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CDC Launches War On Kratom; Evidence Who Needs It?

As kratom, a natural pain reliever that has also been known to assist in breaking addiction becomes more and more popular, the Police State and the Nanny State are doing their best to tag-team yet another plant and the concept of individual rights. Demonstrating how so much “science” in modern America isn’t scientific at all, Read More…

Organic tobacco
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Why You Should Grow Your Own Organic Tobacco

Let’s make it abundantly clear that this article is not advocating that anyone rush to buy some organic tobacco upon reading, but rather, more aptly, it’s meant to clear the air and settle some of the overzealous anti-tobacco campaigns that say things like “Make Smoking History” by implying that it should be completely eradicated. So Read More…

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Natural Childbirth and Alternative Medicine: The Negligence of Mainstream Treatment

Throughout the dystopian onset in which we find ourselves, there is very little that is not to one degree or another being monitored and controlled under the ever watchful eye of big brother. This control completely hinges on our very compliance, yet few have the courage to stand and defy the empire directive. This nation’s Read More…

Natural Remedies
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Couple Sentenced to Prison for Seeking Natural Remedies for Son’s Illness

Should the parents of a child who sought out a homeopathic treatment instead of traditional medicine for their son’s illness be punished if that treatment fails? An Alberta court says, ‘yes.’ Judge Rodney Jerke sentenced David Stephan to prison this week and his wife Collet Stephan to three months of house arrest. The couple was found ‘guilty’ Read More…

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Kanna: The Holistic SSRI Herb that Big Pharma Is Hiding Under Your Nose

An herbal medicine that has a strong scientifically documented background, but an underwhelming social-status in modern society, is the African-based plant, “kanna.” Scientifically classified as “Sceletium tortuosum,” kanna has a calming yet euphoric quality that is akin to the traditional sedative herbs like cannabis, dagga, et cetera–and unlike cannabis, Kanna is totally unregulated, and legal in Read More…