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12 Holistic Doctors Mysteriously Dead In 90 Days

In a period of just over 90 days, 12 holistic doctors have either been murdered or found dead by suspicious or unexplained circumstances; three were found outside in the woods, who died of alleged suicide, four were established murders and several died suddenly for no apparent reason. The story was first discovered by Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News. Many of the families of the deceased doctors have contacted Erin with concerns and questions regarding the circumstances of the deaths.

The suspicious deaths began on June 19, when Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a renowned autism researcher from Florida, who moved his practice to Georgia, was found with a gunshot wound to his chest. Police were quick to claim that the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, ruling the death a suicide almost immediately. The doctor’s family suspects foul play and has set up a donation page in an effort to,

“find the answers to the many questions leading up to the death of Dr Bradstreet, including an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play.”

One reason many suspect foul play is due to the fact that Doctor Bradstreet had recently had trouble with the feds for his practice of holistic medicine. Just weeks before his death, his office was raided by the Food and Drug Administration. The entirety of the U.S. has heard of the DEA raiding dispensaries, however, few have previously heard of FDA raids of well-respected doctors.

This is just one of the extremely suspicious deaths that has occurred to a doctor practicing holistic medicine in just over a three-month period (a complete list of the deaths can be found at the end of this article). Early in September, the Free Thought Project reported on a holistic health conference in northern Germany, in which 30 different doctors, aged 25 to 55 were, by some accounts, poisoned with a psychoactive drug and had to be taken to the hospital.

One of the most apparent signs that there is more to the story than the American people are being told, is that they are not being told anything at all, at least by the mainstream media. Many of these doctors were recognized authors and had been on television, yet with all of their notoriety, the mainstream media has completely ignored the story. Whether one feels that there is a conspiracy at work, or that these are just random happenstance, a child could see that it’s alarming for a specific group of people to have 12 deaths in three months. In almost every occurrence, the mainstream media will jump on the chance to flaunt a death for ratings, yet they have shown media silence to this story.

No clear connection has been made between the deaths of these doctors except the fact that they all practice homeopathic or alternative medicine. With the rise of awareness to the truth of holistic remedies such as CBD oil, that have been proven to cure or at the very least successfully treat cancer, many Americans have began to stray away from traditional “pharmaceutical” western medicine. This is seen as a serious threat to a multibillion dollar industry.

If one thinks that the major investment groups behind the pharmaceutical industry could not possibly be capable of a massive campaign to stop or slow down the rise of holistic medicine, let’s take a look back at the beginning of what Americans see as “traditional western medicine.”


In the early years of the American empire, when their was still a free market in the medical field, there were many thriving homeopathic hospitals and medical colleges. Over a century ago the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations decided to engineer the medical curriculum through their grants and donations to the many different medical schools they deemed could be profitable for their associated businesses. They decided that they would reform medical education in America to suit their financial desires. There were many different types of medical schools from homeopathic and herbal, to what we know today as modern western medicine. The Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations sought to patent the petrochemical medical education as the sole practice in the United States. The natural health colleges were not pushing enough chemical drugs, and those drugs were primarily owned by the Carnegies and the Rockefellers.

So out came the authorized preordained Flexner Report, funded by the two foundations, that called on American medical schools to enact higher admission and graduation standards, and in so many words, stated that it was far too easy to open a medical school. This report was used to shift from holistic to pharmaceutical practice. The American Medical Association, who were evaluating the various medical colleges, made it their job to target and shut down the larger more respected homeopathic medical colleges. Carnegie and Rockefeller began to immediately shower hundreds of millions of dollars on the medical schools that focused on teaching drug intensive medicine.

Carnegie and Rockefeller made sure they had their own staff appointed to high positions on the board of directors of these schools. They made sure these schools were teaching the curriculum they dictated or they would not “donate” the millions that the schools so obviously wanted. Over time they began to fill these boards with members who were literally on the payroll. Once they had entire control of the board, the curriculum of these schools began to swing completely in the sole direction of pharmaceutical drugs which were exclusively sold by Carnegie and Rockefeller, and it has remained that way ever since.

Predictably, the schools that had the funding of these foundations turned out the “recognized” doctors that were taught to push pharmaceutical drugs instead of holistic treatments, even if the holistic treatment could work better, or would cost less. By 1925, 10,000 herbalists were out of business, and by 1940 over 1500 chiropractors were prosecuted for practicing quackery. The 22 homeopathic medical schools that flourished in the 1900s dwindled down to just two by 1923, and by 1950 all the schools teaching homeopathy were closed. In the end if a doctor did not graduate from a Flexner approved medical school, he or she could not find a job. Most doctors today do not even realize they are lap dogs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Looking back on the history of the medical field in this country, and seeing the many egregious acts of the American government in recent years, it should not seem outside the realm of possibility that there is some foul play at work in the mysterious deaths of these 12 doctors. At this point, all the American people can do is spread any information that arises and continue to ask questions. When the mainstream media is silent, behind that silence is the news.

[accordion title=”Click here for a detailed timeline of the 12 deaths from Healthnutnews.com” close=”1″]1) June 19th, 2015 – Dr. Bradstreet formerly of Florida, and now practicing in Georgia, was found with a gunshot wound to his chest in a river. The small town locals ruled the death almost immediately as a suicide, but many have their doubts. This same day in Mexico, June 19th, 2015, three doctors were traveling to the State Capital to deliver some papers and were reported missing. This is the only case outside of the U.S.. Authorities said they found the bodies, but the families say those bodies look nothing like their family members and they are demanding more proof and more testing. A sad but riveting article was written about those details here. I also did an exclusive interview with the Bradstreet family as they publicly said I was the only journalist they trusted to talk about the horrific incident.

2) June 21st, 2015 –Father’s Day: Two chiropractors are found dead, Dr. Holt and Dr. Hedendal in Florida, both fathers and both died on Father’s day. Dr. Hedendal also held a PhD in nutrition from Harvard. Both were presumably healthy and described as very fit. There is still no cause of death listed, for either Dr., in the articles we find. A few people have contacted me about Dr. Hedendal, 67, but admit that they were surprised by his death and still find it shocking. (Update: Family and loved ones of Dr. Hedendal have spoken to the media that they are suspicious of his death and want answers. Interestingly, Dr. Holt (33), lived in North Carolina which is the state where Dr. Bradstreet’s body (the first doctor to be found) was discovered two days prior. Dr. Holt was visiting Jacksonville, Florida, though, when he died there. Dr. Bradstreet (see story #1) was living in Georgia at the time of his death and before that he lived in the neighboring state of Florida. A few mutual friends of Dr. Holt have contacted me. They are doctors and have shared with me a cause of death that I find rather shocking and cannot confirm, therefore, out of respect for the family, I will not list that here. Both were well-loved by their patients, community, friends and family.

3) June 29th, 2015 – The beloved holistic Theresa Sievers, MD was found murdered in her home. Her co-worker says she was known as the “Mother Teresa of South Florida.” Her husband and children were in Connecticut at a family reunion when she was murdered. The authorities have been investigating for two weeks “around the clock,” and now say that she was targeted. Her murder was not random nor was it a home invasion and when the facts come out “…books and movies will be written about it.”, it’s that big of a story. On the very same day, June 29th, Jeffrey Whiteside, MD, a pulmonologist, went missing- vanishing when he simply “walked away”. Dr. Whiteside, known for his successful treatment of lung cancer, disappeared in Door County, Wisconsin while vacationing with family. He was on foot and numerous reports have called it “mysterious,” saying he vanished without a trace. They’ve been searching now for three weeks and even colleagues have joined in (along with bloodhounds, drones search parties, and helicopters) but not one shred of evidence has surfaced. (UPDATE: Two arrests were made in the death of Teresa Sievers and one of the assailants called himself the “Hammer” on Facebook (Dr. Sievers was allegedly killed with a hammer.). The other was one of her husband’s childhood friends who was just recently extradited to Florida. His attorney says there is evidence to show he had no involvement whatsoever with the crime. Her husband, Mark Sievers, has not been arrested at this time.

4) July 3, 2015 – Patrick Fitzpatrick, MD goes missing. He was traveling from North Dakota to neighboring Montana (which he did often as his son lives there) and his truck and trailer were found on the side of the road. The search has expanded but authorities say it’s as if he vanished without a trace. He’s 6′ tall and described as Irish-looking with a goatee (details can be found in the links).

5) July 10th, 2015 – Lisa Riley, 34 years old, DO (Doctor of Osteopathic medicine) is found in her home with a gunshot wound to her head. Her husband who found her and called 911, has a prior record. He was previously charged with the attempted murder of his ex, Ms. King, before charges were eventually dropped. Evidence showed that there was gun residue found on Ms. King’s hand and not Mr. Riley’s. Riley’s story corroborated this, but King’s allegedly didn’t, and her story kept changing (click link in this paragraph for their story with details on all of this). Mr. Riley has since been charged with the death of his wife, Lisa Riley. We’ll see what happens in court.

6) July 19, 2015 – A month to the day after the first doctor (Jeff Bradstreet, MD) was found dead with a gunshot wound to his chest, Dr. Ron Schwartz was found murdered in his E. Coast Florida home. Sadly, he was shot to death. We don’t know if he was holistic, but he was licensed and lived between Florida and Georgia. He was a gynecologist who lived in an unincorporated part of Jupiter, Florida on a few acres of land and there are reports he ran an organic lawn service on the side.

7) July 21, 2015 – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a holistic alternative MD, dies suddenly. I’ve met this brilliant man and my other half (also a doctor) had interviewed him several times. His official website says that while they initially thought it was a heart attack his autopsy does not support that belief and shows no heart attack. They are awaiting further tests. “Dr. Gonzalez was in excellent health otherwise so his passing is quite unexpected.” It is reported that he was alone at the time of his death. Countless people every week (including close friends) write me questioning the fact that he died “naturally”. He also said in several interviews (including the last one before he died) that he thought big pharma wanted him to get hit by a bus or that he might die suddenly. Frightening metaphors and a mystery we hope to get to the bottom of soon.

8) July 21st, 2015 – Dr. Abdul Karim, an outspoken and loved holistic (biological) dentist, 41 years of age, is found dead alongside the road by a passerby. He had been preparing for a half marathon and was allegedly out training that night. His old fraternity brother (lifelong friends), friends of many years, and patients said it didn’t add up. He was in perfect shape and ate an extremely healthy diet. Mainstream news said he had a “massive heart attack” but many who knew him have written to me with their sincere doubts.

8) July 23, 2015- Authorities announce they have found the body of Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside who has been missing for over 3 weeks. The article states, “Office confirms the body found in Door County Wednesday is Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside, bringing an end to a nearly 4-week search for the physician.” Chief Deputy Pat McCarty said at the news conference on Thursday that a .22 caliber gun was recovered at the scene. Investigators believe the body was there for “some time”.

10) August 12, 2015 – Osteopath Mary Bovier is found slain to death in her home in Pennsylvania. Her significant other, who we are told is also an osteopath, was questioned and released. At this time there have been no arrests and there are no suspects.

10) August 18, 2015 – I report that Jeffrey Whiteside’s death is officially ruled as a suicide. But the local press calls the investigation a “mess” (described here in detail). Many are shocked at how long it took for details to emerge and countless people write me with their doubts. Even local authorities were asked by the local press if they’d heard of my stories. They admitted they had, but hadn’t been contacted by the feds on the case.

11) September 7, 2015 – I announced the news of 29 holistic doctors (also referred to in the German press as homeopaths/ND’s/psychiatrists) who were found poisoned by an overdose of a hallucinogenic drug. I’ve done several updates of the articles, using a German translator, but the whole story of what really happened (did they take the drug knowingly or not and did they know what it was) still remains unclear. One thing most can agree on; it was a large overdose and mainstream German news reports that some were in “life threatening situations” when dozens of ambulances and a helicopter arrived to the chaotic scene. The good news? All lived and have allegedly made a full recovery (though some had to be restrained for their safety for some time).

12) September 16, 2015 – I reported that our colleague, best-selling author and holistic MD Mitch Gaynor, is found dead outside his country home; an hour or so from Manhattan where he practiced. We knew Dr. Gaynor and had just finished an advanced copy of his book that he had sent to us. It was quickly called a suicide by the local sheriff. The NY Times wrote me asking for details and we had a nice exchange. Even though I have gently broken the news on this and many other stories, the NY Times fails to source me (I didn’t except them to source HealthNutNews though the Guardian UK and other mainstream sources have for some time).

13) Sunday October 11th – We announce that Dr. Marie Paas is found dead of an alleged suicide. She was an animal lover and advocate who was obviously well-loved. People on her Facebook page seemed shocked and in disbelief about her death. Unlike the 3 others who were alleged suicides (one who has been officially confirmed, Whiteside MD) we don’t know the location where Dr. Paas was found, nor the details of her death at this time. I waited a few days before writing about this story as I was waiting for additional information, but none has yet surfaced. Many seem concerned for her pets who they say she loved very much.[/accordion]

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