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Is Julian Assange Dead? WikiLeaks Compromised?

A viral 4chan thread has had the internet in a frenzy with rumors that WikiLeaks is compromised and its founder, Julian Assange, is either dead or missing. The organization dismissed the rumors, but did not disclose concrete information about whether Assange is alive. Black-PR campaign posts going around recently trying to suppress submissions to WikiLeaks. False, but who benefits? — Read More…

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Secret Corporate Government Merger — Known As The TPP — Is Finally Dead

In perhaps the least ceremonious victory for U.S. and international activists, the decidedly abhorrent Trans-Pacific Partnership — a corporate giveaway of phenomenal proportions — effectively died yesterday. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle announced the much-maligned, so-called ‘free trade’ deal — which would have inextricably tied the U.S. to Asia and given corporations unprecedented Read More…

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12 Holistic Doctors Mysteriously Dead In 90 Days

In a period of just over 90 days, 12 holistic doctors have either been murdered or found dead by suspicious or unexplained circumstances; three were found outside in the woods, who died of alleged suicide, four were established murders and several died suddenly for no apparent reason. The story was first discovered by Erin Elizabeth of Read More…