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Gaza Genocide Was Always The Plan & FDA Admits Dangers Of Getting Flu/COVID Jabs Together

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (10/29/23).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(54) Martin Konečný on X: “Worth a watch: Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN criticising Canada’s amendment to the UNGA resolution on Gaza, solely condemning Hamas. All Western states voted for the amendment that nevertheless failed to pass.” / X
Five Ways Your Privacy Is Under Attack – And How To Protect It
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(33) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “BS. MANY saw this very early. Then many of us PROVED this very early. So no, you were not “operating with imperfect info” you were operating on LIES & refused to listen to those of us pointing that out. That was a choice. You’re always responsible & accountable for your choices.” / X
(40) ABC News on X: “Older adults who received last year’s COVID booster and a high-dose version of the flu vaccine in the same visit may have a potential increased risk of stroke, according to a new FDA-funded study. However, experts urge that these results were preliminary.” / X
(27) Afterhours_Live on X: “How can the COVID jab (bivalent & original) be given by @Walgreens & @cvspharmacy alongside the flu shot if the most current official documents from the jab makers show they have no idea if that is safe, since it was never studied?,” / X
(27) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “And how much you want to bet they simply carry on claiming it’s safe to get both in the same visit. Mark my words.” / X
(27) Jezus on X: “@TLAVagabond Pfizer commercial “two things at once” was everywhere last week” / X
(66) COVID VACCINE INJURIES .COM on X: “🚨 Pfizer hid 79% of relevant fatality trial deaths from regulators in order to qualify for Emergency Use Authorization. 🚨 Pfizer delayed reporting vaccine-associated deaths in clinical trials, and failed to account for a large number of subjects who dropped out of the trial.…” / X
(20) Vigilant News on X: “Dr. McCullough: The COVID-19 Vaccines are NOT SAFE for Human Use Testifying before the Arizona State Senate, Dr. @P_McCulloughMD said, as a practicing doctor, that he’s seeing the complications of the COVID-19 vaccines firsthand. He previously reported, “Before COVID-19, I saw…” / X
(35) Robby Starbuck on X: “Matthew Perry has died at age 54. The call was for a suspected cardiac arrest. While anything is possible, many will point out that Matthew was a big supporter of the COVID vaccines and even sold shirts saying “Could I BE Any More Vaccinated?” so I think it’s fair to ask that it…” / X
(63) Vivid. on X: “Tamar a 9-Year-Old from the City of Ashdod in Southern Israel reportedly Died last night after suffering a Heart Attack last week while running to Shelter during a Rocket Attack launched from the Gaza Strip; she has been kept on Life Support since the Attack but sadly Doctors…” / X
(21) Chief Nerd on X: “Prof. Murakami explains the connection between DNA contamination, IgG4 antibodies, and cancer 👇” / X
(47) Ben Swann on X: “WOW — Pascal Najadi, the son of WEF co-founder Hussain Najadi, is calling for the arrests of Bill Gates, WHO leadership, the WEF, Klaus Schwab, Big Tech and Pfizer. He says he and his mother are now dying from the vaccine, which he calls “poison”.” / X
(31) Norfolk Southern on X: “Over the weekend the final truckload of impacted soil will be removed and transported offsite from East Palestine, completing the most intensive phase of environmental remediation.” / X
The Clean Harbors Waste Disposal Ohio Scandal, Azov Hong Kong Protesters & Ideological Subversion
(34) Seyed Mohammad Marandi on X: “This is a shameless lie. No one touched her. No one was even near her. The video footage is very clear. A young girl simply collapsed, and her head hit the passenger train door in a metro station. This is a disgusting attempt to distract attention away from the genocide in Gaza.” / X
(60) Thomas Massie on X: “Biden’s proposed foreign aid package would send billions of dollars to Ukraine and Israel. Congress would have to borrow (or tax) another $100 billion to send the money overseas. Do you believe we should send this money to:” / X
IMG_0271.jpeg (1170×2532)
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October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles – The Grayzone
What really happened on 7th October?
(67) Jackson Hinkle 🇺🇸 on X: “🚨🇮🇱 Haaretz investigation EXPOSES all the ISRAELI LIES from October 7th (just like I predicated). 🇮🇱 Confirmed number dead is 900, not “nearly 2,000.” 🇮🇱 50% were Israeli soldiers. 🇮🇱 Most deaths have signs of being dead during Tank shelling. 🇮🇱 No evidence Hamas burnt any…” / X
(63) Michel -exoteric astrologizer- on X: “@SofaKingSha @Haaretz @Israel @IDF Here is @Haaretz’s list of 902 confirmed dead Israelis.” / X
Israel’s Dead: The Names of Those Killed in Hamas Attacks, Massacres and the Israel-Hamas War – Israel News –
Cabinet said slated to okay police use of live fire against protesters blocking roads during multi-front war | The Times of Israel
(56) Max Blumenthal on X: “An explicit expression of genocidal intent by Netanyahu, painting the Palestinians of Gaza as the biblical Amalekites whose total eradication was commanded by God as punishment for their sins” / X
(51) מגי אוצרי on X: “תסתכלו בסרטון הזה. אני אשכרה מפחדת על חיי כשהידיים של האיש הזה על ההגה. הוא פשוט לא נראה כשיר.” / X
For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces | The Times of Israel
How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas – WSJ
Not Tomorrow. Not Next Week. Netanyahu Must Go Now – Opinion –
Netanyahu Is an Existential Threat to Israel’s Survival – Opinion –
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Total of 5,000 US Soldiers Partook in Israel’s Overnight Raid in Northern Gaza – Reports
Marine Corps 3-star general advising Israeli military on Gaza ground operation
(49) Dan Cohen on X: “Reports says Israeli military incursions on Gaza’s eastern side are met with stiff resistance from the Al-Qassam Brigades and are unable to advance. The region’s “strongest” military, supported by a superpower, is being matched by concentration camp inmates with rudimentary…” / X
(89) The Spectator Index on X: “BREAKING: 🇺🇸 US spokesperson says Israel ‘owes no-one any justification’ and that it will have ‘no red lines'” / X
(51) Max Blumenthal on X: “The Pentagon has repeatedly insisted Israel is following “the laws of war” in Gaza, where it has killed 7000+ in two weeks When reporter @TomSquitieri asked @PentagonPresSec to outline which of those laws Israel was following, he was told simply, “I refer you to Israel”” / X
‘Emphasis is on damage, not accuracy’: ground offensive into Gaza seems imminent | Israel | The Guardian
Evidence Shows Israel Killed Own Citizens On The 7th & 53 UN Staff, Journalists Deliberately Killed
(84) UNRWA on X: “It’s been confirmed that 53 of our colleagues in📍#Gaza have been killed since October 7 These people dedicated their lives to their communities. One colleague died collecting bread. He leaves behind 6 children. We are beyond devastated, as this unspeakable suffering continues.” / X
(78) Vonkanarse on X: “@UNRWA @TLAVagabond @UNLazzarini @UN @UNOCHA @UN_News_Centre @antonioguterres @ochaopt I ask u then: for gods sake why are ur military police not going to tel aviv and fucking arresting @netanyahu THIS OCCURRED W @milosovic w Radovan Karadžić I ASK U WHAT ARE U WAITING For??” / X
(72) Family on X: “@UNRWA @TLAVagabond @UNLazzarini @UN @UNOCHA @UN_News_Centre @antonioguterres @ochaopt Fuck off you terrorist baby killer lovers” / X
(59) UNRWA on X: “”Missiles are dropping on us from everywhere and nobody knows if they will live to see another day” These were the messages we were receiving from our colleagues, our friends, in the📍#GazaStrip before the communication blackout. #HearTheirVoices” / X
(44) Sky News on X: “UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini says if no more fuel is available for his colleagues in the coming days, they will have to “make even tougher decisions.” Latest: 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube” / X
At least 6 people killed in Israeli air strike on UNRWA school in Gaza | Reuters
(72) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “Apparently now the blind Israel supporters are claiming that the targeted bombing of UN facilities, housing hundreds of thousands of sheltering victims of other Israeli bombings, are justified because Hamas is there too. Or at least we’ll assume that in the meantime to bomb them.” / X
UN peacekeeping force says shell hit base in south Lebanon | The Times of Israel
(34) Machelle on X: “” / X
(34) Machelle on X: “@ladydiaphanous @TLAVagabond” / X
(60) Abby Martin on X: “While Biden shamefully disputes death toll of the mass slaughter in Gaza, Israeli media is proudly displaying the tally as “terrorists we eliminated”” / X
(67) Family on X: “@GhassanAbuSitt1 @TLAVagabond And did you comment on the over 1,400 Israeli babies,teens,mommies,daddies,grandparents, who were barbaricly burned to death, raped, beheaded, hands chopped off, maimed, tortured? Fuck off you terrorist loving shill” / X
Rain of Fire: Israel’s Unlawful Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza | HRW
Israel: White Phosphorus Used in Gaza, Lebanon | Human Rights Watch
Israel Still Blocking Aid to Civilians in Gaza | Human Rights Watch
(74) Dan Cohen on X: “.@Israel is murdering American citizens trapped in Gaza with US-made bombs and the Biden administration is doing NOTHING to help them escape! American blood is on your hands, @JoeBiden and @SecBlinken.” / X
Israel Bombed Al-Ahli Hospital, American Child Killed In Gaza & Gaza Genocide Has Exposed Everyone
State Department struggles to explain why American citizens still can’t exit Gaza – ABC News
(80) Martin Konečný on X: “Worth a watch: Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN criticising Canada’s amendment to the UNGA resolution on Gaza, solely condemning Hamas. All Western states voted for the amendment that nevertheless failed to pass.” / X
(64) Underlord on X: “@benshapiro Why did Bibi support “evil”?″ / X
(89) 🇵🇰‏کــــــــنزہ ذیشـــــــــان on X: “@swilkinsonbc Boycott these brands” / X
(84) Jewish Voice for Peace on X: “This is what genocide looks like. These are the 2913 Palestinian children killed by the Israeli military this month, as of Thursday, October 26. As the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza intensify, we recognize with horror and grief that this death toll is already inaccurate. 1/5” / X
(66) Defense for Children on X: “GAZA UPDATE: At least 3,324 Palestinian children have been killed during the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Nearly 7,000 children are injured and about 1,000 are missing under the rubble.” / X
(82) Daniel Dumbrill on X: “@piersmorgan Have you ever told anyone that if they refuse to condemn Israel for their occupation and apartheid, they then have no right to condemn Hamas? I highly doubt it. That meme was perfectly made for folks exactly like you.” / X
(82) Eva Karene Bartlett on X: “I’m writing an article, referencing past Israeli crimes I’ve written about. (2009 Israeli war on Gaza): This is about 2 & 7 year old girls gunned down point-blank by Israeli soldiers. Their 4 year old sister survived multiple shots, paralyzed…” / X
(68) HighImpactFlix on X: “If you doubted that Zionists control Congress, doubt no longer. They’re all occupants in the den of vipers! It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.” / X
(74) ~Иот ӏи Му Иамə~ on X: “@DrMohamedBashir @tlavagabond 😔 Prayers to you Dr Mohammed, your friends, family, neighbors and to all the children. The good people in the world are fighting to free you, to help and rebuild Palestine. ❤️🖤🤍💚” / X
(41) Caitlin Johnstone on X: “Confirms theories that Israel primarily wants a total information blackout in Gaza to prevent information about its crimes against humanity from being broadcast, rather than for any strategic reason.” / X
(35) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on X: “Reports of intense bombardment in Gaza are extremely distressing. Evacuation of patients is not possible under such circumstances, nor to find safe shelter. The blackout is also making it impossible for ambulances to reach the injured. We are still out of touch with our staff…” / X
(40) Jeremy Corbyn on X: “People in Gaza are dying in the darkness. This unthinkable horror cannot be undone — and history will not forgive those who refused to treat Israeli and Palestinian lives with equal worth. Please, we need a ceasefire, now.” / X
(42) dr_orgelmeister on X: “@ElijahSchaffer Ok then you have to prove there was no leadership there *and* Israel knew it. Love all the newly minted twitlawyers with expertise in “war crimes”” / X
(47) max igan on X: “Israels War on Gaza. Gaza has no military, no artillery, no tanks, no RV’s, no air force, no navy, no body armor, no helmets, no heavy weapons, no fuel, no electricity, no coms, no help. 2.3 million walled in and besieged civilians. 50% of population 14 years old or younger. Over…” / X
(54) Bruce Porter Jr.  on X: “The first bill that I’m going to bring to this floor will be in support of our dear friend Israel. -Speaker Johnson Not you, your family, your open border or any talks of deportation plan of the 50,000,000 who entered illegally. And the crowd goes wild! ChaChing! 💰🤑” / X
(33) Michael Tracey on X: “Mike Johnson, the new House Speaker, tells a gathering of “pro-Israel” donors he personally assured Netanyahu that Congress will back the war “unwaveringly, till the end” “As a Christian, we believe the Bible teaches very clearly that we’re to stand with Israel,” Johnson says” / X
(30) The Sirius Report on X: “Now we hear that the US is insisting that all weapons given to Israel have to be used within the context of international law so as to protect civilians in Gaza from attacks launched by Tel Aviv.” / X
Israel pulls diplomats from Turkey to reassess ties as Erdogan blasts its ‘war crimes’ | The Times of Israel
(36) Manolo De Los Santos on X: “JUST NOW: Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel condemns Israel & the United States for waging 75 years of genocide & occupation of Palestine. Cuba stands with the Palestinian people & says that the only solution can come from Palestine’s right to exercise its self-determination.” / X
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(43) Israel ישראל 🇮🇱 on X: “We will protect our families. Full stop.” / X
(37) Catherine Russell on X: “Children are being killed.   Children are suffering.   It has to STOP. NOW.” / X
(83) Mohammad Alsaafin on X: “Hamas’ proposal for releasing hostages:” / X
(45) Lowkey on X: “It is being reported that these leaked documents show the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence’s plan to push over 2 million people out of Gaza into the Sinai Desert, through this bombing campaign. The plan is to depopulate Gaza.” / X
(20) Moseqar on X: “@4noura Their own words, this was always their plan to ethnically cleanse the population without return” / X
Israel conducts largest Gaza raid yet amid growing calls for ceasefire – The Washington Post
(78) MarkGB on X: “”Israel has the right to do it, but we believe it must do it in a way that protects civilians to the maximum extent possible”. The strategy is clear: to avoid responsibility for atrocities with this excuse: ‘They tried, but Hamas gave them no choice, they did the best they could'” / X
(77) Censored Men on X: “Israel literally have the worst PR team of all time. They have that clown Naftali, who literally blocked me because he was fed up of me exposing his blatant lies. He also deleted a tweet confirming Israel had bombed the hospital, but then deleted and quickly changed the…” / X
(38) Biden is Enemy of the People on X: “@RaniaKhalek @TLAVagabond They’ve been warning for weeks what they were about to do, given ample time. They’ve also dropped leaflets for weeks. Stop lying.” / X
(78) vanessa beeley on X: “Israel asserts the safety of the southern region, yet in reality, both the northern and southern areas are heavily targeted. Satellite images of Gaza illustrate the situation. #IsraeliNewNazism #Israel #Gaza #starlinkforgaza” / X
(43) Freedom Flotilla Coalition on X: “@ThatRandomJew7 @Israel @KnessetIL @shiptogazaswe @rumboagaza @USBOATTOGAZA @CanadaBoatGaza @GFFAusGroup @PFPalestine @FreedomFlotITA @mycarehq @WeAreNotNumbers @Ship2GazaNorway Israel is international recognized as the occupying power in #Gaza, with legal responsibilities towards the civilian #Palestinian population under the #GenevaConventions.” / X
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(77) ~Иот ӏи Му Иамə~ on X: “@NoonArabia @GhassanAbuSitt1 @CNN @tlavagabond” / X
Surgeon Ghassan Abu-Sittah on the ‘Impending Catastrophe’ in Gaza’s Hospitals – DAWN
(20) Dr. Maen K Househ on X: “@IDF context” / X
Edward Said interviewed by Salman Rushdie – YouTube
Hamas rejects Israeli claim over installations under al-Shifa hospital | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera
(77) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “I note that the hospital Israel is preparing to bomb houses hundreds of thousands of civilians incapable of moving (due to previous Israeli bombing of civilian areas) & note that Israel was already verifiably caught lying & he calls me racist & discusses my daughter being raped.” / X
Israeli strikes target vicinity of al-Shifa, Indonesian hospitals in Gaza
(33) PRCS on X: “🚨@Palestinercs has received serious threats from the occupation authorities to immediately #evacuate Al-Quds Hospital in the #Gaza Strip, since it going to be #bombarded. 📢We urge the international community to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. #SaveAlQudsHospital…” / X
(60) PRCS on X: “The Israeli occupation forces deliberately continue to launch rockets directly near Al-Quds hospital in #Gaza to force medical staff, displaced individuals, and patients to evacuate the hospital. This has caused significant damage to hospital departments and exposed residents and…” / X
Investigations reveal discrepancies in Israel’s Gaza hospital attack claims | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera
(72) Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur oPt on X: “Hospitals and other medical facilities are protected objects under IHL. Bombing a hospital during an armed conflict is a war crime. Also: #UNGA voted a #ceasefire. This must be respected and enforced.” / X
(46) vanessa beeley on X: “The camera keeps filming even after #Israel murders two paramedics. I don’t have any words left. #Gaza_Holocaust” / X
Twitter Video Downloader – Download twitter videos & GIF Online
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(72) B’Tselem בצלם بتسيلم on X: “30 Human rights and civil society NGOs in Israel release statement urging the international community to act on unprecedented levels of state-backed settler violence in the West Bank >” / X
(40) Censored Men on X: “🇮🇱 Israel’s National Security Minister: “The right of me, my wife and kids to travel around the West Bank is more important than that of the arabs.”” / X
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(72) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “Round and round we go. Always about creating justification by dehumanizing your enemy. Evil vs Good. Even though it’s quite obviously never that simple. As many Americans, Israelis, and Europeans are rapidly finding out about their governments in real time. #CeasefireNow” / X
(30) on X: “NOW – Netanyahu: “This is our second war of liberation… We’re going to fight… It will be the good over evil, light over darkness.”” / X
(72) sarah on X: ““Bring Netanyahu before the International Criminal Court so that he can be tried for what he is, a war criminal.” —Ione Belarra, Spain’s Minister of Social Rights” / X
(72) Al Mayadeen English on X: “Cut from the same cloth. The savage Israeli bombing on #Gaza is not unprecedented. Similar acts of terror were carried out by the allies of the Israeli occupation throughout history. US bombing of #Vietnam 1964. US bombing of #Cambodia 1969. NATO bombing of #Yugoslavia in 1999.…” / X

Late Additions:

Leaked: Israeli plan to ethnically cleanse Gaza
(22) Botswana Government on X: “STATEMENT ON THE NEW COVID-19 VARIANT” / X
United States Africa Command

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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

4 Replies to “Gaza Genocide Was Always The Plan & FDA Admits Dangers Of Getting Flu/COVID Jabs Together


    “The unrealized potential of Palestinian oil and gas reserves
    Our study released in August reported that geologists and resources economists had confirmed that the occupied Palestinian territory lies above sizeable reservoirs of oil and natural gas wealth that could generate hundreds of billions of dollars for development, if tapped. However, occupation made it impossible for the Palestinian people to exploit the oil and gas reserves to meet their energy needs and generate fiscal and export revenues.”

    I’ll let you figure out what’s going on.

  2. Ryan – Palestinians in Israel are not those in the West Bank– they are those inside Israel proper – those that did not leave in 1948 and their descendants – they carry Israeli passports, are Israeli citizens, can vote, are highly discriminated against (in housing, employment, etc.) and cannot serve in the army. (the 1.3 million). Palestinians in the West Bank do not hold Israeli passports, are not citizens, cannot vote, and are under the Occupation.
    A five-year old child is in the list, several Thai workers, Nepali students, a Canadian, and two Palestinians.
    HAARETZ = ha-a’-retz
    That is a bomb every three minutes.
    Huge military relationship between Israel and the US – the US would not give all this support cuz’, or even for the small but vocal Christian Zionists (and don’t they care about the Christians being bombed ?) The US is indebted to them for their location and especially their military technology.

  3. Great coverage, as always, Ryan. One thing I want to mention: with your pronunciation in this video, it sounds like you’re conflating Dr. McCullough and Dr. Mercola, and it may confuse people. It did confuse me as I was listening.

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