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Chemotherapy Can Spread Cancer And Trigger More Aggressive Tumors, Research Says

The world spent over $100 billion a year on cancer drugs in 2015, a year in which the world’s highest paid CEO made his killing from cancer patients. Much of this is spent on chemotherapy, which is well-known to weaken patients, sacrifice their immune systems and make them susceptible to co-infections, diseases and other complications. In addition Read More…

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China Study Links Immune Activation By Vaccination & Autism

*This article is a summary of a larger article put together by J.B. Handley at Healthcare in America. It is a conglomeration of a wide body of recent research pieced together by a growing group of concerned scientists. For more information, please visit the website, A study out of China is the first to test Read More…

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New Study Suggests that “Detecting Misinformation” can Improve Memory

In conjunction with the recent wave of “Russian hacking” and “fake news epidemic” headlines, the scientific community follows in suit as it usually, in part, tends to do. However, since this is not exactly a politically oriented study, this article will refrain from over-stating these points any further; and of course, it goes without saying Read More…

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New Study Reveals The Valuable Effects Of Cannabis On The Mind

There have been many uncertainties about the potential impact of smoking cannabis on the brain which has provoked extensive investigations in the bid to uncover how it affects reasoning patterns and mental capabilities. Also there have been concerns about the applicability of cannabis in the treatment of psychiatric conditions. In the United States, one of Read More…

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New Evidence Confirms Link Between Autism and Mercury

An international team of scientists has published a study that claims that a fundamental relationship exists between mercury and autism. The research results show that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) had significantly higher levels of mercury when compared with healthy control children. A direct correlation was also observed between levels of mercury toxicity and Read More…

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Landmark Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemo — NOT Cancer

No matter how much doctors push the treatment, chemotherapy might not be the best option in the fight against cancer, as a new study shows up to 50 percent of patients are killed by the drugs — not the disease, itself. Researchers from Public Health England and Cancer Research UK performed a groundbreaking study examining for the Read More…