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FDA Found Manipulating The Media In Favor Of Big Pharma

The FDA favors the medical industry over consumers’ health. Although the Federal Drug Administration is thought to serve American consumers by keeping them safe and well-informed, they are doing just the opposite by controlling the media and science press in order to create misleading and one-sided articles. An investigation into documents released through the Freedom of Information Read More…

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GMO Corporations Violate Human Rights And Break Federal Law Repeatedly In Horrible Migrant Labor Camps

Just one more reason Monsanto and other Big Ag corporations are horrible. Big Agricultural companies, such as Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer, are often criticized for a variety of reasons: their use of GMOs and how they contaminate organic crops, the toxicity of their herbicides and pesticides, the effect they have on small farms, and how they use their power Read More…

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This Woman Just Reunited With The Gorillas She Was Raised With And It’s Beautiful

This young woman reunited with her childhood best friend, a gorilla named Bimms, and it was touching. A young woman, Tansy Aspinall, grew up alongside gorillas during her childhood because her parents ran The Aspinall Foundation, a non-profit organization that rehabilitates gorillas that were in captivity at a park in England. One of her closest gorilla Read More…

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Orphan Best Friends From Africa Coincidentally Adopted By Neighbors, Melts Our Hearts

These two orphans were best friends in Africa, so imagine their surprise (and happiness) when they happened to be adopted by neighboring American families. “Best Friends Forever” is a term used lightly in the U.S., but not for Kelvin and Alfonso, two orphans from Mozambique who have been through more than most people at the Read More…

Morgan Stanley
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Morgan Stanley Set To Pay $3.2 Billion For 2008 Financial Collapse, Only 2% Of What They Borrowed

While some may claim that the settlements made with big banks in recent years are better than nothing or are significant amounts, no matter how much that bank borrowed in 2008-2009, to say that these settlements are minuscule at best is an understatement. Last month, Morgan Stanley, one of the largest investment banks in the Read More…

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State Supreme Court Rules That Cops Do Not Need Warrants To Enter Homes And Forcibly Seize Evidence

In a 4-3 decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court just killed the rights of citizens outlined in the Fourth Amendment by stating that police officers may enter a home, or parts of the home, without a warrant and can seize evidence to use in the arrest and prosecution of citizens. The Fourth Amendment states that unreasonable Read More…