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Ben Swann Exposes The Truth About US Foreign Aid And The Clinton Foundation’s Haitian Fraud

In yet another extremely astute and open-minded episode of “Reality Check” Ben Swann breaks down the past statement made by Donald Trump, wherein he supposedly called Haiti a “shit hole.” Now regardless of your opinion on the veracity of that claim, Swann brings the conversation back to what it should be addressing, the reality of why Haiti is the way it is today, and not whether or not Trump is a racist or whether he was right to call it what he did. This is exactly how the establishment media controls the conversation, always making it a partisan divide and conquer debate. 

Ben dives into the Clinton Foundation and its outright fraud and criminal manipulation of the money that was meant to go to the struggling Haitian people. Yet, he also points out that this is not just about the Clinton Foundation, but also the larger issue of this country’s deceptive and profiteering foreign aid, and how it is never truly about helping anyone, but rather about making money for those involved in the “helping” process. In this case however, there is a lot of evidence demonstrating the fraud and criminal acts of the Clinton Foundation specifically, for which it will likely never be held accountable. As I have exposed many times over the last month in “The Daily Wrap Up” political elites are very rarely held accountable for their crimes. 

I will leave some links below to check out, but be sure and support Ben and his efforts to cover the topics that so few with his reach have the courage to cover. 

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