the extent of a person’s cognitive adaptability, creativity, and response to cognitive pressures.

The discoveries of the experiment tagged “splendor in the grass,” which was coordinated by Staci Gruber, director of the Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery (MIND), revealed that marijuana in fact enhances cognitive alertness and coordination which was clearly demonstrated by how efficiently the patients were able to disentangle puzzles.

The study revealed tremendous benefits in the areas of cognitive enhancements and abilities. Patients began to display improved abilities to handle mental puzzles particularly those controlled by the fore cortex of the brain. In addition to the apparent enhancement of cognitive response and articulation, the patients that participated in the experiment also began to show astounding medical progressions which were hinged on improved sleeping conditions and enhanced general psychological wellbeing.

The benefits of marijuana have also been found to be very instrumental in lowering the use of opioids, particularly in an area where their use is pervasive. Opioid products like morphine have very strong severe effects on human organisms with concomitant health complications that could be life threatening. Marijuana serves as a fine substitute to the use of opioids while obviating all of the damaging effects that are associated with the use of them. Although, the experiment is longitudinal, which is intended to last for an extended period with more facts yet to be uncovered, it can be asserted that the introductory findings have demonstrated the profoundly rewarding impact of marijuana on mental health and the immensely favorable therapeutic benefits of marijuana on the human body.

The aforementioned study comes to add more evidence in a huge list of medical properties of cannabis. Each strain seems to have its own medicinal value. What the consumers used to know for many years now is confirmed by scientific results. For example one of the very famous strains is super silver haze which has an uplifting high, helps with migraine problems and is a good sativa dominant strain for those who want to fight stress and manage anxiety.

Obviously we are still at the beginning and the future holds more knowledge for us regarding the effects that cannabis has in human brain.

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