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Adam Green Interview – The Dual Loyalty “Trope” & Why Every American Should Be Talking About It

Joining me today is Adam Green, here to discuss what was very recently a taboo topic that was quickly censored on social media, yet has now been forced into the MSM discussion due to recent statements made, and then reaffirmed the following day, by Donald Trump. Of course this is the discussion around the idea Read More…

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The Manufactured Emotional Outrage Used To Control Your Perception

So much of what we are confronted with today is carefully designed to elicit a very specific response, more often than not an emotional one. The primary reason for this is that emotion is the most effective way to cloud, and possibly altogether overcome, logic. We all know that the way we react as humans Read More…

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House Overwhelmingly Passes Anti-BDS Bill

In a 398-17 vote, the House of Representatives on Tuesday passed H. Res 246, a bill which expresses opposition to the BDS movement targeting Israel. The language of the bill presents BDS as contrary to US policy, and claims that BDS is harmful to the two-state solution that the US supports.  BDS, which stands for Boycott, Divestment, Read More…

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A Plausible Theory Of What Jeffrey Epstein Was Actually Doing

The first Jeffrey Epstein thread has grown a bit long. Here is a follow up. For an introduction to the Epstein case please read this. A question that no one could so far answer is how Epstein got as rich as he appears to be. A person who calls himself Quantian has an interesting theory of what Epstein was actually doing. Here Read More…

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John McAfee interview – 2020 Campaign On Exposing The Broken System & Empowering The Individual

Joining me today is someone who needs no introduction, an anti-virus software pioneer and staunch supporter & believer in cryptocurrency, and most relevant to today’s discussion, a candidate for the 2020 presidential race, running on the simple and compelling concept of empowering the individual, and that is John McAfee. (!/v/tlavagabond/w0cx0efr) Bitcoin Donations Are Appreciated: Read More…

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How America’s Dictatorship Works

Trump could not have become America’s President if he had not won the “vote” of his nation’s second-largest political donor in 2016, casinos-owner Sheldon Adelson. In publicly recorded donations, as of 25 December 2018, Adelson and his wife donated $82,522,800 to Republican candidates in 2016, and this amount doesn’t include any of the secret money. Of that Read More…